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    I want to take it very serious this time.
    Eating primal will become my new lifestyle. It's not a diet, it's really a lifesstyle.

    My current weight is about 76 kg and my height about 1.73. I've never been that heavy in the past 23 years of my life (i am 23!) I want to drop at least 10 kg, better 15. But actually i am very happy about every pound that comes of by eating healthy.

    And i have a lot of good reasons to start my new life right now.

    1. I want to be free from sugar addiction and dependence on food.
    2. I want my nice and cute ass back and some defined cheek bones.
    3. I want a flat and strong belly.
    4. I want my PCOS symptoms to vanish: I want to menstruate again, i want the unwanted hair to vanish, i want my skin to clear up.
    5. I want to flirt again, i want to feel attractive.
    6. I want to be and stay healthy, lean and fit.
    7. I want to stick with this new way of eating, because i know that it's the best thing i can do for my health, for my relationship with family and friends, for my well-being, my self-esteem and myself in general.
    8. I will go to California soon and i want to look smoking-hot in that bikini.
    9. I want to get compliments again.
    10. I want to suprise friends and family!
    11.Eating should be easy and no drama. Actually it is easy. I can decide conscious what to put into my mouth.
    12. According to my doctor i am at big risk of developping diabetes II (i will get the results in about two weeks)
    13. I want more ENERGY!

    I think those should be enough reasons for me to start. Tonight i will cook my last red lentils and share them with my flatmates and then go primal on monday.
    I'm actually thinking about doing a virgin coconut oil detox for 2-5 days for overcoming the sugar cravings (that will come up for sure) more easily. I might start with this on wednesday, because thursday is a holiday and i can take the time for detoxing.

    I will cut out all grains, dairy, sugar and processed food.

    As i don't like to eat too much meat, my diet will consist of veggies and salad, eggs, salmon, tuna, meats and poultry (in moderation) nuts and seeds, coconut oil, olive oil and the occasional apple once in a while /maybe some berries.

    I already experimented with flaxseed-sunflower-crackers, coconut flour and oil, and i hope that i will find out more recipes i can adapt easily to my lifestyle. I am still studying and have a quite tight budget. But i still want to buy high-quality foods like organic eggs etc.

    In this journal i want to keep track on my progress. I also want to take a "before" picture of myself and will upload it here (quite scary for me!), this will hopefully help to motivate myself to get my sexy ass back.

    Love, Paleoqueen

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    Here are my "before" pictures.


    you can see my blown-up wheat belly, i developped celullite in the last year...
    uugh, It's really hard for me to see this. I don't want to see myself as a fat kid... I always was a little bit chubby, but know i am very close to becoming really overweight.

    I just checked my BMI: It's around 25.6 which makes me officially overweight! The first time, that it is that high. Every week i want to weigh myself and every month i will take new pictures for measuring the process.

    I want to rock my new lifestyle, let's rock it together!!

    Love, Paleoqueen.


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      Sooo, i decided to do a whole30. No cheat at all

      This was day 1:

      Spinach-Salad with pine and pumpkin seeds

      Omelet w/ spinach, pumpkin seeds, wild garlic

      Beef w mustard, field salad

      Snack: cashew nuts, coconut oil

      i also try to incorporate more exercise. Today i didn't do anything in particular, but i walked like 90 minutes for going to shopping, university and so on.
      I also started oil pulling a few days ago and hope that i helps me with my sugar cravings. so far i'm good.

      I wish you all a nice day!

      Love, Paleoqueen.


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        Day 2 of 30!

        B: grapefruit, selfmade flaxseed crackers w wild garlic and mustard

        L: omelet w spinach

        D: zuchini, tomatoes, onions w tuna

        snack: cashew, flaxseed cracker

        Today sometimes I was tempted just to grab some chocolate in the supermarket... but i didn't do it. wasn't that easy though... I felt kind of weak and tired today. But i am proud that i made it

        Love, Paleoqueen.


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          Paleoqueen, you are gorgeous. I believe you are too down on yourself, a very short time eating this way will bring that small amount of bloating under control and make you feel great. I don't believe you need to lose very much weight at all, but the health benefits and the weight control go hand in hand, so if you adopt a wholesome diet you will find you can maintain a good weight as well. If you squat and lift a few weights that will become even easier.

          Now I think you were weak and tired yesterday through not eating enough There is no desperate rush to drop a lot of weight so you might as well take it a bit more slowly and make sure you have enough nutrition for health and energy. Beef up all your meals a little, always have some protein and a bit of fat eg add a couple of eggs at breakfast, some bacon at lunch and some buttered carrots at dinner.
          Annie Ups the Ante


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            Keep on keepin' on...
            The above should be viewed as complete and utter nonsense.


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              Annie, thanks a lot for your advice! I really should start doing exercise, but i still feel quite weak. i think it's just because of the sugar/carb withdrawal in the first days and will get better soon. I don't think that I eat too little calories as i prepare my food either with lots of olive or coconut oil and eat a lot of nuts. But i will try to add some more meat from tomorrow on.
              I really want to be quite strict with this diet. They diagnosed me with PCOS and symptoms are getting worse. Right now I can decide if i want to take medication (which i don't want) or manage the symptoms with nutrition on a more natural way This extra weight that i gained (also because of PCOS), will hopefully come of easily

              Day 3/30

              B: Grapefruit, Tuna w vegetables, flaxseed crackers, cashews, coconut oil (tablespoon)

              L: Omelet w spinach and onions, nuts

              D: mashed cauliflower w butter, cashews

              i'm going crazy on cashews...


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                Wow, I second Annieh's notion ... I would kill for your "belly." You look great -- don't be too hard on yourself.

                I need to put cauliflower on my grocery list because now you've made me want mashed cauliflower!
                Starting weight: 195.8
                Weight at end of 21-day challenge: ???

                Goal: To free myself of food obsessions and maintain a healthy weight without DIEeting


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                  Thank you Seattleslim, i probably see my weight gain as more dramatic as it is. it just came quickly, i used to be slim. In the last three month after i stopped taking bcp i gained weight like crazy. i exercised and i also did not eat unhealthy, but i gained steadily. that scared me. now i know that it is because if my hormones and that i can control it with good nutrítion.
                  i am just not used to see my body like that.

                  Today i successfully completed day 4 of 30!
                  i am still a little low in energy, but i think that i ate enough today, what do you think?

                  B: flaxseed crackers w wild garlic cream, carrots w avocado dip

                  L: stuffed peppers w ground beef and zucchini, tomato sauce; macadamia and cashews

                  D: cauliflower salad w eggs

                  snack: macadamia & cashews, coconut oil
                  Last edited by paleoqueen; 05-11-2013, 03:10 PM.


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                    Well done for starting! It takes a lot of courage and willpower to change and to keep going!
                    Don't worry about how you look you are beautiful and now your on your way to being healthy and fit too!
                    Once you feel you have more energy try going for a sprint or run as fast as you can, get the blood pumping, feel the wind whistle by and possibly do a leap in the air-just because for no reason other than to enjoy it!
                    That's always my fav exercise routine, I take it to the fields out back where I also go and jump rivers, climb trees and race up some hills then I have a nice relaxing walk to cool down and I listen to the birds
                    It's important to keep yourself mentally happy too and to enjoy the simple things in life :P
                    I feel so isolated as every day I search for others like me, I havn't found them yet but I will one day...


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                      Congratulations on making a commitment to your health!!
                      I'm not sure you're eating enough either.
                      When I started this was a usual day
                      2 hard boiled eggs
                      Giant salad with meat on it
                      Lightly sautéed veggies
                      A piece of fruit
                      Primal Fuel shake

                      Back then my exercise was walking

                      I eat much more now but I'm also now doing CrossFit.
                      The thing that has been key for me is that I'm not looking to lose weight, I'm looking at my health.
                      By the way, I've lost 25 pounds
                      Barb - Portland, Oregon

                      "Everything is as it should be given what has gone before. This is not an excuse but it is a reason"
                      ~ Dr G & Barb ~


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                        Hi paleoqueen --

                        I'm totally new at this, but I wonder if you're eating enough too. Your food sounds more like snacks to me. But you have to go with your hunger -- do you feel like you're eating enough? Are you satisfied? For me, it's a bit of trial and error, which I assume is normal for the first few weeks as I find out how different foods and different amounts affect me.
                        Starting weight: 195.8
                        Weight at end of 21-day challenge: ???

                        Goal: To free myself of food obsessions and maintain a healthy weight without DIEeting


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                          Thanks for the suggestions and support! I don't think that i am really eating too little, i think it is because i snack quite a lot on nuts. I probably should try to make the meals bigger and to reduce the snacks. but i am getting full quite quickly and then i usually stop eating and need a some nuts later.

                          Today is day 5/30.
                          My energy is a little bit better today, i think my body is getting used to no carbs/sugar. but i had some headache in between and i feel that my concentration is not the best.

                          B: Cauliflower salad w egg, avocado, coconut oil

                          L: i missed lunch (we went to an exhibition),but snacked on quite a lot of cashews, macadamias, flaxseedcrackers, tomatoes, boiled egg

                          D: zucchini-mushroom-almond-lasagne (it was DELICIOUS and made me very, very full!)

                          Enjoy your sunday!


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                            6/30! Energy is coming back! I went for a nice jog today and did not get tired at all!

                            B: flaxseedbread, avocado, carrots, wild garlic, boiled egg

                            L: skipped again (had to attend a lecture); snacked on nuts

                            D: meatballs with asparagos, macadamias!
                            Last edited by paleoqueen; 05-14-2013, 12:07 PM.


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                              Today was incredible! My mood was sky-rocket high the whole day, i have so much energy and smile all the time
                              I love this way of eating!

                              Day 7/30

                              I already feel much more healthy
                              my skin is clearing up
                              i lost about three pounds
                              and finally my energy is back

                              B: carrots, avocado, meatballs

                              L: meat w asparagos, green salad, blueberry

                              S: mix of cashews, walnuts, cacao nibs, blueberries

                              D: zucchini-omelet, green salad w tomatoes