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  • What was once easy in the beginning...

    You can view my original journal here. Since then, I have completed a Whole 30 a couple more times. Dealt with some overtraining exacerbated not eating enough of the right stuff. Have never seen the body composition changes I hoped for and bloodwork, while relatively improved, still shows some underlying issues that need addressing.

    The past year or so has been pretty difficult with regards to leading a Primal lifestyle -- the only thing consistent has been the fits and starts. Had a beautiful baby girl in December and leading up to that, my work schedule coupled with making sure my wife was happy and comfortable took a lot out of me. Did a lot of "convenience" eating which was not the best of course. Acid reflux started to sneak back surprise really. In the process of aquiring a business now. Lots of stressors in life and am learning that I tend to eat poorly under such situations.

    Then the real kicker came about 9 months ago when I did some food allergy testing with a Functional Medicine doctor...learned I was allergic to whole eggs, tomatoes, carrots, cod, crab, brewers and bakers yeast, wheat (always suspected and what led me here originally) and safflower. Additionally, while I didn't have indications of a chronic candida infection, other indicators showed the potential for issues with it so was told to eliminate foods normally associated with such -- sugars (of course), berries, melons, mushrooms, and fermented foods/liquids. Needless to say, a lot of Primal/Paleo staples were suddenly "off limits."

    I travel for a living and for the first week or so, I wandered about aimlessly in the mornings in search of something to eat -- it's amazing the looks you get when you try to order something without eggs, wheat or sugar for breakfast in this grand ol' US of A!!! One time I actually found a place that was putting salad stuff out around 9AM and when I said I wanted it "for here" the girl incredulously retorted with "You're gonna eat salad for breakfast!?" Nice...

    Most days I struggle to even find something available that would be P/P "compliant," not skew macros in any one direction, and provide a substantial amount of calories. Many days I will skip breakfast because of no available foods -- I know IF fanatics will say there's no problem with that, but an ASI test indicates my Cortisol is out of whack so fasting isn't doing me any favors. At this point, I know I'm undereating so my training (CF) sucks. Add to all of that the fact that I transit multiple time zones and sleep on average about 5.5-6 hours per night (on a good night) and you can probably see I'm an f'ing wreck now. It seems to be a vicious cycle too...

    This all seemed so easy when I first discovered it a few years ago. It made sense and just "fit." Now, with the added "restrictions" every time I try to get back on the wagon, I fall off within a meal or two. Now it just seems so complicated -- like I need to go back to basics. Haven't gone a day of 100% in I don't know how long. Very frustrating.

    Sorry for the personal pity party.
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