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  • Originally posted by Shadowknight137 View Post

    Post-Workout Cinnamon thickshake
    One frozen banana, 1 scoop whey protein, a cup of milk and a dash of cinammon. Like drinking a thickshake... well, kinda was a thickshake. It was thick, and it was a shake. Go figure.
    Why I never thought to freeze the Banana to put it my daily protein shake until now, I'll never know..

    If you can, try to read Bad Luck and Trouble. its the 11th? book in the Jack reacher series.

    It brings his whole army gang back together. Imo it was one of the better books in the series, as it seemed to explain a lot about Reacher. Although the books make him accessible, some of them can make him seem super human at times.

    Not to say that's a bad thing, who doesn't like a bad ass?

    It's always this "goodnight thing" I did a few times in the past I regret; basically is me saying goodnight and all kinds of goodnighty things. I kinda regret doing it because now she won't stop asking me to do it, lol.
    My best friend has been with his Fiance' for 2 1/2 years, and every single night he texts her a version of his "goodnight" thing. If shes anything like his girl, shes not going to stop asking :P