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    Day 13 (8/18/2013)

    Breakfast: 4 oz canned wild salmon, medium sized chicken breast cooked in coconut oil, misc. peppers, grape tomatoes, sharp cheddar, yogurt and blueberries
    Lunch (sort of): small amount of steamed broccoli
    Snack: strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries with whipped heavy cream
    Dinner: 4 oz burger, raw white cheddar, sharp cheddar, 2 hot dogs, tomato slices, 2 squares 99% dark chocolate

    Workout: mostly push-up related stuff sporadically throughout the day. If I were to estimate, I think I did 45+ incline push-ups, 10-11 negatives, and some hybrids of those two. (Also about 70 squats.). Specifically, I do an incline push-up at an angle where it's difficult but still doable, and I lower myself really slowly and hold the lowest point as long as I can, then push myself back up. That way I can get the most impact while still being able to do the full range. Chairs with arms are useful to this. Also, I think I troubleshot my incline push-ups--my arms were too far apart, I was doing them too quickly, my arms were going too far out instead of back, etc. Mostly just due to carelessness, I guess. Anyway, now that they're fixed, I can get back to making optimal progress.

    Other: spent 1.25 hours outside, no burning. I'm working out a plan for breakfast when school starts. I need to be able to get food and eat it within 40 minutes (20 on LHT days, Tuesday and Friday), with less used time being better. Fresh-cooked stuff is out, because the smell bothers my stepmother in the morning. (Will probably be able to get away with grass fed hot dogs or similar, though. Eggs are okay to cook but I can't stomach them right now. Will experiment with those again later.) At the start of the week (Monday and Tuesday) I can have burgers. Canned salmon is definitely in, since I am willing to just eat it straight from the can (might actually bake salmon fillets later, but not now, I'm lazy). Yogurt and berries is an almost definite "yes." Chicken breast and bacon will likely also be used. I'm shooting for 12 oz of animal flesh at breakfast, and at least 8 oz at dinner, with dairy protein of yogurt and cheese. Possibly some almonds afterschool or right before heavy lifting. Eventually I want to add liver somewhere but I have no clue what I'm doing.


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      Day 14 (8/19/2013)

      Breakfast: chicken breast, 4 oz burger, 4 oz salmon, bit of raw cheddar, tiny bell peppers, grape tomatoes, yogurt with blueberries
      Snack (2:45 pm): 3 slices bacon, chai tea with Kerrygold and coconut oil
      Dinner: flank steak, some amount around 10-12 oz. 1 square 99% dark chocolate, 1 square 70% dark chocolate.

      Workout: 30 minutes very brisk walking, and 0.4 miles mild walking around the block. Stopped to talk to neighbors I've never met. (Three years living here and I'm only just now talking to people outside my house and school...)

      Other: still eating a very large amount compared to what I previously ate. A bit worrisome, but I'm not ever eating to a point where I'm uncomfortable or when I'm not hungry...and I was probably under eating previously (see--anorexia). So, I'll keep doing what I've been doing. Breakfast was achieved in just over half an hour this morning--very do-able on a school day.

      Also, I am never cooking steak inside again. While it turned out great, the house was full of smoke. Yeah, I'm not very good at this yet.


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        Checked the scale this morning, thinking my weight would probably be around 115 and 21% body fat like it has been recently.

        Nope, 107.5 and 19% body fat.


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          Day 15 (8/20/2013)

          Pre-workout: small amount of almonds, macadamia nuts, raisins
          Breakfast: 4ish oz steak, 4 oz burger, small chicken breast, 2 slices bacon, grape tomatoes, bell pepper slices, blueberries
          Snack (3:25 pm): earl grey tea with 1/2 tbsp Kerrygold, 1 tbsp coconut oil, heavy cream
          Dinner: meatza (6 oz ground beef, lots of raw cheddar, uncured pepperoni, kalamata olives, olive oil)

          Workout: heavy lifting. Made some modifications--for push-ups, I'm doing the hybrid incline/negative push-ups, where I lower myself slowly over five seconds, and hold for five seconds, then push myself up in one second or less. If I don't feel it in my chest, it doesn't count. Also, I modified squats by reducing their speed quite a bit, so they're more intense.
          1st round: 8 incline/negatives, 35 slow squats, 14 2-leg assisted pull-ups, 60 seconds plank, 35 seconds left side plank, 40 seconds right side plank
          2nd round: 6 incline/negatives, 30 slow squats, 14 assisted pull-ups, 45 seconds plank, 30 seconds left plank, 40 seconds right plank

          Other: I've been having poor sleep, over and over again. It's hard to get to sleep most nights and I've seen an increase in nightmares. (Not the panic-attack inducing kind, fortunately.) It's directly related to stress--from my father and sister, obsessing over my diet, school starting on Monday, etc. Hopefully this will resolve for the most part after Monday. Stress usually goes down exponentially when I'm in school.


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            Day 16 (8/21/2013)

            Breakfast: 6 oz steak, 2 oz leftovers from dinner, lettuce and bell pepper slices, blueberries and yogurt
            Tea (9:00 am): chai black with 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1/2 tbsp Kerrygold, heavy cream
            Snack (3:30 pm): almonds, macadamia nuts, raisins, sharp cheddar
            Dinner: around 10 oz turkey (cooked with Kerrygold, bacon fat, olive oil), steamed broccoli, 1 square 99% dark chocolate, 1 square 70% dark chocolate

            Workout: rest day

            Other: spent 45 minutes outside today. Had poor sleep again.


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              Day 17 (8/22/2013)

              Breakfast: bacon, turkey, chai tea (Kerrygold, coconut oil, heavy cream), raw cheddar
              Snack (3:00 pm): 2 squares 99% dark chocolate, macadamia nuts, almonds, raisins
              Dinner: bacon, hot dogs, guacamole, scrambled eggs (ate aprox. 2 eggs)

              Workout: walked 20 minutes. Did another 6 mph run test--2 minutes 32 seconds, an improvement by 32 seconds. Also went outside and attempts to sort of climb a tree (probably doesn't count, but whatever).

              Other: tried eggs again. Not sure if they're making me feel sick or not, since I'm quite tired anyway. Probably won't have them for a while, just to be sure. Also, I spent over an hour or so outside today.


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                Uh, yeah. Eggs were a bad idea. I had a substantially less severe reaction than the last time I tried them, but there was still a reaction, bloating and all. I'll try again in a month or two with soy-free pastured eggs instead of just free range organic.


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                  Day 18 (8/23/2013)

                  Breakfast: half pack of bacon, chai tea (kerrygold, coconut oil, heavy cream), raw cheddar, blueberries and yogurt
                  Lunch: steak and chicken, bell peppers, onions, guacamole, tomato salsa
                  Snack: almonds, macadamia nuts, raisins
                  Dinner: salad with misc. green stuff, a lot of chicken, cranberries, apple slices, almonds, grapes, feta

                  Workout: heavy lifting. Only did one set of each, but this was probably the most intense one I've done, ever. I think this is the first workout where I have actually dripped sweat in excess (doesn't happen easily to me). Managed to break every personal record I have so far for each category: 12 incline pushups where the negative part was dragged out to five counts, held at the bottom for another five, and then push back up in under one count, 47 good quality squats, 18 2-leg assisted pull-ups, plank for 1 minute 8 seconds, and side planks for an average of 1 minute each. I later walked around the local botanic gardens for about 45 minutes.

                  Other: acquired more food from Central Market. This includes 1/2 lbs ground lamb, 1 lb chicken thighs with skins and bones, 2.78 lbs top sirloin, around 2 lbs lamb loin, 1 lb fresh salmon, heavy cream, different varieties of bacon, some raw feta, a lot of vegetables and greens, some sweet potatoes, and berries. Our food is quickly becoming mostly purchased at Central Market instead of Walmart. It absolutely tastes better.


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                    Day 19 (8/24/2013)

                    Breakfast: yogurt and blueberries, then hot dogs and zucchini slices later
                    Snack: almonds, macadamia nuts, raisins, 1 square 99% dark chocolate
                    Dinner: lemon rosemary salmon, zucchini and spinach with butter and olive oil

                    Workout: rest day


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                      Obviously, I'm not posting as frequently anymore.
                      Food has been fairly good recently, lots of steak and bacon. Cheese hasn't been appealing to me lately, which is strange.
                      Workouts have changed a bit--I do strength training three times a week now (only 20 minutes each), and my slow moving is covered well enough by climbing stairs two at a time at school with a textbook filled bag. I usually eat nuts and raisins before workouts.
                      Activity today was strength training and sprinting. I made improvements on incline pushups (one more than Thursday), squats, and assisted pull-ups (using only one leg now!), but no progress on plank. For sprinting, I was out of energy so I only did three sprints, but my heart wasn't out of control after like it had been in the past.

                      Good things that happened lately:
                      My stepmother's boss can supply us with $2 a dozen local, organic, pastured eggs, and fresh raw goat's milk every two weeks.
                      Less stomach and digestion issues.
                      Classes this year are both difficult and fun. I actually enjoyed quizzes in Statistics and PreCalculus.
                      I no longer need an alarm to wake up.

                      Bad things that have happened lately:
                      Had to deal with lots of CW crap from my stepmother. I usually wait until she's gone to eat breakfast now so she doesn't see how much I'm eating.
                      More anxiety than usual.
                      Couldn't eat enough protein on Thursday due to lack of food, which probably hurt strength gains.
                      Horrible sleep. Just wretched quality.


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                        Progress update on pushups: I can now lower myself to the ground and hold there for a while easily but I can't push myself up yet. Perhaps in a week or two.


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                          Food updates: I can apparently eat eggs perfectly fine now, if they're pastured. Raw egg yolk seems to work best, and tastes good as a sauce for steak. (Steak is making frequent appearances in my regular diet.) I'm eating cottage cheese regularly instead of yogurt now. I also have had a fondness for kiwifruit the past week. I'm still skipping lunch daily. It's just way easier than packing one.

                          Workout updates: more push-up troubleshooting--I've determined that my main problem is my chest muscles. Quite simply put, I've never used them, and have just figured out how to, sort of. I'm only now grasping the whole "mind-muscle" concept. To work on my chest muscles, I'm doing dumbbell flyes and targeting the area during planks.

                          Misc. updates: I found out that I'm first in my class of 501 people! And tomorrow I'm going to visit the college I want to go to for a tour that they run every couple of months.


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                            Okay, I found a local farm that sells grass fed beef cheaper than anything we've found in stores or online, so I told my parents about that.

                            Now we're apparently going to buy a freezer to store meat in. And half a cow. We're actually going to buy half of a cow. Gotta say, I didn't really expect to be doing that this early on.


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                              Recent happenings:

                              I was able to do pushups on Friday. Ten of them. Not as low as I'd like, but low enough to call it.
                              I sprinted across a quarter of my neighborhood on Saturday morning, and matched speed with my father. And that was after I had pulled my calf muscle in the middle of the night somehow. (We kept passing our neighbors, who have a bunch of dogs that tried to follow us. It was cute.)
                              I downed a 22 oz bone-in ribeye at my birthday dinner last night, and could have eaten more. (It had a crust made of clarified butter, salt, and black pepper. Amazing. My stepmother and father stuck to fillet mignon. I had a bit and it tasted bland.) I also stayed primal (enough) for the whole meal. It may have been conventional stuff, but it was high-quality, good tasting, sugarless, etc.
                              I was able to eat eight eggs in one day, all pastured, with no problems at all.
                              I had bison sausages, turkey bacon, and runny fried eggs all crammed into an oversized mug for breakfast this morning.
                              I donated my first pint of blood today. (My hemoglobin level was 14. I'm getting a free cholesterol test too, so I can prove some people wrong about how I eat in a few days.) Didn't hurt a bit. I never felt faint, dizzy, lightheaded, or even hungry after. Honestly, I only ate the nuts and fruit I brought so they'd let me leave without having to eat some crappy packaged cookies.

                              Yep, feeling pretty great.