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  • FMD's Healthy and Happy

    Decided to start a challenge tomorrow.

    I've been gluten free for 14 years so that part isn't new for me. I'm also pretty sick of most gluten free pastas and baked goods. Meh. :-) I'm 53 and still in the normal BMI range but I want to get fit.

    Tonight I had a great dinner of chicken apple sausages (Applegate Organics, 6 grams carbs), roasted Brussels sprouts and onions made into a warm salad with apple and a lemon dijon dressing.

    So ready set go! :-)

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    Having a bit of difficulty getting started. The stress of job hunting plus finishing up my last class for my degree. Yesterday I ate some chocolate chips straight out of the bag. :-(

    But today I'm on track.

    Breakfast: two slices of bacon, an egg, large handful of baby kale, pak choi etc. and some cheese. First I fried the bacon and the egg in an all metal fry pan then I layered the greens and cheese on top and put the fry pan under the broiler to melt cheese. A little chili garlic sauce added after I put it on my plate popped the flavors. Coffee of course!


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      Welcome! You can do this!!
      This is my journal page!

      My life's work:

      "Sometimes you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right!" The Grateful Dead