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    Haven't been active here for a little while. I do check in but have been having to exercise discipline - I found that too much of my weekday mornings was spent here, which was cutting into my morning workout time. You interesting people causeth me to become sedentary!

    I leave Wednesday for Special Training. I'm going to bring coconut oil and almond butter, along with the electrolyte and salt tablets and lots of water. I think I can get all the rest at the regular meals.

    I'm finding it hard, viscerally, not doing hours of cardio work in preparation for this. Deep down I worry that I won't have the endurance I need because I've only done the PB Fitness routines. But I have to give this an honest chance.

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      Random Primal joys

      Off we go for another Sunday fueled by bulletproof coffee.

      Yesterday's recipe led me to another recipe for espresso-laden pork belly, which led me to Choffy. Gonna have to try that!

      It's funny. Throughout my life I claimed to be allergic to chocolate. Yes, I'm in my early 50's and should have been over it, but every time I ate something with chocolate, like chocolate-chip cookies, I would break out with acne.

      Then after starting Primal, I tried some dark chocolate (my fav, 85%), will no ill effects. None. So was it the sugar? Dunno. But Choffy sounds like heaven in the morning, with some butter and whipping cream thrown in.

      Some other random Primal-related musings:
      - I love the freedom to break into movement-related exercise - squats, chinups or pullups on a tree or the porch beam, a few burpees, jump over the garden fence (just 3' high) 10 times, go throw the pipe, dash around the field with the dogs, sprint on my mountain bike with a dog, etc. - and it all counts! Freedom from the gym! Yay!
      - Now I'm going to have to start looking into more difficult bodyweight exercises, just for the fun. Parkour at age 52? Maybe. As long as I don't get injured and have to stop training in karate.
      - Ever notice how, after eating something not Primal (like, as close as you can get but not quite, at a restaurant), your stomach feels a bit queasy? I keep a bottle of "digestive enzymes" from the health food store handy. One tablet and I can move on with my life.
      - Darkening the bedroom, which includes turning off the display on the clock radio, helps me sleep better, but I can't tell what time it is if I wake up during the night. Ah, well, I'll figure something out.
      - At 20 minutes at a time a few times during the day, my suntan is beautiful, best in years. Freedom from sun-fear! Yay!


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        Had a good Primal day yesterday. Scrambled some shredded sweet potato with chorizo from the butcher shop, which fueled my 5x5x5 workout from I did the intermediate workout, 5 circuits. I never had tried pistol squats before and was surprised that I can do them. I followed that up with a run in the local recreation area - up in the hills, single-track, I was alone except for my dogs and a single mountain-biker. Came home and grilled up some steaks and had a salad from the garden.


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          We're screwed now:

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            Off to Special Training this morning. Will be back, God willin', on Monday.

            Last night's dinner was grilled coulotte steak, big-a** salad, baked sweet potato, coconut milk.
            This morning's breakfast was coffee with half-and-half, one Paleo waffle, 2 poached eggs, some raspberries, butter, and a couple dabs of plain Greek yogurt.

            Saying woebegone good-bye to my usual Primal fare, will try to keep it up during the week. I'll post anything interesting during the week since I now have the technology to do so.

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              Well, we're here. I stayed fairly primal during travel. Lunch at Subway, water, salt tablets. Burger at Applebee's.

              Wake-up is 4:45am, first practice starts at 5:15. W00t!

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                So far so good. Our first practice is over. A 1-mile run followed by basic techniques for about 2 hours. A nurse among us estimates it's about a 2000 calorie burner.

                Before practice I had a chocolate-flavored UCAN sports drink (16oz water) and one bottle water. 1 tablet electrolytes. A few nuts and cacao nibs.

                Snacks/water after practice: 16oz water, some more nuts and nibs, one Honey Patty. 1 tbsp CO and AB.

                Breakfast 8:30. Scrambled eggs, bacon (4 slices), diced fried potatoes. Yogurt with 7 grapes. 12 oz whole milk, 2 cups coffee (with milk from the 12 oz). One of the cups of coffee had 1/2 pat butter in it. Followed by 12oz Powerade/water/club soda mix.

                We rest, no practice until 2:45 this afternoon. Lunch is from 11:30-12:30. I hope there are salad greens! I miss my veggies!

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                  Well, yesterday was tough but not as hard as I remember previous events. I could only eat a small spinach salad at lunch, augmented by tomato and a slice of turkey, and some water/powerade mix. Afternoon practice took 2 hours, in full sun (but with a delicious breeze). Estimated 2500 calories burnt. A cool thing about karate practice is that in some situations (such as this) you are to imagine a real opponent, and you practice your best of each technique with the intent of eliminating your opponent's threat. They told us to visualize defending our families. It's fairly easy to get a real rush of fight-or-flight stress hormones when doing that.

                  I had an ok dinner, there was some nondescript whitefish which I couldn't choke down, but there were a few other things, salad greens and such, that I used to make a small dinner.

                  We had one more practice, but not a hard one (more of a class) at 7:30, lasting an hour and a half. Had a small snack of my trail mix and water afterward.

                  This morning wakeup was at 4:45 and we trotted onto the field of battle at 5:15. After some more running and warmups, it was time for the main event. We do a mental practice (and physical) called kibadachi practice. Kibadachi is "horse stance" - Youtube it - and we make it for 1-1/2 hours straight. You have to face your weak baby self to make yourself do it. You can't let the wimpy part of you get the upper hand - and in a group everyone manages to do it.

                  Breakfast was hash browns, sausage patty, bacon/egg/cheese burrito (I removed the tortilla). Coffee, more powerade/club soda mix.

                  Nap! Lunch is at 12:00, next practice (1000 kicks) at 2:45.

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                    Well, I kind of stopped journaling, primarily because things just got really busy. Also, it was becoming apparent that the diet and exercise regimen I adhered to prior to Special Training worked. I ate well the whole time and had really good practices. In previous years I went home sore and VERY tired; this year I was able to practice harder and there was very little soreness and I wasn't so tired.

                    To me, this is final validation of the ancestral eating and exercising style. I'm sticking with it.

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                      I've been enjoying Al Kavadlo's intermediate-level 5x5 workout. I up the quantity of pull-ups and headstand pushups to 10, but I'm still working on my favorite new exercise, pistol squats. I've been able to do up to 7 in a row but it's a groaner. I love the challenge!

                      Some notes:
                      - It's hot when your coconut oil is clear liquid in the cabinet. We topped at 116 yesterday. To save a pittance of energy, we keep the house at 80.
                      - I thought I would try the honey-and-cinnamon thing to try to alleviate the arthritis in my hip. So far, 4 days into it and the pain is nearly gone. Not a scientific study by any stretch, but it's working for me.
                      - If you have to buy inexpensive meat, I am finding chuck-eye steaks an excellent cut that has yet to jump in price.

                      Question: What would Grok do when faced with a 115-degree day? Kick the 'gators out of the river, of course.

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                        It's been a good holiday weekend.

                        Restwise: 7 hours of sleep per night, plus a couple naps per day if I feel like it. My dogs are great at napping; if there's nothing to do, they watch the world for a while then take a nap. Thursday the 4th I basically did nothing - watch the world go by, then take a nap. Cook and eat something good, then watch the world, then nap. I loved it.

                        The rest of the weekend, more activity, same napping.

                        Foodwise: Regular stuff; however, all the berries are in season around here, so I've been stuffing with them. We also got some great cherries this weekend. I made paleo waffles (6 eggs, 2 ripe bananas, 3/4 cup almond butter, 3 T quinoa flour, that's it) and shared them with the GF and dogs (I ate most of them). Tonight I'm grilling a tri-tip, but first I'm pre-cooking it in the solar oven. It should be ready to just sear and serve by dinnertime!

                        Temperaturewise: Yes, Thursday and Friday were hot. Friday not so hot, and drier than the earlier part of the week. Today (Saturday) has been awesome. High 60s for the low this morning, so the dogs and I had a good run. Afternoon in the mid-90s, low teens in humidity. Karate class was fun, sweaty, hard, as it should be. I'll do my Kavadlo workout as I grill the tri-tip.

                        Gratitude abounds as I wallow in the blessings.

                        [Edit]Forgot to mention: I'm all excited - I ordered a sample pack of Choffy![/Edit]
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                          The tri-tip came out great. I feared the worst when the fat on the bottom caught fire. I turned the meat over, extinguished the flames, and let it rest. I was hoping the juices would soak back in, and it worked! Yum. Served with steamed asparagus and baked diced sweet potatoes. I overate, to state the obvious.

                          It's only 67 degrees out this morning (yay) so I'm going to go run the dogs, work on my Jeep a bit, and then do some yardwork in the backyard shade. Digging a couple trenches for sprinklers, then carrying and setting a bunch of retaining wall stones. Plenty primal, workout-wise.

                          After that I'll be ready for my nap. Not kidding...


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                            This caught my eye yesterday:

                            Americans Exercising More But Still Getting Fatter:

                            A few thoughts about it...they say that:
                            - exercise is just a piece of the equation, like that's news.
                            - "sufficient exercise" is defined by a number of minutes per week of a certain level of effort. My problem with this is that they make it sound like exercise is an onerous task, a honeydo that's meant to be crossed off the weekend chore list. If health and nutrition professionals made exercise not such a four-letter word, maybe people would do more of it! And the word "sufficient" builds judgment of one's lifestyle right into the question. As soon as you answer such a question, you've submitted yourself to be judged, not just counted.
                            - high calorie diets are partly to blame, as if one calorie is as good as another. I see this still all over, even on MDA where people ask questions about carbs as if one carb is just like another. Getting your carbs from Jolly Ranchers is not the same as getting them from your garden's vegetable cornucopia.

                            I'm still joyful about finding MDA and the Primal Blueprint:
                            - Eating is fun. Diet discipline is easy because none of the junk food is as good as the combination of good food and great vitality.
                            - Exercise is fun. Getting "sufficient exercise" is easy because being lazy or tired is harder than the combination of having fun and becoming physically better.
                            - Staying healthy (i.e. free from the usual grind of colds and flu) is easy because my body's not always inflamed because it's fighting off the effects of the "food" I eat.

                            Now instead of falling into the regime of trying to stay viable as long as possible after age 50, I'm dreaming of a motorcycle adventure tour in Argentina and Patagonia. Or mountain-biking The Entertainer on Mt. Shasta. Or...

                            The day I start worrying about what a vegan thinks of me is the day they push my body out on a flaming Viking boat.
                            - One of y'all said this


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                              Choffy arrived yesterday! My first cup of La Espanola is brewing now (if I could figure out how to type an inye on my keyboard I would have)...

                              Well. The packaging recommends brewing in a French press for 5 minutes, so that's what I did.

                              - The "grounds" soaked up more water than an equivalent amount of coffee did.
                              - The color of the liquid is not all that different from a medium roast coffee.
                              - The marketing materials warn of a typical cacao bitter taste. They're not wrong. This isn't hot chocolate.
                              - I put some heavy whipping cream (my weekend sin) in. As promised, the Choffy smoothed out nicely.

                              All in all, it's a pleasant drink. I'll withhold a final opinion 'til I've had a chance to sample the IC dark and the Ivory Coast.

                              They got their $45 from me and at $15 for a bag of grounds the size of which I'd pay $5 or so for if it were'll be a treat drink, not a daily drink.

                              The day I start worrying about what a vegan thinks of me is the day they push my body out on a flaming Viking boat.
                              - One of y'all said this
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                                Originally posted by BZM View Post
                                Standup workstation's going great...every morning my boss comes in and asks (rhetorically), "Still standing?"
                                I'm still standing at work. I give myself the leeway to sit down, too. I have a fairly slow computer (it takes 8 minutes to boot Windows XP!) but it's stable and has all the tools I need to work efficiently. But while it's, for instance, starting up Excel, I have a few seconds to siddown and relax my back. Sometimes I'll do the Grok squat, too.

                                But I love the fact I'm not sitting nearly as much as I used to. Also I love the fact that I'm not straining my hip flexors anymore. I used to basically have a groin pull once every two or three weeks, which would make me slow down and walk like I had a prosthetic leg for a few days. Hasn't happened since I started standing at work.

                                Remember, my workstation cost me $14-ish at Walmart. I got a metal storage rack (near the paint department, behind the vacuum cleaners if you're looking). It was supposed to assemble into a 3-shelf rack, but I just used the two pieces separately. My flat-screen monitor (don't try it with an old CRT!) and keyboard go on one rack, and the second rack straddles my paper in/out organizer and my mouse rests on top. Low-tech, low-cost, high benefit. Win!

                                Some info links:
                                What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Standing Desks? - Forbes (Forbes dot com)
                                The Benefits of a Standing Desk
                                Stand and Deliver (Reader's Digest, links back to MDA!)
                                World's Easiest Way to Be Much Healthier: Stand Up |
                                One Year at My Standing Desk


                                My office mate is toying with the idea of going Primal. He's married to a marathoner, has two girls and one more on the way, and he's never been the sporty, outdoors-ish type. However, he sees me eat the good things and eschew the bad things and sees me (17 years his senior) in great health and with great energy, and he wants what I have.

                                I've pointed him at MDA (told him to read the Success Stories, and to start at the Start Here link), and he's pointed his wife there, but they've yet to start reading. I think once she reads the free ebook download, my buddy's life will change, for the better, quite quickly. I hope it happens soon!
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