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    The Basics: Mallory. 22 Years Old. Biological Anthropology and Biology double BSc. Honours Major. Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Photojournalism graduate. Avid musician. Motorsport enthusiast. Gamer. Equestrienne. Loves a 13-year-old off-track thoroughbred mare, Altair.

    Primal Program: The plan is to complete a 30-day challenge, starting 3 July 2013, at 100% primal. Afterwards, depending on my body's reaction, I will be going to either 80/20 or continuing on at 100%. I will let my body tell me what it wants best!

    Specialized Fitness: I actively ride my horse 3-5 times per week, mostly at a trot and canter, for an hour per session (minimum). While a lot of people think riding is more exercise for the horse, it is also quite a high-intensity workout for the human. I will be supplementing riding with at-home Lift Heavy Things routines and plyometrics (thanks P90x), cycling, and sprinting.

    Health History: 5'10.5". 220 Pounds. Chronic back pain from previous riding injury. Bad knees. Endometriosis. Clinical Depression/Anxiety. Enzymic allergy to fish (Can have fish oil, though). Allergies.

    Progress Pictures:
    Before - [front] [side]
    15 Days - [coming soon]
    30 Days - [coming soon]
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    Day 1 - 3 July, 2013

    2 x softboiled eggs
    Bacon (fried up a whole pound to use through the week)

    Wrote my grocery list this morning. For now, just working with what's in the fridge/freezer that is paleo.

    Its AMAZING how much you notice people buying shitty food when you go to the grocery store. Holy crap.

    Curry Chicken Salad

    Had a pretty late lunch -- wanted to get some food into me before heading to the barn and riding.

    Didn't have dinner today - wasn't hungry! I did, however, have a protein shake after getting home from the barn.

    Other Notes
    Snacked on almonds, and grapes and berries through the day.

    Rode Altair for a 1/2 hour, mostly at trot and canter. It was SUPER hot yesterday and both of us were dripping with sweat when all was said and done. I'll probably be riding later in the afternoon/evening to make sure we don't die from heat

    Super super tired tonight; going to bed early. Its going to get worse before it gets better, but I know I can do this.
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      Day 2 - 4 July, 2013

      Wasn't hungry this morning - opted for a protein shake instead.

      Late Lunch
      Steak and Spinach Salad with Bacon, Peppers and Balsamic Vinagrette

      Late Dinner
      Primal Pizza (as seen on MDA Blog) with mozza, pineapple, and bacon

      Other Notes
      Called the gym at my university this morning (I have a free membership) asking about a free trial with one of their personal trainers. Scheduled a session for Monday at 6pm.

      Snacked on almonds and berries through the day.

      Had a "rest" day today - was so sore from riding yesterday, and the carb flu is setting in.
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        Day 3 - 5 July, 2013

        Protein Shake

        Calisthenics routine, rescued from my previous work with a personal trainer. Focused on legs and core. Feeling the burn! (Will post later)

        Other Notes
        Pretty sure I'm in full-fledged carb flu stage - not sleeping great, sore all over, congested and headachey. I know it'll pass, but that doesn't mean it doesn't suck. Took a couple ibuprofen this morning to ease the aching and headaches, as I've still got work to do today! Feeling pretty good after a morning workout - what a way to wake up!


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          So I've been REALLY lazy about journalling, but, I have been doing pretty good and am now on Day 8. I've had a few cheat spots, but after my cheat day I fasted which made me feel better - I realized that the things I was craving weren't all that great once I got there!

          Anyway, one week in, and I can already see a difference; here's some progress shots.


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            Wow! Go you!
            "The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love and something to hope for." - Allan K. Chalmers (1759-1834)