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    I've been struggling to go 100% primal and having a hard time. The best I did recently was when I stared writing stuff down on paper. I did good, but it was hard. Then, I went out of town and I didn't write anything down and I fell apart again. So, I'm going to try and do it electronically and see if I can stay consistent with the mark's daily apple app. I'm so glad Mark thinks of everything.

    So, I did mess up today, but I told my husband to help me and hold me accountable and he did. I did make a proclamation Nov. 30. Now, I have to stick to it.

    Thanks Mark Sisson.

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    Hi Blanca. I too do better when I write things down. It helps me be more accountable to myself and to think for a moment before I do things like stop at a bakery. Good luck!


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      Thank you, Calee.

      I don't like to get on the scale anymore. I actually do believe it does more harm than good, but since I am starting this journal, I do want to document my starting point.

      147.5 lbs. 34% body fat. Hips / Seat at fullest part 44.25". 5'4" tall

      Makes me sad to see myself get this out of control. Today it was hard to get out of bed. I'm getting severed at my job after 18 years too. I shouldn't wallow, but it is a difficult adjustment and unfortunately, food is an outlet. I am trying to change.

      Today I had full fat yogurt for breakfast with some gelatin added in. And going to take my dog for a walk now. Thank goodness for her!!!
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        Need to go to the grocery store and buy food. Low on eggs and no real proteins to eat. My husband brought some five guys burgers and fries for lunch. So, had a bacon burger wrapped in lettuce with a few fries. I struggle with fries because if they are fresh cut that's better than frozen, but I know they are fried in the wrong kind of oil.

        Anyway, I'll go to the store after church and stock up. I need easy and healthy. I am not a master cook, so I have to keep it simple.


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          I made it through the grocery store without buying stuff to eat while shopping or while driving home in the car. Unfortunately, these are the sad facts that I have been known to do. Nobody knows that, but me. I bought a whole chicken to cook tomorrow in my slow cooker. Very excited about that. Also, bought some more eggs, full fat yogurt, and almond butter.

          When I got home, I wasn't hungry. I am trying to really eat only when I'm truly hungry. Luckily, I was inspired to workout which I did. I just used light weights and did a shoulder workout that was combined with some full body exercises. Then, after that I really was hungry. So, I had some leftover spaghetti sauce (no actual spaghetti), an apple, and a spoonful of cashew butter.

          Feeling good and made it through the day. I'm looking forward to some yummy chicken tomorrow and a big salad!


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            I just put my whole chicken in the slow cooker. I can't wait until 4 hours from now. It is going to be so good!

            For breakfast I had eggs with sausage and vegetables. My husband made it. Another good thing about being primal is that my husband and I have more food in common. I never used to eat sausage, bacon, butter etc, so another positive benefit. However, he still eats plenty of non-paleo things like oreo cookies, bread, and cereal. So, when I get weak and tired, I am tempted to eat those things.

            The best I ever did was like 10 days primal, but I broke down and had some type of dessert and I got on the scale too much and that is what broke me down. I'm not good with the 80-20 or 90-10 or even 99-1. The scale messes me up mentally too. When I had tried this before, I also never really told anybody, including my husband. That's why I had to make a proclamation and told him. He has been very supportive and didn't let me eat corn chips when I was feeling weak and didn't offer me the icing from the cinnamon rolls he made which I used to always eat in the past. It's not that I wanted the cinnamon roll itself, I just wanted the icing. I'm the one who would want to eat the icing more than the cake on cakes and cupcakes.

            I made some paleo cupcakes the other day. It fulfilled a craving, but I still ate too many at once. Lots to work on, but so glad I have this forum as an outlet.

            Happy Day!!!


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              Took my doggie for a walk at the dog park. That was my play for today. Then, I came home and did some strength training for legs and abs. I kept it right at 30 minutes and then did my stretching. Very happy with my performance for today. Just ate a spoonful of cashew butter to hold me over as my chicken should be done soon. Feels good to be on track!


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                My slow cooker whole chicken turned out great! My husband even said it was very juicy! So, that is a compliment. I made a big salad and then, put the chicken on top.

                Until tomorrow....


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                  Blanca, how do you make a whole chicken in the slow cooker? I've only made soups in it. I'm looking for new ideas.


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                    Hi Calee. If you google primal or paleo slow cooker whole chicken, you'll get lots of ideas/options. Mine took 6 hours with my slow cooker. It can vary on your slow cooker. Usually 4-6 hours. I take the chicken's internal temperature to verify. Anyway, I took ideas from the various recipes I saw and went with the aluminum foil method. Make 6-8 balls of aluminum foil and put on the bottom of your slow cooker then, set the whole chicken on top. Before doing this, of course, I rubbed olive oil all over the chicken, and spices and then, I stuffed mine with an orange and apple too. Cooked it on low for 6 hours. It was easy and good!! Then, I made a chicken broth from the bones after I deboned it, so I only had to wash the slow cooker once! Good luck!

                    Today I had full fat yogurt with gelatin for breakfast, boiled egg and cashew butter for a kind of lunch, and then, boiled eggs with my slow cooker chicken in a big salad, and then, some chicken broth for dessert. It was kind of a weird day, because when I am working, I eat when I have time. I did my play with my dog at the park, and then, I did 30 minutes of some chest and tricep exercises. This time I took my omega 3 right after the workout, because I read in one of Mark's posts that that is a good time to do it. I drank lots of tea today too. I love tea, and it is cold, so it warms me up!

                    I was tempted late in the day to eat more and I am still kind of hungry, so I might eat some chicken or some more cashew butter. This is the first time I have bought cashew butter, and I am really liking it. It's really soft in the jar and it's easier to spoon out than almond butter. However, I guess almond butter is better for you than cashew butter, but I need some variety!!

                    This is the part that is hard. Am I really hungry or am I just trying to fill by belly again, so I feel full? I have hard time knowing if I am really hungry, because this is where I can easily eat too much and I no longer feel empty, but bloated and full. I woke up this morning starving, and I assuming I will tomorrow as well. I also think I have to get used to this, so I can figure out if I am still hungry. I will need to google this on Mark's blog to see if I can figure it out. I like the freedom of being primal, but I have been known to still eat too much primal food, so I'm still not doing myself any good. I am finding it hard to figure out what is the right amount naturally, and I definitely don't want to end up being too prescriptive. Hopefully, by sticking with this long enough, it will happen naturally, and of course, writing about it in this journal helps.

                    I won't eat anything else. It's late, and mentally, I don't want to eat anything else.

                    It takes time to become fat adapted. I just read it in Mark's blog. I have read that before, and just needed to be reminded.
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                      I made it through the day. It was hard in parts because I was getting that feeling where I didn't want to work, so I was looking to put food in my mouth instead. Luckily, I opted for a huge cup of chicken broth to get me through.

                      I had my usual full fat yogurt with gelatin for breakfast, then for lunch my husband and I went out to eat. I opted for the spinach salad with shrimp. It was good. I almost went for the pastrami and swiss, but I didn't think it would be very fun without the bread. This restaurant also gives you a small piece of a chocolate mint with your receipt. I ate it and the one for my husband. I don't feel bad about it. It was so small. I actually almost forgot to mention it. Since I had a salad for lunch, I had my chicken with an apple and cashew butter for dinner. I enjoyed it.

                      My dog and I went for a brisk walk today and I did back and biceps for strength training.

                      Made it through another primal day. Transitioning one day at a time.
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                        sounds like you are doing fine Blanca. Considering the lifestyle change of your job not keeping you busy I think you should give yourself a pat on the back.

                        I struggle with the scales too. I weighed when I started my journal and have not weighed since because like you it messes with my head.

                        keep on keeping on
                        link to my journal


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                          Thanks jacmac!

                          I regret to write on my journal today,though, that I broke down and ate a bunch of chocolate just now and feel like crap. The office Christmas gift was a fancy box of chocolates. I did my old usual (which I need to work even harder to change) where I wasn't even thinking and decided to eat as many as could, so I could get rid of them. Luckily, half way through, I came to my senses that I was destroying all the good work I had just done, and now, I would have to write about it. I am thoroughly embarrassed, but the good news is I stopped before I finished the whole box and threw the rest of them away.

                          More later, but I did have my usual full fat yogurt and gelatin. I also had a breakfast taco, but only ate the egg and meat inside. No beans! This was all before the chocolate fiasco. I did eat some almonds after to "clean my palette" as much as I could.

                          Thank goodness I have this "Accountability Journal" to keep me accountable!!! This will be success to have a faux pas like this and immediately get back on track, because usually what would happen is that I would derail myself the rest of the day and rest of other days until days/weeks went by before getting on track again. This is where I have the opportunity to get back on track immediately; and thereby, making this a success story!!! I will do it!!! Keep on keeping on!!!


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                            The night before last I only got 6 hours of sleep. Maybe that contributed to the lack of thinking that caused me to eat the chocolate yesterday. Definitely didn't help. We had unexpected company last night too. So, I had a ginger beer, half a frozen pizza bread, and butter on toast. Again, embarrassed to be writing this down, but only way to heal and learn from my mistakes. I was tempted to do worse ie cookies, gummy bears, and chips too. Oh, I did eat some chicken too, but that was good for me.

                            Didn't get much sleep last night either, but should be able to catch up tonight.

                            Had a large glass of chicken broth this morning. That felt good.

                            Traveling today and will be visiting friends for the long weekend. I will need to be strong, meditate, and pray.


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                              What a great post today by Mark. "Do you use food as a crutch?" Boy, that couldn't of been a more fitting post for me today. That post really hit home for me. I love the advice he gave. Enough said, because I couldn't of said it better.