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  • Sharol's primal pregnancy journal

    After a lot of thought and much sleeping over the issue, I've decided to start my journal here. My aim is to have a healthy pregnancy and be primal as much as I can.

    I can go into details of how I found primal, how it has worked for me etc, but I know writing all that history will make me lose focus. I'm not really a writer. I want to log in my food here as often as I can, so I remain motivated and don't fall off the wagon. I've been checking this site and forums for 5 years now but never posted!

    I'm 20 weeks pregnant and doing good. I've been eating quite well and my only indulgences have been a bit of white rice (Ok a lot) and some really good quality ice cream. I hope to keep the rice and rice based dishes as rare treats going forward. They make my blood sugar surge. I love my home testing gluco-meter and love playing with it. It's interesting to see how my body reacts to food.

    I'm yet to do the glucose tolerance test for this pregnancy. I know drinking that stuff is going to make me fail as I had GD with my first. That was 5 years ago. It was always under control and never really an issue (I wasn't primal then, but thanks to GD had begun to eat clean)

    I guess I can refuse the test as I'm already eating like I've been diagnosed with it. I'll just go with it and see how it goes. I want to see just in case I pass with my primal eating ways. I have a notebook with the values written and the food logged, mainly for my reference. Hopefully, with that I can refuse any nutritional class or meeting with a diet consultant in case my OB decides to send me.

    So, here's what I ate today

    B- 2 eggs fried in butter, some cubes of cheddar cheese, and some cooked radish. A mug of tea without sugar.

    L - cooked greens in coconut oil and garnished with grated coconut, some leftover pumpkin cooked Indian style and some coconut curry made from a can of wild salmon. This I shared with 2 others.

    s - tea, piece of cheese and some cashew nuts

    D- will be chicken breast cooked in a yogurt sauce, stir fired string beans, and another veggie, maybe chayote squash.

    Exercise: not doing much except a lot of walking. I walk morning and evening totaling about 6-7 kms.

    Hope to go for a walk in a while.

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    Congrats on your pregnancy

    I had GD with my first as well and as soon as I'm pregnant again I'm sticking with primal since GD will more than likely be a problem again for the 2nd.
    DD born August 2012
    TTC #2
    SW: 1/20/14- 212.4
    CW: 2/21/14- 202.6 (9.8 loss)
    Goal: Short term, get below 200 and get pregnant. Long term, get to 120-130
    Mini goal, get in to a size 12.

    My boring uneventful journal for your viewing pleasure


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      So couldn't go do that walk last evening due to rain. And although I cooked the dinner like I wrote, I didn't feel like eating it. Instead got hubby to fry up some onion fritters (an Indian snack of onions, coriander leaves, chilies, spices in a chickpea batter) fried in Ghee. It was perfect for the wet weather. Not totally primal, but so much better than restaurant fare fried in veg. oil.

      I didn't feel like dinner after that.

      This morning I had a breakfast of one egg omelette, half a can of sardines in olive oil, cooked greens and a mug of tea.

      I went for a 3 kilometer walk after that. I was quite hungry after that walk, so had a snack of almond butter and some bone broth.

      Lunch was some chicken soup, some of last night's yogurt chicken, stir fired string beans and a small bowl of papaya.

      I have nothing planned for dinner yet.


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        Originally posted by LisaLS View Post
        Congrats on your pregnancy

        I had GD with my first as well and as soon as I'm pregnant again I'm sticking with primal since GD will more than likely be a problem again for the 2nd.
        Thanks! I'm being extra careful this time. I did test with my meter after my dinner of the onion fritters and it was 118. It has to be below 140. So I didn't feel too guilty


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          Phew! Just finished a marathon cooking session. I had a big hunk of lamb defrosted and had to get creative. So I made Thai curry with eggplant and coconut milk, spicy lamb curry, lamb soup with potatoes and marinated a few cubes with yogurt, onions and spices. All I have to do is bake or cook it. So yes the coming week, I'm going to be eating very well. Hopefully I won't get bored of the lamb. Problems of buying in bulk, I guess. But this time I got 50 percent off on some grass fed New Zealand lamb and couldn't pass up the offer.

          Breakfast today was 2 rashes of bacon and an egg fried in the bacon grease and cup of tea

          I also baked a flourless chocolate cake with extra dark chocolate for my hubby's birthday. The only culprit in it is the raw sugar. About 3/4 cup. The house smells amazing.

          In pregnancy news, things are going well. I have tons of energy and enjoying my long walks. Yesterday, I ended up walking 10 kilometers in total. 3 in the morning and 7 in the evening. I slept very well too. A huge change from those draining first trimester days.
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            [I]"Your submission could not be processed because the token has expired.

            Please reload the window."

            So far it's been a frustrating experience updating this journal. I keep getting this message. Wtf is a token? Grrr.

            Anyway, we had a fun weekend. Not strictly primal. Let's just say there were some fries, nachos and flourless chocolate cake. And other than a short walk, not much activity either. Hoping for a better day today and a better week.
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