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Primal, SLD, Whole Whatever & Peat



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  • Primal, SLD, Whole Whatever & Peat

    So this journal is for those of us that are on the SLD thread in the Nutrition section
    for when we wanna talk about other stuff besides SLD.

    It's open for anyone who wants to join in whatever we're talking about as well if ya wanna.


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    Love the title!!

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      1.) felt super important being called by the elementary school to sign an expense report.

      Smacked so much of my working years, I thought I might just get a paycheck too, but no.

      2.) still doing SLD - probably drink about 40g of oil a day.

      3.) step goal is still 20K steps a day, but the other day I was a freak on an 8-ball of coke
      and did 31K steps (that's 15 miles to you and me)

      4.) QOTD, do property taxes figure in to what teachers get paid and the school supplies that
      I do NOT have to pay for that the school funds? They say our tax dollars at work, but which
      tax dollars specifically?

      Just wondering because when the school puts on f*cking Fundraiser Six-Hundred and Ten, and I think about
      my TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR PROPERTY TAXES, it kinda pisses me off that they want me to whore
      my kids out door to door to buy stupid jackass tickets to some stupid shit at the school that I know they don't
      want to do OR buy.

      We (my husband and I ) usually just buy all the tickets (20) ourselves, but this year I said F-that and just sent
      them back untouched.

      This is MY elementary school even, so I'm pretty darn sure they have ENOUGH of my, and my family's money...

      Plus the 400hrs a week a put in there too....

      Hmph.... justifed that the Libra Way.

      Tralalalala, off to mop the floors now. Don't be jealous!



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        I look forward to the conversation. Oh snap, I just outed myself as a thread creeper. :-X


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          Originally posted by Leaflard View Post
          I look forward to the conversation. Oh snap, I just outed myself as a thread creeper. :-X
          Ha ha..we love creepers and we almost always rope creepers into posting eventually.

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            Hmm, yes, apparently so since this is my second post. Lol


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              Joolia Goolia, I will be back to deal with (aka console) you after the gym and Trader Joes. I am buying all of their smoked oysters, clams and cottage cheese.

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                OG, you selfish pig.

                You save some of the oysters, clams and cottage cheese for the Fossils that
                frequent Trader Joes JUST TO GET IN MY WAY BECAUSE THEY SURE AS SHIT
                AREN'T BUYING ANYTHING!!! (talking about oldies milling around doing NOTHING
                BUT milling around - Fossil = anything 85yo and UP.)

                Bring your taser.......


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                  TOTALLY SEE YOU LEAFLARD!


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                    Originally posted by InSearchOfAbs View Post

                    TOTALLY SEE YOU LEAFLARD!
                    Oh I've gone and done it.


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                      I'm FOLLOWING Yooooooz!

                      Just so leaflard doesn't feel bad being the only creeper! Uh, yeah, that's it!


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                        Originally posted by maigrey View Post
                        I'm FOLLOWING Yooooooz!

                        Just so leaflard doesn't feel bad being the only creeper! Uh, yeah, that's it!
                        *fist bump*


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                          This is going to be the BEST thread ever!!

                          Beatrice, I got ALL the CC and ALL the smoked bi-valves. I had to deck a few strapping young men to get it all, but it's all in a days work.

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                            Sorry im late to the welcome party. Had a good day. Walked to work, long but fun meeting, pilates reformer after work, walk home. Usual drill. Got to watch the last two episodes of Ray Donovan tonight with my upstairs friends.

                            I'm having a tough time getting in the oil,but I love the gelatin. I threw in a deli breakfast to reallynscrew with it. How's that for mixing plans. I even had a raw vegan lunch of watermelon, then a zero carb dinner, so I bet I beat you all on how many plans I mixed. Tomorrow I will either be dead of food combining or else I will be towing the line to better health in appreciation for surviving my bad ways today.

                            Get outa the bushes girls and tell us your secrets, as long as we see you anyways.

                            Beating back strapping men is a workout OG, so you just carry on and don't worry too much about the gym tomorrow. glad you wiped out TJ's before someone else beat you to it.

                            Jools, just transfer your bank account to the elementary school and they will leave you alone. Today my office partner was selling boy scout popcorn for $13.50 a bag. I put down the bagel I was clutching in my hot little hand and told her I was going back to Whole30 so that even the bacon flavored popcorn would be off limits.

                            I like the journal title. It feels a little confused, just like me today. Another food day like today and I'll be begging for another Whole75.

                            Cheers to our new home and all who join us!


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                              Posting so I can follow this thread.

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                              HCLF: lean red meat, eggs, low-fat dairy, bone broth/gelatin, fruits, seafood, liver, small amount of starch (oatmeal, white rice, potatoes, carrots), small amount of saturated fat (butter/ghee/coconut/dark chocolate/cheese).

                              My Journal: gelatin experiments, vanity pictures, law school rants, recipe links

                              Food blog: GELATIN and BONE BROTH recipes

                              " The best things in life are free and the 2nd best are expensive!" - Coco Chanel