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ADF Challenge: A Test of Will Power



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  • ADF Challenge: A Test of Will Power

    I know what works for my body. Fasting.
    I spent most my life overweight thus far. I'm young. 25, but 21 years of obesity definitely makes for some pretty bad habits and relationships with food.

    Short story: Fasting worked well for me, I kept the weight off for years, but gained 15 back recently after months of steroid treatment for systemic allergies & need to get on a routine again. I'm going to try ADF & this will be my journal of upkeep. Scroll past the long version for today's journal entry.

    Long Story:
    I'm 5'7". I was about 210 at my highest.

    January 2010.
    I accidentally lost 20 pounds when I did a 10 day religious water fast. Weight loss was completely peripheral. But somehow, I didn't gain it back & I liked the way I looked & felt at 190.

    February-May 2010
    I decided I'd start continuing to lose weight and was newly motivated by a love interest. Over the next three months, I honed in that low carb with lots of veggies is what my body responded best to. I continued to drop 15 pounds over about 3 months through diet and exercise. It was slow moving compared to how much work I felt I was putting in, and I was frustrated. Maybe it wasn't the *best* idea, but I decided to fast again.

    June 2010
    10 more days of water fasting. I lost about 20 more pounds. 155. I managed to only gain a couple pounds back of water weight & hover at about 158 for the next 2 years with very minimal upkeep. I know this probably wasn't the safest thing to do unsupervised & I don't plan on doing it again, but I'm glad it worked so well for me at the time.

    July 2010-Nov 2012
    Stayed right around 158, with little ups and downs of a pound or two, but mostly the same.

    Nov 2012
    Had a really bad allergic systemic reaction that took me on several rounds of steroids over several months. I felt awful & gained about 15 pounds. This sent me into a spiral of feeling terrible about myself, and indulging in eating habits I haven't indulged for 3+ years.

    So here I am today at 5'7". 172 pounds. I wear a size 8 or M at just about any store & my measurements are 39, 29, 39. I'm looking to get down to about 150. I liked the way I looked at 158. I will love the way I look at 150. I take 1tbs organic apple cider vinegar everyday & plan to continue to do that through the fasting days.


    Day 1 ADF:
    I feel great. I think I'm just motivated in general. I know this will wear off & I'll have days with no resolve that are really difficult, but right *now* my vision is clear & I want this more than I want laziness and food.

    I plan on fasting until dinner tomorrow evening, which will be a bit longer than your average ADF, but I am carrying a good bit of water weight right now and just want to get that sodium drained outta my veins.

    I'll be consuming relatively low carb on my eating days, but I don't plan on over-restricting as I want to have the resolve to finish my fasting days.

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    DAY 4: 2 days feeding, 2 days fasting.

    SW: 172
    CW: 169.2
    TWL: 2.8 lb

    I weighed in at 169.8 on Friday, which was a 2 lb drop in purely water weight from fasting 36 hours.

    Socially, ADF can be difficult on the weekends. This weekend was especially difficult, with a birthday party camping trip on Friday & a family reunion on Saturday evening. I fed from about 2pm Friday-8pm Saturday.

    I fasted for 22 hours Sunday until 6pm. I was working & I work on my feet & with food, so it was hard to sustain a whole shift without. Retrospectively, I wish I would have had more will power, but I have very little self control right now, which is why I am back up to the weight I am in. Starting new mental habits, though.

    Today, I weighed in at 169.2 and that was after eating last night when I didn't plan on it, so I'm not too upset about it. I need to just really focus on eating clean & lots of veggies & low-carb when I do eat instead of this crap that I've been putting into my system.

    I'm fasting again today, as I don't have anything planned socially that will hinder me not to. I'm a highly social person, and food just is a part of this culture, so I try to make it easier for myself & everyone by planning accordingly. At least while I'm still finding my resolve.
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      DAY 5/6.
      SW: 172
      CW: 167.2
      GW: 150

      Day 5 recap:

      I weighed in again at 169.2, which was a little disappointing after a 36 hour fast, but bodies are weird & hold water & do dumb things. I didn't take it too personally.

      I fasted until about 1pm on Tuesday. I did pretty well on low-carb - had a lettuce wrap with onions, mustard & a turkey sausage in it (more of a snack, TS was only 100 cal) & a taco salad with a small portion of pork and lots o' veggies - until dinner in which I fell flat on my face. Thanks, Jimmy Johns. I shake my fist at you and your yummy bready goodness! I ate from 1pm - 7pm and stopped.

      Day 6:

      Woke up & weighed 169.2. Slept 3 more hours & weighed 167.2. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? I have no idea, but I will take it. I am fasting until 7pm this evening for a 24 hour window fast. Wednesday evenings we do a weekly meal with friends, but I planned it this week & we are doing ground turkey taco salads, so I should be goldeeeen. Maybe some chips & salsa someone will bring, but I'll attempt to not endulge.

      I *really* need to start exercising, but this week has been kicking my ass on the time front. So. Much. Work. So. Much. Social.


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        Just dropped by to say hi. I did ADF for 2 months, but it didn't really work for me. I lost a bit of weight (5 pounds) at first, but then just plateaued. It did keep me from gaining though. I think I was eating too much on up days. *Sigh*

        ADF works really well for other people though so I hope it works for you! Also, I'm really impressed by your 10-day water fasts! Damn! That must have been so hard! I wish I could do that. I'd love to lose 20 lbs in 10 days--haha!

        My journal


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          Day 11?

          SW: 172
          CW: 165
          GW: 150

          Just dropping in to say I'm doing well.
          Had some ups and downs, but pleased this far with the results.
          I really need to get on my exercise. I've been super slacking.