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  • Fifigirl's Primal Quest!

    So today this is what i ate
    B- 2 pieces of fried chicken

    Lunch- no lunch as I was too busy

    Snack - 80g Plantain chips [ I had an argument with myself that Plantain chips were a primal snack? Can anyone correct me if I am wrong]. truth be said I was starving on my way home and there was traffic. This seemed like a reasonable snack as it's made from plantain, oil, salt and pepper

    dinner - Sausage + onion+ tomato+ pepper+ bacon + 2 tablespoons olive oil+ 69g chopped plantain

    I tend to count my carbs on so my total net carbs for the day ended up being about 77g. I had to go easy with carbs for the day as I was quite frightened about the damage done from the chips I had.

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    Just clocked in my exercise for today. I did 40 minutes on my elliptical machine. I walk on it at an easy slow fast pace infect what I really do is play on it with some few bursts of fast paces but not too fast to raise my stress hormones. I find that I really enjoy working out this way.


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      Sounds like you are off to a good start.

      Some minor nits to pick: What was the chicken fried in and what kind of oil was in the plaintain chips? See Marks' post call "The Definitive Guide to oils".

      Be careful to read the ingredients in sausage. If you can get one that doesn't have any fillers like soy or bread crumbs, or any sweeteners, awesome.

      Also Mark's Primal Blueprint Fitness Guide which you can download for free is a great place to get started exercising "like Grok".


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        Thanks Paleobird. I will definitely look for the article on oils and I suspect they are bad oils. Will also pay attention to the ingredients on the sausages I was not so good for me. Breakfast was good as I had a sausage and 2 boiled eggs but then I got so busy with work and my clients and then I had to see family and somehow I hadn't eaten and it was evening. I had 2 slices of pizza and yes they were yummy. I had no alternative meal there as I didn't prepare anything at all. Right now I am lying on my bed on my tummy as I feel so sick.
        Amazingly, I don't think I ever felt like this before after eating bad carbs but today, I just feel terribly I'll and feel like throwing up the pizza I ate. I can't put my body through this again.
        It's weekend so tomorrow I'm going to go out and buy supplies for the week and just make loads of food that I will carry with me whether or not I'm hungry so I don't get tempted to nibble on horrid foods again. I hope everyone's doing better than I am!


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          I'm so glad today was much more easier. I had some oxtail soup for breakfast. Lunch was a Primal Chef salad made with ham, chicken, tuna, bacon , eggs, lettuce and tomatoes and dressing was vinegar and olive oil. Dinner was some fish pepper soup which was just heavenly! I did indulge with 2 glasses of wine with the boyfriend, but what's a Grok without some little fun? Haha!


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            That sounds like a big improvement. Oxtail soup is awesome. I just made some cow neck bone soup that is great too. Both ends work.


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              Last week I learnt one important thing which was, the only way to excel on the Primal Journey is to always be prepared. So, last night I made some breakfast by boiling 2 eggs, grilling some bacon with some slices of ham and smoked chicken. I also made a primal salad this morning made of lettuce, grated cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, cooked ham, cheese, some Himalayan salt and black pepper. Packed them up for work as I hardly have time in the mornings to eat before I leave for work. I am so happy as I will be able to stick to the program with my foods.
              I attempted to do some exercise this morning but only ended up doing 15 push ups....I had to stop as I was running late for work, had no energy and really wasn't in the mood. Will make another attempt at night.


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                I'm feeling awful today. Woke up with no energy and a headache that isn't sure if it's coming or going. I guess this is what carb flu is about? I really feel ill. Thinking of adding an apple to my meals today as yesterdAy I really restricted carbs. I however noticed a drop in my weight by 1 kg, so I'm happy about that! Please send me words of encouragement, anyone. I'm also thinking I should have a little yogurt later in the evening.


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                  Yup. Classic carb flu. Your body is switching over from one fuel system (glucose) to another (ketones). This should be something you can just go in and out of without a problem. This is the fat adapted state that Mark refers to as the Fat Burning Beast (see his post by that name). The thing is, when we are too carb dependent for too long, the body forgets how to use fat efficiently. You have all that great fuel right there on your thighs that it could be using but it's like it can't see it. You have to re-learn how to use it.

                  In the meantime, it sucks. It does get better.

                  Milk products or nuts are a good option for getting a little carb into you while still getting some fat and protein so your blood sugar doesn't go roller-coastering again (unlike something like juice).

                  Hang in there.


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                    Thanks so much Paleobird! Great advice. I am learning to listen to my body.I feel much better today as I had some boiled plantain last night. I also had some cashew nuts as you advised so feel great! You're Godsent Paleobird


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                      Omg! I just found a veggie I love which is low in carbohydrates and yet filling! I fried some onions, tomatoes , garlic and peppers with minced pork and then boiled some butternut squash and when it was almost cooked, added them into my meat to cook for a while so the juices would enter the squash.
                      It was soooo delicious and filling. I can't believe I have never eaten squash all my life. What was I waiting for? It was pretty expensive to buy and I had to get it from the supermarket but what a lovely vegetable. I'm also trying not to skimp on fats in my food as I realized thar all my years of CW diet made me believe fat wasn't good for me, so I was measuring my fats with a tablespoon but decided today after reading a couple of articles on MDA about carb flu to increase my fats. I am learning so much from MDA blog! Yesterday I was feeling a bit down cos I ate more than I usually would cos I was feeling I'll and felt it was a lack of carbs, but then i reviewed what I ate and realized that I had actually eaten primal foods. I got on my scale this morning thinking I'd see an addition on the scale but I was same as the day before with same loss of 1kg. I really believe Eating Primal is the way for me


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                        Yesterday was not so good as I was craving carbs.
                        Breakfast was boiled eggs, 2 sausages and 2 rashers of bacon
                        Lunch was a yam porridge but I had a lot
                        And dinner was some bread and beans my m had made. It was just too delicious for me to ignore. Well 80-20 rule applies though I really wish I didn't eat all that food!
                        I intend to eat less than 20 grams of carbs today.


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                          By the way I just loaded MDA app on my iPhone n I love it. It's quite user friendly n now I can follow up wherever I am and even upload pics! Amazing stuff!


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                            Another Primal day in my life. I'm making certain goals this week. No more than 50g of carbs per day in order to be in a ketose state. I have started using butter and coconut oil for my cooking, so hoping to reap the benefits of that.

                            Breakfast today was 3 rashers of bacon and 2 pork sausages

                            Lunch was 4 prawns eaten at a friends house.

                            Dinner was an oleo and prawns gumbo. Couldn't resist taking a picture to put was really delicious
                            ImageUploadedByMarks Daily Apple Forum1367785366.584193.jpg
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