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    You know you've really arrived once even the spambots start lurking on your journal...


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      Since the tail of the 90's, store-bought cake has actually been awful all around. Too much sawdust and other fake binders, then pumped with fake flavors.

      The deliciousness of pizza lies not in the crust, but in the herbs, sweetness and saltiness of the red sauce and cheese and other toppings. Tonight for dinner I ate pizza in a bowl and it was amazing - and it was barely pizza but hit the spot! A pound of ground beef with half a jar of chunky spaghetti sauce (no nasty ingredients!). I would have melted cheese in there, but I didn't have any and I'm not usually a food combiner, anyway. I know better than to eat that much nightshade, but once in awhile - it's just not that terrible for me.

      Meatza, and rice crusts, and a billion other Paleo Pizzas are out there to try.
      Crohn's, doing SCD


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        Believe me - I shall be trying them! It's just better for me atm to try the ordinary stuff and get used to disliking it, because then I don't miss it. If that makes any sense

        In other news, today should be the last day of stupid temperatures, and then normal service is resumed (i.e. rain). Gotta love the British weather!


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          Don't worry about not liking cake anymore. At first it seems a bummer, but there are lots of other things to like about primal lifestyle that more than make up for it.
          Annie Ups the Ante


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            Originally posted by Annieh View Post
            Don't worry about not liking cake anymore. At first it seems a bummer, but there are lots of other things to like about primal lifestyle that more than make up for it.
            Uh-huh, like dark chocolate!


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              Speaking of chocolate...

              Two things have left a bad taste in my mouth the past few days. The other week I bought some 85% dark chocolate from Tesco, but when I tried it, it tasted *wrong*. I couldn't put my finger on it - it was just off in some way. I stuck it in the cupboard and at the weekend gave it to AH, since he eats anything. Indeed, his definition of a good meal is "one that makes me feel full up". Bless. Anyway, he happened to look at the ingredients, and saw that either the cocoa powder or the cocoa butter - I forget which - was listed as LOW FAT!!! WTF?!? How could they do this to dark chocolate! No wonder it didn't taste right. From now on I'm sticking to Lindt.

              The other bad taste concerns a conversation I had on Monday with a customer. I have several part-time jobs, or a "portfolio career" according to my high-flying financial services friend. This job involves working in a shop selling technical clothing. Our customer base is mainly middle class well educated people who pay attention to their health. However, with the general growth of the population, dress sizes have increased to reflect this, to the point that a current size 8 (our smallest size - equivalent to a US size 4 I believe) is more like an old size 12, and thus some small women don't fit our clothes. This particular customer is petite, and her and her husband were saying how disappointed they were in the lack of small sizes. I sympathised, and told them how I had passed up the issue to HO, but that sizes everywhere had increased. At which point the woman informed me that nothing was going to happen until fat people started "paying their way". I was astounded. Yes, some people are fat deliberately, but many are fat because of health reasons, ignorance, and lack of healthy options. I tried to make this point, but the customer was insistent, and her general argument was that fat people aren't taking responsibility. I thought of the stories I have read here on this forum, and could have wept. Instead I remained professional, and was very relieved to see her go.

              In other news, I have discovered that Greek style yogurt mixed with honey and very heavy cream is the food of the gods, and this particular apple feels that it compensates for the lack of cake in her life.


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       is it all going this week? I know it's not quite Friday, but it *feels* as though it should be, so a good time to do a review. Plus I'm procrastinating

                I haven't lost any weight or changed body shape at all. That's fine, this is still early in the process.

                I've been doing lots of walking, and lifting heavy things, so that's coming along nicely.

                I've eaten a lot of fruit this week due to the heat, and this evening I had risotto with rice, but otherwise everything is going well on the diet front. The Ice Cream Dragon has been very quiet, and the Alien Overlord seems to have temporarily abandoned plans for world domination.

                I have however felt extremely tired this week. I'm not sure why exactly, but there are a number of factors that may be relevant:
                ~ the poor diet I had last week plus cake and wine at the weekend
                ~ the excessive heat
                ~ allergies/hay fever
                ~ other stressors in my life

                Hopefully eating meat will up my protein levels easily, but that is still a longer term goal. I tried some pork at the BBQ on Saturday, but I really didn't like it, so I spat it out and gave it to the chickens (my friends keep hens). One of the hens died later that night, but I'm choosing to regard that as a coincidence.

                So in summary - I'm doing OK. There's obviously a long way to go, but there's no rush, and the important thing is that I'm mostly off the grains and sugar, and actively trying meat. Go me!


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                  One of the hens died later that night, but I'm choosing to regard that as a coincidence.
                  You killed a chicken with pork! LOL
                  "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


                  Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


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                    @ Joaniel - the evidence is purely circumstantial. There is no proof


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                      AH has been very interested in my primal journey so far, and has been reading MDA and trying to get his head around the concept of a lunch without sandwiches - bless He does a lot of driving for his job, and yesterday he told me how earlier that day he was driving through the countryside with a field of wheat on one side, and a field of rape on the other, and all he could think was "why are they growing this crap?" My work here is done


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                        Joapple, you definitely killed the chicken!

                        Speaking of sandwiches, I had some today in a fit of madness. Now I feel completely bleurgh.


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                          Traveller - you had a rough day. If the worst thing you ate was a sandwich or two then I think you did fine.


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                            Miss apple,
                            I have been pondering your predicament with regards to meat consumption. I've come up with a plan!
                            How about Quorn, if you eat it already that is, with small lumps of similar meat smuggled in by AH when you least expect it. Over time the ratio of meat to Quorn can be increased and you will be needing a tooth pick before you know it!!.......
                            Just a mad idea fdom the shores of south Wales!

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                              Thank you Adam - dear AH suggested a similar plan! I'm actually doing fairly well in getting used to the sight and smell of meat again, it's the taste that's the issue. I never liked pork that much before, and I haven't had an opportunity to sample steak again so far. My current plan is to get used to being around meat and tasting it each time, and gradually increase the quantities. AH is wonderful but an appalling liar so would be unable to go the "stealth meat" route. I'll keep noting my adventures with meat here.

                              That so sounded like the title of a really dodgy film....


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                                The poor chicken.

                                Perhaps pork wasn't the easiest meat to start with. How about chicken? It's much more mild tasting, and can be disguised in a curry. Like tofu (I guess, I haven't really eaten tofu).
                                Annie Ups the Ante