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Primal journal - newbie alert :-)

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  • Primal journal - newbie alert :-)

    I am 43 and to my horror, I am teetering on 199 pounds.....I have had an underactive thyroid for 11 years and take meds every day. I go kettlebell training twice a week which I love but have been on a diet on and off for years!!! You name the book, I have got it :-)

    A kinesiologist told me I was intolerant of wheat and potato and although I am sure he's right (cos I feel so much better when I don't have them) I keep pressing the self destruct button, eating them, followed by lots of indigestion tablets!!

    I ate paleo in the Summer and felt great then slid off but getting back on tomorrow. Looking forward to getting to know folk on here and some great advice. So many inspirational success stories are such a joy to read!

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    Nearly made it to the end of day one.............

    Breakfast: Ended up not having any

    Lunch: Tuna salad with Boiled Egg

    Mid afternoon: Full fat Greek yogurt and few grapes

    Dinner: Chicken breast with mushroom and bacon, green beans and asparagus

    May have to drink a large glass of water and head to my bed shortly. Sleeping is good right?!


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      Congratulations on your first steps!