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    Geez where to start. I was always slightly overweight until I graduated high school and got a factory job. The pounds came off and my hourglass figure came out. I was at a healthy weight - for me - for four (19-23) years, but my diet was crap. I smoked and ate fast food for just about every meal and snack except dinner. Got laid off from the factory and decided to start college. It was at that time I met my husband and quit smoking. I gained about 20 pounds after that. Fast forward a year and my husband deploys for the first time. I actually managed to lose those 20 plus another 10 for my all time lowest weight of 167. My husband came home, I got pregnant, and he deployed again all in four months time. I gained 125 pounds with my pregnancy. That was with watching what I ate and working out when I felt good. I put on 40 pounds in 4 weeks at one point and the Dr. just told me to quit eating so much. My blood pressure went through the roof, I developed gestational diabetes, and just overall felt like crap. After delivery it took me 7 months to lose 6 pounds and I went to the dr. again to see why I couldn't lose weight and I was skipping periods. His solution? have gastric bypass and take an antidepressant. Needless to say I found another dr.

    Fast forward 9 years and I now have a PCOS diagnosis with high blood pressure. My weight has fluctuated between 240 and 295 for the last 7 years. My husband is on a year home / year deployed schedule and I seem to gain weight with every deployment. Well damn it, not this time!

    I started living primal last Monday 8/5/13 along with my husband. I had for years balked at the thought of giving up sugar and baked goods and flour etc. But Monday morning I had an epiphany and I am tired of being fat and embarrassed to go out in public. I avoid functions with my husband because I don't want to put him in the position of defending me when someone inevitably cracks a fat joke. Homecoming after homecoming I see spouses dressed to the nines who run out and hug their soldier while I hang back in the corner trying not to be seen. I'm a big people person and this is really holding me back. I am finally sick of it. I have wasted my 20s being miserable, I'm not going to lose my 30s to it too.

    I cleaned out all the processed junk and I don't miss it one bit. Aside from a mild case of the carb flu last week I feel great. I sleep all night instead of tossing and turning, and I don't miss anything. I do have a small square of dark chocolate every night since it gives me something to look forward and I think that helps me mentally. Of course if the weight loss stalls that piece is the first thing gone. I still eat yogurt and cheese but only good quality. If it comes down to it those can go too!

    I am loving taking my recipes and making them primal which hasn't been too hard. Last week I craved eggrolls so I made the filling and added extra cabbage. It tasted great on its own. Last night I made gyro meat and homemade tzatziki sauce and served it on a thick cut tomato slice. No pita bread needed!

    As of this morning I'm down to 287.8. My aim is only 100 pounds down and I now know I have the tools to do it!

    SW: 292.8
    CW: 287.8
    GW: 190.0

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    Welcome Weaverchick! Sounds like you're off to a great start. Best wishes for continued progress.
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      Thanks! I feel good and I'm thankful my husband is on board too. I'm making great food choices but just found out that my birthday dinner is going to be Papa John's pizza and Cold Stone Creamery

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        Well today is my birthday (yay me) and I'm glad to finally be doing something proactive about my health. Yesterday I went to a birthday party in my honor that consisted of pizza. My favorite food. Or as I soon discovered my used to be favorite food.

        Within two hours of eating I was tired and had a headache. I went to bed when we got home and woke up about two hours later with stomach issues. Went back to bed and had to get back up due to restless legs. Finally fell asleep about 2 am. I'm up for the day, have walked the dog, and my knee and hips are sore. This soreness went away after I dropped grains and processed food. Yeah I don't think I'm having that pizza again. It didn't taste great enough to deal with the after effects.

        With all that though, I'm still down another three pounds and I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel of carb flu (unless the pizza sets me back). Yesterday I didn't, well couldn't, nap like I would usually do. I also didn't feel as headachy or just all around blah. Can't wait until I feel 100% again.

        SW: 292.8
        CW: 285.4
        GW: 190.0


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          Happy birthday Weaverchick! I agree you sound like you're off to a great start. I could really feel your conviction in what you wrote that you have the determination to do this. Well done. 7 pounds already is amazing! Congratulations.
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            Thanks, Kikiperpie!


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              Well today is Sunday and that means housework, homework, and cooking day. I find it easier to cook most of the proteins for lunch and breakfast all at once and then I don't have to worry about it. This week its, bacon and egg muffins and Scotch eggs for breakfast and chicken for lunches. I'm also roasting a 10lb ham today for dinner. I'm also trying to find lovely recipes that I want to cook.

              Yesterday we went out for a fun day and played mini golf, rode go carts, went to the playground, and finally school shopping. Hubby and I split an ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery and it tasted super sweet. It was good but I probably should have stopped with one bite or two. Today I feel like crap. It feels like carb flu all over again. So after the pizza Thursday and ice cream yesterday I think I will stick with primal foods. I know I feel a lot better. I'm down to 284 now and happy about that.

              Today for breakfast I tried the banana/egg pancakes and they were delicious. I used:

              3 medium bananas
              3 eggs (extra largish)
              about 1 table spoon coconut flour
              about 1 teaspoon baking powder
              about 1 teaspoon baking soda
              apple pie spice to taste

              This was a combination of ideas from one of the banana pancakes thread. This made 12 3-4 inch pancakes that were semi-easy to turn and tasted just like banana bread. Next week I'm trying pumpkin!

              SW: 292.8 (8-4-13)
              CW: 284.2
              GW: 190.0


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                I really need to get better at updating this thing. A little over three months in and I'm down to 266.6 as of my last weigh in. I'm still doing ok it took a while to get over the low carb flu, about a month. I don't really consider myself too low carb as I still get around 100-110 grams a day. I have found that I naturally keep my macros about 33/33/33. I add most of my starches to my lunch as it seems to keep me from being hungry at all.

                My husband just left for another deployment so I have nothing to do but to focus on myself until he comes home next year. I have nine months before he comes home and I'm pretty confident that I can get to 190s by then. If I get lower then even better, but I want to be somewhat realistic. Now keeping my husband on the primal pathway shouldn't be too hard except he has no idea what the food situation will be like when he gets to his final destination. With that said I have been sending him a crap load of dried fruit, jerky, grain free granola and oatmeal (he refuses to give it up). If anyone has any idea what else to send to help him out I'd like to know.

                Now I need to start working in some kind of workout. I'd love to get into crossfit but that will have to wait until I lose a bit more weight.

                SW: 292.8
                CW: 266.6
                GW: 190.0


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                  Hey Weaverchick, nice to have you around. You are making good progress, congratulations. Walking is good exercise for starters, I also love my weights class, maybe you could find a gym with something similar. Has done wonders for my strength, balance, coordination and for my shape. It's just exercise to music really, but not aerobics, just using light (gradually getting heavier) weights, and sometimes a step track. Best wishes.
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                    Thanks for replying! I walk now since I have to take the dog out. I think I'll look into adding weights. I used to exercise and lift a long time ago before PCOS reared its ugly head so hopefully it won't be too bad easing back into it. I could definitely use the help with coordination and balance lol.

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