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  • Originally posted by canio6
    Wow, banned huh? That is weak as f*ck. Reading the arguments were pretty much the only reason to show up these days. I mean seriously how many times can you read "I haven't read the book or anything that resembles anything coherent and am eating nothing but bulletproof coconut oil, why am I not losing weight?" threads or threads about some various hormone issue? Sighs.
    I didn't realize Zach had been banned until someone mentioned it in another journal and then I though "OH that's why it's been so quiet."
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    • Originally posted by FrenchFry View Post
      A little distance from the forum is on the other hand good, don't you think ? If threads are not attractive or exciting, then maybe you have something else to do with your time ? I don't want to sound unfriendly, far from it, but really, an internet forum can only offer what its members are willing to give it. You can also become addicted to a place like that for a while until nothing reflects your own interests or curiosity. It is then usually time to move on, at least for a while, don't you think ?

      You have a good point. I just came back from a month off and really only read the forum for entertainment value. I've read the PBP three times so it is not as if I do not know how 'Primal' works. I'm also having success with my WOE. I mainly hang out in the journals to talk to friends. That said, I do enjoy differing perspectives and Zach offered that. To see him banned because of thin-skinned people is really disappointing. As for time, you are correct, but this is one of the few sites which I can access at work. So when I have a little bit of downtime it is convenient to jump on here. Anyway, 7 pounds from my goal weight. Perhaps I will leave then


      • 7 pounds from goal weight???? Baby, you have been holding out on us.

        PS Zach, sorry about the ban.
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        • Does anyone know exactly why he was banned?


          • I know what you mean; I aimlessly just sit on here out of boredom and it's become a habit to waste hours on here. Time to depart too I think.

            It's been great knowing you too Zach. You have quite literally changed my life and I can now see light ahead with promises of full recovery. You've contributed so much on this forum, obviously some don't see that value.

            I have your email so I will be able to get in touch if I feel the need to.


            • Your one of the good ones, Nstocks. You can email me anytime.