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  • Primal Journal of a Travelling Rhino

    So this is Day 1 I guess. I spent the weekend kinda starting to mess around with primal, see how difficult the change was going to be and what not. I discovered that it would be doable, just a little difficult. Most of the difficulty will come form getting over 28 years of CW. Still reeling over the whole corn, peas, beans are not vegetables thing. Until I have cleared some of those things out of the house I can't go straight primal. I have been doing a partial primal/paleo for a little while. I have cut out pasta, rice, bread, etc... Increased my veggie and fruit intake, and cut out processed foods. Now I just need to fine tune it. So to get started:
    Day -2 Saturday April 27th 2012
    Greek Yogurt
    4.16 miles, nice slow Run/walk pace with my GORUCK GR2 on.
    50ml Egg whites, 1 egg, 3 slices ham, some chopped up carrots all scrambled in a pan.
    Pulled Pork (BBQ sauce that I'm pretty positive was not primal) side salad with japanese dressing, and sweet potato fries (not sure about sweet potatoes or sweet potato fries and where they fall in the primal/non-primal), sweet tea (realized as we drove away that sweet tea is likely not primal)
    Pork chops, green beans, corn.

    Day -1 Sunday April 28th 2012
    3 slices ham, 2 fried eggs, dozen almonds, half orange
    Forest adventure park for nearly 3 hours. Zip lines, primitive bridges, ladders, cargo nets, and good times!
    Teppanyaki chicken, and hamburger steak, onions, bean sprouts, salad with japanese dressing, chicken soup
    Smokehouse almonds from blue diamond.

    Day 1 Monday April 29th 2012
    2 eggs scrambled, 6 baby carrots, ground turkey with some seasonings, greek yogurt.

    That's where I am at so far today.

    I have been trying to do a 2 a day workout split where I do cardio of some kind (run, ruck, swim) in the a.m. and lift weights during lunch. I decided over the weekend to stop that. Now I am going to lift Monday, Wednesday, Friday. My lift days will consist of 5-3-1 Strength with a tabata cardio drill at the end. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday will be running/rucking. I currently do this with the Zombies! Run! 5K Trainer because it is fun. I will be buying the full Zombies! Run! App when I finish the trainer.

    My biggest concerns right now are these:
    May 11th GORUCK Challenge. How to eat primal for this event.
    May 26th Fly to Paris, France and spend 2 weeks bumming around France, the Netherlands, and Belgium, while doing a GORUCK Challenge. How to eat primal here, I have been told that France and Europe are very carb centered areas.

    I'm open to constructive criticism on what I've got going on so far.

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    France has amazing amounts of delicious stuff. Wow. Though, seriously.
    Lots and lots of markets where you can buy local fresh fruit and vegetables. I personally don't have an issue with traditionally made cheese, and you will find heaps of that there, as well as traditional sausage and terrine and pate.
    I think I read someone on MDA that if you are going to have bread, saturate it with butter or oil, maybe that will help? The French typically have lots of salads with their meals so fill up on salad instead of bread. It definitely won't be easy, good luck!
    Starting waist measurement: 36". Current 35". First Goal 33".
    Starting backsquat: 50lbs. Current squat: 132lbs.


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      Thanks! That is reassuring. My wife keeps telling me that this is going to be impossible in France. I get really sick if my diet slides so I was starting to stress pretty hard core about that.


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        Lunch yesterday consisted of a protein shake while I hit the gym for some weight work, followed by 3 chicken breast tenderloins that I baked, some peas (I know, not primal, but I have got to get them out of the house) and a thing of laughing cow creamy swiss.
        I had a banana and some honey roasted almonds (primalness?) for a snack since I was stupid hungry.
        Dinner was a steak with fried garlic/onions and wax beans (primalness?)

        This morning I weighed in at 208.4.
        Breakfast was a lemon greek yogurt, scrambled eggs with carrots and ground turkey.

        Overall I'm feeling pretty good, and am really just excited to keep pressing forward and learning new things eating better, looking better, feeling better, and performing better. I hope to attend some very physically demanding schools later this year and need to get ready for them.

        If anyone has done a GORUCK Challenge I would appreciate any advice on food for this event. I have my next Challenge on May 11th followed by a D-Day Anniversary Challenge in Normandy on June 8th. I want to make sure that I have energy to last through these events.


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          Yesterday's lunch was some chicken with peas and parmesan cheese.
          Dinner was a chicken breast and lima beans.

          So last night we the wife and I went grocery shopping. I've been trying to slip subtly into a primal lifestyle so as not to affect her and her wants. Last night it came to a boiling point though and we ended reading numerous articles from the MDA site. She didn't say much, and I feel like she probably still thinks this is BS, however after she finished reading, she got up, went to our kitchen and cleared out pretty much all of our non-primal foods, put it in a bag and we donated it to the Chaplain's office here on base. So we will see where this goes from here.

          This morning I was 206.6. Considering that I never got around to working out yesterday I am impressed by this weight drop. This is the first time in recent history that I have lost weight without having a long drawn out break myself off PT session.
          Breakfast this morning was scrmabled eggs with spinach, carrots and ground turkey, with a cup of blueberry greek yogurt.


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            Yesterday's lunch was a chicken breast, some peas, a little parmesan cheese, some sweet grape tomatoes, and a laughing cow creamy swiss cheese.
            Hit the gym for a chest day and had a protein shake while I was there.
            Dinner was prok chops and peas and carrots from a can.
            Had some pistachios, craisins, and dark chocolate chips for desert last night.
            My veggie intake is a little limited until we get a little more settled into this life and are shopping smarter!

            This morning's weight was 206 even.
            Breakfast scrambled eggs with carrots, spinach, turkey. Half and avacado and blueberry greek yogurt.

            We think that our scale might be broken so I'm not sure how accurate the weights have actually been. At this point I am hoping to stay between 200-205 and simply change up body composition. Coach Rob from Military Athlete recommends 205-210 for someone 6'2" and I'm 6'1.5" so as my body composition transitions to more muscle I won't be too concerned about getting up towards 210. After we return from our trip to France I have decided that I want to start the Military Athlete On Ramp program, and then transition to the Military Athlete Operator Sessions, I also think I am going to take up Martial Arts. Most likely Aikido since it is offered for $30/month on my base.