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  • Teach2183 - A fresh start

    Alright, I'm going to start all of this over again. I lost 20lbs in the first year of going primal. But in the last 6 months I've lost nothing, and I have quite a ways to go. I don't truly care about the number on the scale, but I have a lot of fat to lose on my stomach and lower body. So I'm recommitting and plan to post my exercise here. I'm also going to try cycling between low and high carb days. I know I can't go very low carb for more than a few days or I get depressed. But perhaps cycling back and forth will give better results. Here's my plan for the first week, which starts Thursday.

    TH: Squats - warmup 70, 2x5
    95, 100, 110 5, 5, 5+
    Lunges 3x12
    FR: Bench - warmup 45 2x5
    70, 75, 75 5, 5, 5+
    Lat Pull (working towards pull-up) 65 3x5
    SA: Sprints 6x50%, 6x100%
    SU: Deadlift - warmup 80 2x5
    105, 115, 120 5, 5, 5+
    Leg lifts 3x12
    M: Press - warmup 45 2x5
    55, 55, 60 5, 5, 5+
    Push-ups 3x15
    TU: Rest
    W: Soccer

    We'll see how this goes. I think it's a good combination of body weight and weight lifting strength exercises. I would like to be able to do a pull-up again some day. So hopefully I can work towards that, starting with the lat pull downs. We'll see how it works out. I'll follow a similar set-up each week, with the weights rotating according to Wendler's 531. Ready to see this fat start melting away.

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    Had a fantastic "rest" day today. Took the kids to the park today, which meant walking about 4 miles to get there and back. Also went for a walk after dinner, so another mile. All of this pushing the kids (~70lbs) in the stroller. Felt good to be outside enjoying the warm weather. A pretty low carb day. I was happy to see I'm only about a pound up from my low today, as it's the start of a new cycle. I'm really hoping in a couple days to see a new low. For dinner tonight I made sausage and peppers, with corn based noodles that I didn't eat. Tomorrow I'll put together good burgers to grill and then Thursday I'm making shrimp fried rice by request. So Thursday will be a high carb day. I think in the future I might have it be Wednesdays, but I'm tutoring tomorrow so can't have it be then. Soccer tomorrow night and then I start in with the new lifting schedule.

    Here we go!


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      Spent yesterday morning at the park with the kids. Really bringing my down stress level, until I had to carry DS part way home over putting his shoes back on (don't want him in the street shoeless). Spent the afternoon with the kids in the pool while I read a book. Had a nice soccer game last night and even scored. Apparently I need to shoot more (I feel like I already shoot a lot), I tend to start taking the advice when even the ref says it. It was great sprints though.

      Today the kids had swimming in the morning, so I got some arm work in lifting and towing DS in the water. Then this afternoon I lifted squats and lunges as prescribed above. Apparently my max estimate was off, because I did 12 reps on the last set. Hmm, not sure what to make of that. I'll reset after the end of the month though, likely jump a fair amount up. Afterwards we went down the park for a while and then I came home to make dinner.

      Shrimp fried rice as a request by DH. Used chicken broth to cook the rice to give it a few more nutrients. Today was meant to be a high carb day. Back to normal tomorrow and will try to stay low carb until we celebrate DH's birthday next weekend. I am so ready to see the numbers go down on the scale. Looking forward to bench tomorrow.


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        Another pretty good day today. Spent the morning at the library and then the afternoon outside/at the park. I got in my lifting, bench and lat pull down as written above. I think I was off on the bench as well, because I did 13 reps on the final set. Looks like I'll be able to reset that one higher as well after this round. Lat pull down was pretty close to right on though. Will increase that by 2.5lbs next time. The goal is to get close to body weight so I can eventually do a pull-up. I think once I get to half my body weight I'll switch to pull-ups with my feet on the bench.

        Ready for a weekend to relax!


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          Having more energy lately! Completed my sprints today. The hardest part was breathing through them. Hopefully that will get better with time. I enjoyed pushing myself though. Came home and spent some time on the phone with my sister, then had a nice shower. Starting to feel somewhat strong and I think the fact that I'm sticking to my plan is helping. Knowing that there is a plan and it's likely to work seems to help.

          Looking forward to relaxing with DH tonight and likely having Champagne to celebrate his new job. So wonderful to feel financially set, no matter what happens with my side jobs.


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            Had a very nice Sunday today. Went to church with the family, then to Costco for some of our bulk purchases. Also got some organic eggs. Had some lunch and then put the kids down. I was super dizzy, possibly due to last night's champagne. I took a nap for about an hour along with the kids. It was pretty nice. This afternoon I cut DH's and DS's hair outside (mess control), then planted the 3 plants I received for mother's day. One of them is an organic strawberry plant. Hopefully it will take hold where I put it and we can enjoy some yummy organic strawberries. I think we've found a spot in the yard that we can grow some food that, if necessary, will be easy to keep the deer away. Not going to plant a ton this year, but hoping to perhaps put some things in the ground this fall or at least start planning for next year.

            Also got in my lifting today, as written above. It is really hot so I didn't need to warm-up much. On the last set I only got in 7 reps because my hands were tired, but also because a mosquito landed on my hand. We're going to need to look into some bug control for our yard. I think I'll do some research into what types of plants would be good. Then we can line the patio area and driveway with plants that will also keep mosquitoes away. There has to be something that will work and be pretty.

            Off for our nightly walk!


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              Scale is moving in the right direction again. Even though I had ice cream with raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries last night. Just something about a small bowl of ice cream on a hot day. That is why I can't do a whole30 until September. I know I'll crave the ice cream and then the effort will be lost.

              Did my workout this morning since there are impending strong storms this afternoon and tonight. I did the push press as written above, but only did 3x10 for pushups. My whole body was shaking and I just couldn't do any more. But that means I must be getting stronger.

              I'm getting pretty frustrated with the fat on top of my muscles. I feel the strong muscles, especially abdominal muscles. But there's fat on top and I can't seem to shed it. Hopefully this past week was cycle related and I can get back on track and see a new low this week. I'm so ready to start losing, but I also know the next few months will be tough. DH's birthday Sunday, DS's birthday next Thursday, then vacation and summer ice cream trips. Maybe if I can keep the ice cream to once a week I can still see results. And then in September I can do a whole30 and really ramp up the effort.

              One of the most frustrating things right now? It seems my boobs are getting bigger! Before anyone laughs or says "send them my way"... my 34F bra seems to be too small in the cup. Seriously, people, this is ridiculous!


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                It's always encouraging to see a "starting over" post! It sounds like you're doing great! Those muscles will start to show themselves as you continue "workin' it!" Don't get discouraged - just stay with it! (I should be my own cheerleader!)

                As for the boobs....... 34F is a load for sure! Is the cup that feels to small or the band? If you're building back muscles you might need to get a bigger band size. Could be hormonal? Good food and exercise usually help with hormonal balance - could be something to do with that. Might need to talk that over with doc at your next check up. ???

                Hope you continue to see progress and success!
                1. Love ME no matter what noises are screaming at me, or who is trying to tear me down.
                2. Eat to heal
                3. Move to live
                4. Embrace today
                5. Live with intention
                6. Respect my body
                7. Cultivate joy
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                9. Meditate on peace in my soul


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                  Originally posted by tomi View Post
                  As for the boobs....... 34F is a load for sure! Is the cup that feels to small or the band? If you're building back muscles you might need to get a bigger band size. Could be hormonal? Good food and exercise usually help with hormonal balance - could be something to do with that. Might need to talk that over with doc at your next check up. ???
                  I think my body is still finding "normal" after being pregnant/nursing until last October. It's definitely the cup size as they just run over. I can easily fit my fingers under the band. It's weird because I was down (from 34H) but now they're going back up. May find myself wearing sports bras a lot this summer.

                  How are things going for you?


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                    Today is a day off from exercising. After a horrible night's sleep, that a good thing. Scale is still moving in the right direction though. I'm hoping to see a new low before DH's birthday on Sunday. If I can keep up the half pound loss per day, I should see a new low by Thursday. We'll see what happens!

                    Taking the kids to a playdate at a park this morning. It will be nice to spend the morning outside in the fresh air. Hopefully they'll get some good naps in too. No big plans for the afternoon, so probably will head to our close park for a while. Everything is wet since we had some storms over night, which led to the poor sleep. It was also really hot in the house. Hoping that a day of rest and relaxation will soothe some of my sore muscles and I'll get some good sleep tonight.


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                      Weighed in at 172.0 this morning for a new low. My favorite skirt is starting to be almost too big in the waist. I might try to figure out to make it smaller because I love it. And perhaps when I get to my final weight (150-155?) I'll make myself some cute skirts that fit. I was shocked to see that number on the scale because I've been fighting so hard for it. Perhaps this carb cycling is what my body really likes. I'm interested to see how I play at soccer tonight.

                      Another thing I seem to be doing is a big breakfast, small lunch, and medium dinner. That might have something to do with this as well, signifying to my body every day that there is no shortage of food so it can let reserves be burned. We'll see how I react after the craziness of DH's birthday this weekend. I wonder how much more I can lose before then as well.


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                        Second day in a row with a new low on the scale! I was shocked to see 172.0 yesterday and then today 171.4. So looks like I'll be sticking with eating this way for a while. Although I am looking forward to eating whatever I want on Sunday for DH's birthday. Meatloaf and green beans sounds good for dinner though as well.

                        DS woke up with a fever this morning, so I spent the morning snuggling with him in bed. I did manage to get my lifting in this afternoon though. I think I'm a little rundown because I didn't get to sleep last night until around 11. Looking forward to a better bed time and sleep tonight. Plan for this week's workouts:

                        TH: Warmup 70, 2x5; Squats 100, 110, 115 3, 3, 8; Lunges 3x14
                        F: Warmup 45, 2x5 Bench 75, 75, 80 3, 3, 3+; Lat Pull 67.5 3x14
                        Sa: Sprints 6x50%, 6x100%
                        Su: Warmup 80 2x5, Dead 115, 120, 130 3, 3, 3+; Leg lifts 3x13
                        M: Warm up 45 2x5, Press 55, 60, 65 3, 3, 3+; Pushup 3x11

                        Here we go!


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                          Spent another morning snuggling with my little buddy. Turned out to be just what he needed as this afternoon he was back to his usual trouble maker self! Did manage to get a little cleaning done this morning and all the laundry done today. We spent the afternoon outside, I got in my lifting and DH cut the grass.

                          I've had some stomach trouble the last 2 night and even times during the day where I feel like my heart is racing. It makes me wonder if my body is not adjusting well to be low carb? I had some potatoes with dinner tonight and we'll see how I'm feeling in the morning. Definitely a very weird thing. I also felt fairly weak while working out today. I haven't had a carb day since last Wednesday, so perhaps that is the reason. If I can just get through tomorrow I hope Sunday will resolve the issue and then I'll be back to once a week reefed days. I think with all my activity I can't go more than a week, perhaps I even need to go shorter than that. Seeing the scale continue to inch down though is really nice. 171.2 this morning. There's a chance I could break that 170 barrier before June 1st!


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                            Down just a little more to 171.0 today! Had a nice morning with the family. Ran to the store to grab some last minute gifts for DH with the kids. Then watched DD play soccer for a bit. Had some lunch and good relaxation time while the kids took a nap. Now that everyone was at the store I had a chance to get in my sprints.

                            I feel awful! The sprints weren't terrible, but when I stopped each one I had a heck of a time catching my breath. After the last one I had to stop and lean against a tree before I could walk home. And as I walked my ears started hurting. It's as though the pressure in my head is off, but the breathing I learned from scuba diving is not working to remedy it. I had some water and I'm working up the energy to go shower. Sprinting usually gives me all sorts of energy, so I wonder what's up. Could my body be responding like this due to eating low carb for more than a week? Started DH's cake this afternoon and am looking forward to putting the finishing touches on it when he gets home with the whipping cream to make the custard filling and ganache topping. Thinking we might dig in tomorrow before heading to the game.

                            Here's hoping for another loss tomorrow before a big carb fest! And hoping I feel better after I shower.


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                              Feeling much better after a shower and some dinner. Although definitely feeling yesterday's lifting in my upper body. Glad the ear pain is gone and no more headaches. I wonder if wearing headphones while sprinting was part of the issue. Went for the usual walk as a family.

                              Is it "normal" to have panicky thoughts about illness/death? While I was sprinting today I heard sirens in the distance. For a moment I started to panic that DH and the kids were in an accident. I leave my phone at home when I sprint, so no one could contact me to tell me they were hurt. Then my mind wandered to what life would be like without them. Very morbid stuff. Likely a small sign that I've been low carb too long, so tomorrow's reefed will be important. As I was struggling to breathe though I also had some panicky thoughts about what if something is wrong with me. My mom died from cancer at 57 and when they found it, it had spread everywhere. So at times I start to freak out that I have cancer but as I haven't been to the doctor for a while it hasn't been found. My breathing seemed really strange to me, so I started to wonder. I'm not sure if these moments of panic are normal. They don't incapacitate me in any way, but they're there none the less.