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    Going to see The Great Gatsby with my family and then over to my Mom's. Should be very nice.

    Yesterday I had a lot to get ready for and I think that affected my appetite. I wasn't very hungry.

    2 coffee's *
    L: Grilled Chicken Salad (olive oil & Balsamic) added some green olives & pine nuts (3pm)
    D: Small bowl of leftover Beef Soup/Stew (still delicious)
    Evening coffee (should have been tea)

    I can't say I really got any exercise, but I was standing and walking around most of the day barefooted.

    Off to continue my Sunday (the house is still asleep) ... weight loss blog<noscript>buddytslim</noscript>


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      Hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day (even if you weren't a Mom). As to The Great Gatsby - I don't recommend it. It was okay - I didn't hate it. The men made the comment that they 'felt like they lost 2 hours of their day'. It's just a watch only once type of movie and those are not ones you recommend to someone. Wait until you can see it cheaper. Just my opinion. (Not like anyone's reading this, but just in case).

      Back at work today and have done 10 Assisted Pushups /20 Assisted Squats (barefoot) - Not hungry this morning so decided to skip breakfast.

      Yesterday: (1d of P) not hungry so skipped breakfast
      Snack: 1 hard-boiled egg (12:30pm) - when we arrived at my Mom's following the movie
      Lunch/Dinner: (didn't have much choice & forgot to bring anything) 2 grilled beef patties wrapped in lettuce w/avocado & tomato and I guess I was starving & ate too fast because when I was done (they were small but still...) I ate one of the Hebrew National dogs (bunless of course). (4:45pm)
      1 hot tea later that night

      As to exercise - I really didn't do anything. I tried to stay standing for most of the time (as a sort of not sitting exercise) and I did do 20 assisted squats while standing behind something sitting at the table. I played it like a joke but I was serious.

      Off to continue my day. (code: 2d of P) :/
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        Happy Tuesday - It's my daughters 12th birthday today. Feelin' a little old emotionally, but energized in every other way so I'm sure I'll get over it .

        Weighed myself this morning. Two weeks completed and I lost 8 pounds combined. I am not complaining. That's exciting. Especially as this is 3d of P. :/

        Yesterday I was able to accomplish 60 AS / 40 APu Could and should have done more but I was feeling lazy. Wasn't hungry in the morning so skipped breakfast.

        L: green salad w/baby shrimp (olive oil & lemon) with a little mayo mixed w/the shrimp (sprinkle of pumpkin seeds)
        Snack: handful of almonds
        D: Chicken, tomato & brussel sprouts saute (I tried Coconut Aminos for the first time - I liked it - didn't miss soy sauce, at all and had been missing stir-fry since I was avoiding soy sauce)
        Late night coffee again (I don't like this habit - need to change)

        Overall, a very successful day.

        Now to continue the beginning of my 3rd week being Primal. weight loss blog<noscript>buddytslim</noscript>


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          We finished up my daughters birthday with me taking her out to the salon for a mani-pedi ...boy was she surprised. Then came home to my hubby having purchased Chinese food since it's one of her favorites. I really quickly put a stirfry of my own together using the Coconut Aminos and my daughter actually had three bites of mine and said it was really good and flavorful. It did hit the spot & I wasn't tempted to eat their food.

          I was only wearing 1" heels yesterday (instead of three)...I found I walked better & was quicker. I accomplished 70 AS (Assisted Squats)/ 50 APu (Assisted Pushups - counter) - I was doing 20 each time until I finally could only do 10. I can definately feel myself getting stronger.

          B: Skipped
          2 coffees*
          L: Shrimp (w/mayo) green salad (Olive Oil & Lemon) pumpkin seeds
          S: handful of Almonds (4:30pm)
          D: Chicken Stir-fry (Brussel Sprouts, Mushroom, Tomatoe, Kale) w/Coconut Aminos, garlic, salt & pepper (oh & I used a little of the chicken bone broth I've been cooking in the crockpot for the past 36 hours) - 8:45pm

          I read the post yesterday for the site on proper squating technique. - I had no idea I was supposed to spread my knees out. So tried it this morning (happy Wednesday).

          I was able to get my butt closer to my heels with the moving the knees out but (ofcourse) it was a lot harder. thank god the 'fake' stuff I've been doing had been strengening me & loosening stuff up. I was able to do 15 (AS) and 20 (APu). I perhaps could have done the full 20 on the squats but...

          Off to continue my day (4d of P)
          <3 ing how I feel

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            Happy Thursday. So this morning I went to do the 'proper' squats figuring I would be able to do the 15 I was doing yesterday and had to stop at 10. Works out a lot more muscles that way

            So I skipped breakfast again today because I just wasn't hungry
            3 coffees*
            I ended up skipping lunch today, too. I had a moment where my stomach was growling but I was in the middle of something and then it went away.
            Snack: handful of almonds (4pm)
            D: Salad topped with Pork/Beef patty, fried egg, 2 slices of bacon, sliced avocado (drizzled with olive oil & lemon)

            Dinner was Soooo good (my family had theirs on buns because they are so not willing to give up anything...yet) I seasoned the patty w/Coconut Aminos, salt, pepper & garlic binded w/egg - they claimed it was the best burger they've ever had and I will be hard-pressed to top it. My kids like their eggs over-hard but my hubby wanted over-med. Said he had the same burger in Oregon last week but it was bigger (too much) and mine tasted better Got to love that!

            So again I corrected my squats based on the article yesterday with the spreading of the knees wide when coming down and the tightening of the butt in the standing position. BOY is that tougher, but feels good. I'm glad I had the warm-up to these because I think I would have had some serious problems doing them correctly at the beginning. So I accomplished yesterday 45 squats (unassisted) and 30 counter assisted pushups (15 /10 x 3) I'm noting that I must be visting the bathroom less often. Or those squats wore me out lol. I'll try to increase 'tomorrow'.

            BACK TO TODAY

            My goal today is to do more sets even if I have to pretend I have to go to the bathroom to go sneak off and do them. I have laundry to do tonight. I'm going to bring in this long table stored in the garage and put it in front of the tv and stand and fold all the laundry (keeping my core tight). Plan on watching the Season Finale Results Show of American Idol tonight as ADAM LAMBERT is to perform a 'secret' duet with 3rd runner-up ANGIE MILLER ... really looking forward to that.

            I am finding myself still not regular (this has been a problem for me for as long as I can remember - my mom says when I was very small I was so I'm thinking it was probably due to all the food I was given to eat that my body couldn't metabolize properly. I also remember knowing what heartburn felt like at like age 12.) Going to have another tea tonight to help me out "Smooth Move" is what it's called and it works.

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              T.G.I.F!!!! Love Friday's when I get off at 2pm from work. Makes the weekend so much better


              skipped breakfast
              L: Green salad w/Chicken (olive oil, vinegar & lemon) sprinkled w/Pumpkin Seeds
              S: Almonds
              D: Stir-fry (Chicken, brussel sprouts, okra, carrot, tomato) used Chicken bone broth, Coconut Aminos, garlic, pepper)
              Late coffee because... (even though I shouldn't have)

              I was watching the AI-12 finale for the surprise duet of Angie Miller & Adam Lambert (which turned out to be a cover of Titanium) - It was really gorgeous. If you didn't see it I would recommend watching the official video.
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                Forgot my exercise - Keeping in mind the squats are harder now & everything is sore and ... 30 /30 (10 /10 x3) AND I didn't do the laundry lastnight. Shame on me.

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                  Enjoying my Saturday morning with a cup of coffee. My girl is gone until tomorrow morning and it feels a little lonely.

                  Skipped breakfast (not hungry)
                  Snack: handful of pumpkin seeds (around 1:30p)
                  L: Chicken thighs (3 pm)
                  D: Chicken Stir-fry (bacon, onion, okra, tomatoe & broccoli) - Coconut Aminos, pepper (7:30p)

                  I accomplished 30/30. Very sore. Will try to make up for it this weekend. I also walked my daughter to her friends and back rather than take the car (probably turned out to only be 30 minutes or less combined). I wore flip flops on the way and I was feeling strain in my shins. On the way back (1/2 way) I removed the shoes and walked barefooted. So much better. No shin strain and tried to focus on not hitting on the heal. Felt pretty good even though it was cement. I also purchased barefoot shoes for myself and barefooted running shoes for my daughter (since they need to look more like PE class shoes when she wears to school). We should get them Monday.

                  Re-Watched the 1st Star Trek movie with my kids since we're seeing the 2nd one Sunday (have our tickets!) and since my girl hadn't seen it, yet. SHE LOVED IT... I knew she would.

                  Put the Chicken bone Broth I made earlier back into the crock and turning into a Chicken Veggie soup/stew (depending on how much it is reduced).

                  Off to enjoy my Saturday.

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                    STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS ... WAS..... AWESOME!!!!

                    Okay, now that I've gotten that out... I had a full day so didn't get a chance to log my food for yesterday this morning like I usually do ... so I've finished my day for today.

                    Snack: Macadamia nuts
                    Visited one of the local farmer's markets and got some great looking veggies, some meat and eggs. Really enjoyed the outdoor shopping experience.
                    L: Apple & Greens Smoothie w/Protein Boost(shared with my sister who drank most)
                    D: Pork, bacon, onion & cabbage (steamed)

                    I'll talk about today tomorrow morning. I'm tired now. Later.

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                      Happy Monday. Having a good day today. Feeling a little lethargic, though, so not going to type much. At least that's my plan starting out.

                      skipped breakfast
                      Had a Starbucks Americano (no dairy) while I waited for Star Trek to start (was saving space for the rest of my group).
                      (wasn't tempted by the popcorn)
                      L: 3:30p (starving) heated up leftovers from lastnight Pork & Cabbage dish - didn't have enough protein in it so had a handful of Macadamia nuts.
                      D: Turkey stir-fry (egg, kale, onion, bacon) - Coconut Aminos & pepper only (8pm)
                      Late night coffee*

                      Did all my folding 4 loads beginning at 8:30pm (should have brought the table in, but wanted to sit) - Since I'm lethargic today it's possible that I was starting to lose energy lastnight. I also felt bloated this morning. Since tomorrow (Tuesday) is my weight day (and I'm going to take measurements) ... I sure hope I feel better & the bloating is gone.

                      I just did a short walk yesterday. Just signed for my new barefooted shoes at work today. I sure hope they fit.

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                        Today is my weigh-in day and I've lost 3 more pounds - giving me a total of 11. Yeah! I'm sure it will slow down, but very exciting for the moment. As to measurements tracking I've only measured the main three locations and I've lost a combined total of 4.5 inches (2.5-1-1) - not bad.

                        My morning is going fine - skipped breakfast because I wasn't hungry. (BM sorta this a.m.) :/

                        B: Protein Smoothie (strawberry, Almond Milk & egg)
                        L: Salad w/Tuna (olive oil & lemon) w/Macadamia & Pumpkin Seeds sprinkled in
                        Snack: some Macadamia Nuts
                        D: leftovers from lastnight (turkey & Kale), added whole okra (chili sauce & ginger) - yum
                        "Smooth Move" hot tea in evening (hope it helps)

                        As to exercise I found it harder to do the squats after not doing them for 2 days. But... I accomplished 30/30 (squat/pushups) at (10 / 10 x3). Felt kind of lazy about it but the entire day I was lethargic so I figure I was listening to my body.

                        So TODAY I woke at my first alarm alert and ready to go. Looking forward to a very nice enjoyable Tuesday.

                        btw: My shoes arrived yesterday & I had ordered the wrong size by mistake - have to send them back kind of sad. They felt really good too but just too big.

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                          Good morning. Happy Wednesday. I woke before my first alarm today and got up bright and chipper (even though hubby was snoring beside me). He definitely woke me once last night when he came into the room. The door apparently really squeaks. My thought as he slowly opened the door trying not to wake me was... we need to get that fixed...SOON. Went right back to sleep and slept the rest of the night. That was real nice. Hope this continues to get better.

                          I'm not even at work right now - been up so long

                          So Yesterday
                          B: skipped
                          L: Salad w/Tuna (Olive Oil, Lemon & Red Wine Vinegar) 6 almonds
                          Snack: some almonds
                          D: (leftovers) Turkey w/veg stir-fry (the rest of the family had Papa Murphy's pizza - I enjoyed the smell of it baking without wanting any which was nice, plus I quickly made sure to eat a large dinner in prep)

                          I accomplished 30 /30 (10 /10 x 3) - not that great, but something. Further BM, but not much.

                          Kara out -

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                            So today is Thursday - really enjoyed going to my daughters Open House for all the Science Projects (6th-8th grade). Very interesting.

                            B: skipped
                            L: Salad w/Tuna (olive Oil, lemon, vingegar) pumpkin seeds
                            D: Pork Chops & sauteed veggies (salt, pepper, butter & garlic) - *green beans, onion, mushroom, tomato & pine-nuts (*I think I'm not supposed to eat but I didn't have much and it was fresh & delicious) - 8pm
                            Late Coffee*

                            I accomplished 30 /30 (10/set). Not much.

                            Off to work.

                            (edit) after I posted I did a search and found the following thread which says I can eat the Green Beans, etc. - interesting read
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                              Well I drank wine lastnight. :/ Atleast, it was good quality. I didn't eat any 'bad' food, though, I found myself hungry a couple hours after dinner and made another healthy dinner. Drank lots of extra water & took something for a headache around 3am - Strangely enough I discovered that I may not need to take any heartburn medicine before bed anymore. I will try tonight allowing the initial feeling of heartburn to pass (if it will when I lay down) and attempt to not take it anymore OR if I still need it (perhaps lower the dosage the next time I buy). My Friday is going fine. Looking forward to getting off at 2pm today and really looking forward to babysitting my Great-Nephew Aiden (who is 5 weeks old) ALL weekend. Will be taking him to visit my Dad tomorrow with my daughter.

                              B: skipped
                              L: Salad w/Tuna (olive oil, lemon) pumpkin seeds
                              D: leftover from lastnight (Pork Chop & mixed veggies)
                              Drank Red Wine
                              Additional Meal: Chicken, Broccoli, Cauliflower, celery, carrot, onion (saute) - 9:30pm

                              Accomplished 30 /30

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                                Wow - I had such a full three days and nights that I don't know if I can remember much. Friday night to Monday night babysitting a 5 week old infant is soooooooo exhausting and fun .

                                So - I had a lot of sodium over this weekend and I'm hoping I will get rid of the water gain quickly. No weight loss on the scale this morning, but I'm not surprised. I'll check tomorrow just to see if there is a change, but I didn't drink enough water, got no sleep and had to make some choices on food that were not the best. Hopefully I can make it up this week.

                                I'm too tired to even try to remember what I ate over these four days (Friday - Monday), but I'll try.

                                skipped bkfst
                                L: salad w/Chicken (EVOO & lemon)
                                snack: Almonds
                                D: BBQ ribs (tried to wipe off as much as I could, but was starving & ate like 8 ribs) & zucchini & onion saute
                                20/20 (sad :/)

                                bfst: 2 leftover ribs
                                L: Low-carb six dollar burger (plain) from Carls Junior (I was driving two hrs & needed something I could hold - was supposed to be no cheese but they put it on - I pulled smeared as much off, but couldn't get it all) - It was terrible
                                D: Steak & Zuccini

                                Took a 45 minute barefooted walk - was very nice

                                B: 3 oz of leftover steak
                                L: 3 oz of leftover steak (3pm)
                                D: 2 baked chicken thighs

                                B: 1 baked chicken thigh
                                L: beef jerky (not homemade)
                                Snack: more jerky (no food) :/
                                D: my husband picked-up chinese food instead of the cooked meal he was going to do and brought wine home.
                                Had 1-1/2 glasses & poored the rest out, but realized I was in trouble for the food because I needed something - ate some of the broccoli Beef
                                5:30pm - little Aiden was finally picked up

                                Can you say Zombie?

                                So it's Tuesday - I'm at work and I've had 4 cups of coffee & I'm afraid to eat my salad because I am already completely exhausted. I did sleep 8 hours last night (waking only twice).

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