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    Day 8/30

    B: blueberries (1cup), walnuts (1/2 cup), 2 tablespoons of coconut oil

    L: stir-fry w veggies and tuna

    D: Huge green salad w 2 boiled eggs


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      Yesterday was a good day. I had lots of energy and felt great.

      Today i am super tired and I WANT CHOCOLATE! I am very close to asking my flatmate to give me some of hers!!
      It's crazy, i feel that my body and my conscious mind are somehow disconnected. I don't want to eat chocolat, but it wants to!
      I know that it's not good for me, i wanted to be very strict for the 30 days for observing beneficial effects on my PCOS symptoms. I know that, but there is a big voice in my head whispering: come on, just one little peace, it won't kill you, just eat it! just put it in your mouth, it's so easy and it tastes sooo good!
      I don't want to surrender right now. i do it for my health, for my fertility, for my future.


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        I had a great weekend. We went on a city trip for 4 days and i wasn't always easy to stick to my new way of eating, but i am very proud that i can say that i ate no sugar at all.
        Once i ate hummus, which i should not have eaten (no chickpeas) and once i had a tea latte with soy milk (i wanted to quit drinking soymilk), but the rest of the time i ate according to the guidelines of the whole30: no dairy, no sugar, no legumes

        i feel great and i am very motivated for the next week!


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          Well done! Have a great week
          Annie Ups the Ante