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  • FoodIsOurMostImportantDrug

    Intro: Name~Emme, 65 y/o female, Colorado, good health, take no prescription meds yet, ht 5'-6-1/2", weight today 199.2, goal weight between 125 - 135, pretty sedentary but do work physically during day. Want to slow down my aging process because I do look younger than my years and can see the 60's starting to make some changes in my complexion...LOL! Seriously, want my body to stay strong and healthy well into my Golden Years. Hoping the only drug I'll need is "food" per Barry Sears of The Zone: "Food is our most important drug."

    History with eating: In past couple months have been having STRONG cravings for cookies, crackers, and chips. The omega 6 oils in these foods just does not agree with me and my body reacts strongly to the oils and the grains. Leaky gut. Causes small sores on my body that go away when balance returns, i.e. no grains and adding some omega 3 oils or fish.

    Making a commitment through this journal. Chronic slipper/slider with SAD and Atkins/Paleo/Primal. I know I feel so much better in every way when I forego SAD. My def of SAD includes all the junk food I eat and tell myself it's healthy. Used to believe complex carbs/grains are healthy. My body knew a long time ago that being a vegetarian wasn't working for my blood type O+ biochemistry. Grains are poison, for me, especially b/c I've tested gluten sensitive and have blood type O+, which does not do well with gluten or grains. Of course, grains and sugar call to me constantly. My goal is to follow Primal, not perfectly but as close as I can w/o sliding back into bingeing on carbs. To do this for a lengthy period, one day at a time, so that my body gets re-set and the carbs no longer call to me.

    Will be adding some Tai Chi to my day, but not today.

    I know I can do this because there is a lot of support in my life for the Primal way of life.

    Need to drop the "Assed" in the Big Assed Breakfast or going forward, I will refer to BOB for Big Ol' Breakfast. I'm afraid I'll let the BAB slip in front of a client and so will use BOB instead.

    Began the day with a Cortisol reset: indirectly looked into the sunlight outside my window for 1 minute. I think some say this also resets our Leptin (?). Didn't eat w/in 30 min of was more like an hour or so.

    BOB/BAB: 8 oz preservative-free sliced ham (Hormel) @ 40 gms protein
    3 slices swiss cheese @ 18 gms protein
    1/4 red bell pepper slices
    1/2 avocado @ 12 fat grams...don't have time for the other grams today

    Lunch: Intermittent Fasting or IF (I'll be working)

    Dinner: Don't know yet-may go to Whole Foods food bar = everything needed for Primal.

    I would rather fast when working b/c it's too tempting to eat the typical food at work. In addition, I am a home care caregiver, and clients homes are laden with non-primal food stuffs. Homes are almost worse than the office. Drug dealers aka heroin on every street corner. LOL!

    Have been actively eating Primal since last on Day 5. Had a few slips early on, before I began eating BOB/BAB and doing Intermittent Fasting. Once BOB/BAB began, I immediately could feel the difference and did not get strange cravings or strong, crazy-making hunger. My body felt serene and calm. Woo-hoo!
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    Hi! & Welcome, I've been eating this way about a year, new to the forums though!
    One step, one decision, and one change at a time leads to a total transformation.


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      Hi hi! I always love to see new journals. This is my favorite part of the forum.

      Just a note on Whole Foods. Please do read the ingredients on that food bar. They slip in oils that may not be primal. But I love that food bar also. Before primal, the feta lemon fritters were something I picked up any time I went.
      "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


      Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.