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    I've been out of a job since mid February and it's taking a huge toll on my health. I had started out well going primal back in mid 2012 but have all but fallen off the wagon now.

    At some point I really need to get back on track and back to eating paleo/primal. It's gotta happen!
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    SW: TBD lbs / CW: TBD lbs / GW: 185 lbs

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    I enjoyed my last official SAD meal this morning and plan on being primal from here on out. I went out with a bang, stopped at Dunkin Donuts and gorged my face.

    Time to move on to the healthy phase of my life. My starting weight is 285 lbs. I plan on losing 100 lbs by eating/living the primal lifestyle and hope to share parts of my journey here on my MDA journal.
    SW: TBD lbs / CW: TBD lbs / GW: 185 lbs