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    Here goes: I'm not a very public person so this terrifies me to be putting my details out there for the world to see, but maybe that's what I need to do this. Maybe being private and keeping my journey to myself gets in the way of my success. I've tried every kind of diet and eating plan out there. With no success. A friend is eating paleo and I started reading and reading and reading. Primal makes the most sense to me and the added bonus is that my husband is willing to go on this journey with me! We've been primal for 7 days now and it's been a breeze! No carb flu or anything for us.

    I've decided to stay away from any numbers pertaining to my weight or measurements for now and instead focus on creating habits.

    My goals: to walk more days than not (at least 4 out of every 7)
    to stay 95% primal (I do enjoy a Friday night cocktail :-))
    to keep track of what I eat so I stay within my numbers (66 g protein, 33 g carb, 165 g fat, 1800 +/-
    to slowly add other exercise

    I'm 52, a grandmother (thus the name 'Nonni' - an alteration of Nonna, Italian for grandma), a wife, and a mother to two adults. According to most charts, I'm 100 pounds overweight, but the last time I weighed that little, I was in 8th grade!!! I'd like to drop about 75 pounds overall and anything more would be a bonus. My first goal is to lose 53 pounds by the time I'm 53 in December. I have osteoarthritis, hereditary and I'm sure due to my weight. This makes any exercise painful and it becomes a catch 22. I overdo it and am in agony for days which then makes me not want to exercise! I love that with Primal Fitness there is no guilt. I can meander around the neighborhood or along the canal (I live near the Erie Canal with fantastic walkways) and be doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I will add the other exercises on over time. For now, I'd like to continue eating Primal and walking most days. I've started playing a bit too. This may sound silly, but I love childhood outdoor play: hula hoops (which I can't yet figure out!!), bouncy balls (the ones you toss around or throw up against the side of the building)...stuff like that...and my husband and I are going to get a badminton set for the backyard.

    So that's the start of my story...

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    Hi Nonni!

    I'm just starting as well and can commisserate with over-doing it with exercise. I injured my back last year and despite trying to be extra careful last week I injured it yet again. It sounds like you're listening to your body by taking it easy.

    I could never figure out hula hoops either, but let us know if you do!


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      Day 9 and I haven't lost an ounce. It's frustrating. I'm struggling a little bit trying to keep within the numbers. My carbs and protein are the easiest - though it's been a bit of trial and error to get it there. I read somewhere that someone was pre-logging their daily intake to adjust the numbers if necessary. That seems wise. But I just can't seem to get the fat high enough. I already feel like I'm drowning everything in fat. I'm not giving up. I'm still trying and WILL succeed at finding the right balance. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      I've slowly been increasing my exercise level. Slowly. Today I'm going to go for a nice long walk after work.

      It's all such a mind game, isn't it? Mike Dooley says "Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones."


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        May day! I decided to celebrate the month of May by challenging myself to do arm exercises every day of the month...even making an excel spread sheet on my closet door to check off my completion each day. This is also the day I start the basic primal movements...minus the pullups because I don't have anywhere to do them. I'll have to find a branch or get a bar at some point. For now, I'm okay doing the other ones. We went for a good walk yesterday and I plan to go alone today (hubby has to work). And I've been 100% primal for 10 days now...with 0 weight loss. I've been testing myself (I'm almost completely homeopathic and use essential oils for most ailments) for hypothyroidism by taking my basal temperature first thing in the morning for three days. If my temp is below 97.6 for three days (today was 96.6), then I'll order the thyrocin from Young Living essential oils and try that. My husband has been bugging me for years (after countless failed diets) to get my thyroid checked - I did once, but doctor said my numbers were "within normal range" - by an endocrinologist. I hesitate only because I'm not big on manufactured pharmaceuticals. I'd rather try natural solutions first.

        Anyway...I'm plugging along. I've been reading and reading and reading posts...especially about what people are eating. I've been driving myself crazy trying to stay within my 'numbers', but after reading so many posts, I've decided to cut back a bit on the fats since I feel a bit sluggish after a meal high in fat. I'm also going to add a bit more fruit. I've been having an apple or pear in the afternoon for a snack with some pumpkin seeds (which I'm eliminating - too many protein grams to add to my daily totals - I'll just sprinkle some on my salad.). I'd like to not eat eggs and bacon every morning and have a fruit smoothie every few days. More carbs, but I think I'll feel better. Plus in the warmer weather, I like a cold breakfast. I'll pick up some protein powder at my local natural food store to add.

        I'm open to any advice or information anyone would like to share.


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          I can't wait to get outdoors today! Even though I'll be stuck inside for work most of the morning, I'll be able to set up shop and make some calls from my back deck this afternoon. Such a beautiful spring day after a long hard winter. Sigh...

          For some reason, I was STARVING last night. Instead of picking at random things, I made a bowl of full fat plain yogurt, blackberries and a sprinkle of stevia. Yum. That snack put me over my totals for carbs and protein, but I thought it was wiser to listen to my body than worry about the numbers. I'm still struggling with the fat numbers and haven't yet reached the daily recommendation! After 52 years of low fat peer pressure, it's a mind game to eat that much fat!! I'm trying. And I have to say that I really enjoyed my summer squash swimming in butter :-)


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            So many victories today - large and small. With only 6 hours of sleep, I woke up energized. Go figure. I did my arm exercises and went for a great walk around my property in the sunshine. In my meeting this morning, there was a great big plate of great big cookies. They looked absolutely delicious and were baked by a woman who is known for her baking skills. I didn't even eat a crumb. 100% primal all day today again. Yay.