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Skookum's Journal of Total Lifestyle Changification.

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  • Skookum's Journal of Total Lifestyle Changification.

    Ya ever take a hike thru the wilderness, getting all hot and sweaty, and altogether uncomfortable? Just when you think you might collapse of pain and exhaustion and the unbearable burden of an over-laden pack on your back, you chance upon a waterfall splashing into a deep, mossy boulder-rimmed pool. Are you the type of person who takes a running leap and cannonballs into the pool, or do you at least shrug off your pack on your way in?

    Me? I like to stick my toe in the water before I wade in. And you'd never catch me diving right in. Geez!

    That's what I've been doing lately. Sticking my toe in the water. Dropping my carbs, cutting the sugar, upping the protein and changing out my fats. I've been focusing on moving every day, and even doing some thing might look like a sprint if anyone but the dog were watching - but only once in a while.

    And I've seen progress. My health just hasn't been so great the last few years. Oh sure, I push on, refusing to change what I do simply because I can't really do it anymore, and suffering for it all the more. I'm sure there's a quip about sanity in there somewhere. But these last 5 months? A lot better. My energy levels are increasing, and my weight is decreasing. I feel a bit leaner, and look a lot better - to the point where people are noticing.

    I seem to lack a certain discipline, however. I keep working that 80-20 rule into a 75-25 guideline, and on into a 50-50 spiral. Last night, I found myself halfway thru a batch of cookie dough. Today, that cookie dough doesn't seem like such a grand idea.

    So today, I will re-focus my efforts on doing things the way they're supposed to be done... and tomorrow, I will make every effort to be religiously fanatical about following the 30-Day Challenge.

    I know how to do the food thing and I'm getting there on the exercise - tho Mark's Joint Mobility series of posts have quite frankly frightened me. I am in far worse shape than I had suspected. I have a Fitday account all set up, with many of my foods all programmed in. I will use this journal to post my daily intake and exercise. We'll see about the whole accountability part. We'll just see. ;-)

    Having had my pot of coffee with half-n-half to start the day, as usual, I'm off for an hour or three of weeding the flower beds. That's a rather primal exercise, I suppose.

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    +1 for the awesome thread title

    Keep us informed and we'll keep you honest, awesome to see another person starting up a 30-day challenge!


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      Total Lifestyle Changification requires Cannonballism.

      You can pause to take that pack off, but nothing beats leaping from a rock 20' above a swirlling pool of mountain run off, plunging in, and being so SHOCKED by the absolute ICECOLD CHILL of the water that you want to yell in surprise, but having to wait until you eventually make it back to the surface.

      Still, move at your own pace, welcome, and let us know how you're doing.

      (Great metaphor btw.)


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        Alright. Day 1 down. It's hard to eat enough protein. I'm glad I have the Whey protein isolate powder.

        Today, on my Fitday, I established Custom Nutrition Goals of 80-100g fat, 60-100g carbs, and 110-140g protein. I did a good job of noting every thing I ate into my Fitday food journal, and managed an intake of 133.8g fat, 84.9g carbs, and 137.7g protein.

        My food for the day:
        AM: Customary half pot of coffee w/ half-n-half, 2 multi-vites, 8 fish oil pills
        Lunch: 2 Aidell's sausages of some kind (chicken and something?), 6 oz left-over coleslaw
        Dinner: 4 scoops of whey w/ 32 oz whole milk, another Aidell's sausage, 2 oz broccoli, a big pat of butter, a large shaving of parmesan cheese, and a dip made of full fat greek yogurt and parsley and herbs.

        Not much for exercise today. It's raining. I overdid it yesterday in the garden. 'Rest Day'. I did do the stairs to my 5th floor office 5 times today. That's like 500 stair steps.


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          DAY 3 - so far so good!

          Originally posted by DarthFriendly View Post
          Total Lifestyle Changification requires Cannonballism.
          LMAO! Cannonballism! I like that. Maybe that should be a goal - to jump into the icy-cold pool. There's lot's of good uns along the river out here where I live and hike. I'm just a big scaredy cat, really. The last time I jumped into the water, off a dock as it was, I nearly drowned. Swimming is just not my thing. Wading now, that's more my speed. But seriously, if I'm gonna change it totally up...

          Yesterday went well. I was hungry like nobody's business, and I did eat a roasted yukon gold spud with dinner, taking me over my carb goal, but all in all, it was a disciplined day. My mornings are all the same - 20-oz coffee with ~2-oz half-n-half, and vitamins-n-fish oil capsules. Is that breaking a fast?

          I've not been hungry lately until around 3:00P or later. Yesterday, so not the case, starting to feel hunger pangs around 9:00A. i waited till my lunch time to eat (~1.5C leftover ground beef, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, herbs-n-spices). Was hungry again by 2:00P... but I waited till my evening shake around 5:00, then went and worked on stuff out in the woods for a while with the dog - lifting and lugging mossy, half-rotted logs was my workout.

          Dinner was a 1/4 lb beef patty with sauteed onions and a slice of colby-jack cheese. And that damned spud.

          Today is going to follow the same pattern, because not only is it what I want, it's what I have. I'm ricing cauliflower instead of the spud, tho. That seems a little more PB friendly. I'm also trying the ginger tea and cream thing to forestall hunger.

          I've played hookie from work for the afternoon. It's sunny here, finally, and I'm intent upon not spending it in the office. How primal of me. The dog and I wlll be playing in the woods for the day. I'm building a campsite out in the middle of my 3-acre wood, with every intention of living there for the summer. Today's project involves finding a place to put up a pull-up bar, and enjoying the afternoon before the rains return tonight.

          Oh, and I have to say, I've really enjoyed those last two post's of Mark's on the Vit D3. Since the cancer and all, the doc really wanted me to boost my D3 (and calcium) intake, recommending supplements. He's worried about osteoporosis down the road since my testosterone levels are so much lower now. Strangely, the amounts he recommends are much lower, by half, than what Mark is advocating. My Doc recommended 2-3 glasses of milk a day, and a D3 supp, in addition to my regular walking and hiking. I thought at the time that I wouldn't be getting much out of that, but having avoided the dairy altogether for years, I thought I'd start in with the milk again. And I guess I like milk, and whole milk, no less, as I'm chugging it down by the gallons each week. I didn't even know I liked whole milk. Anyway, all that is to say I think I'm going to be paying a bit more attention to getting a lot more of D3, and calcium.

          OK. Time for typing is over. Time for playing is now.


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            A day of play, without any guilt!

            I want to record a milestone here. For what may be the first time ever, I DID NOT stop by a hamburger stand on my way home from a day of hiking. I didn't stop anywhere. I didn't eat anything bad. I did so good!

            I hit the trail at 11:00 AM after a leisurely morning and a meal of a half pound of bacon, two eggs and a pot of coffee with half-n-half. I usually skip breakfast, but decided to 'fuel up' for my day-hike. I fixed up a protein shake and stored it away in a cold-bag with ice-packs for my post-workout drink. Packed food for lunch and snacks inlcuded 2 foil paks of tuna, a goodly sized bag of shredded coconut, and some trail mix I bought in bulk from my local grocer.

            The next 10 hours were spent hiking in the Southeast Olympic Mountains - my backyard. Starting at 750', i climbed to 3700' over 6.5 miles up to a place called Prospect Pass, offering views of the Cascade Range, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens, in addition to South Puget Sound. Lots of wildflowers were blooming, including trillium, salmonberry, fairy slipper orchids, violets, and avalanche lilies. I even managed a skinny dip at Dry Creek Ford (it's not so dry, and it's not so warm) and a short spell sprawled on a rock in the sun.

            I turned back after hiking down from Prospect Pass to a viewpoint over the next river drainage, having gone about 10 miles, and dropping back down to around 2000' elevation. I enjoyed a long break on the shores of Lebar Creek with my feet in the stream and my shirt off to enjoy more sun before heading back over the pass and back down to the trail head.

            All in all, I did 20 miles, with 4050' elevation gain. That's a pretty good workout, coupled with my dietary discipline, and the gorgeous day - well, that's a recipe for bliss!


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              And this weekend couldn't be more opposite than the last. I'm lazy this weekend. And undisciplined. I ate fondue - so much delicious chicken, veggies and fruit dipped in tempura and fried in nasty ol' vegetable oil. I ate till I was stuffed Friday night, and again Saturday, for lunch. We all had such a good time. And I am so suffering for it now.

              So today is all about not eating. Well, at least not for a few more hours. Or as long as I can push it, let's put it that way.

              And since I'm not hiking this weekend, I can't talk about the hike I took, but I did spend way too many hours plotting out a 9-day, 114-mile East-West traverse of the Olympic Mountains, involving three different public transit rides, two State Parks, Olympic National Park, and the Bogachiel, Elwha and Dosewallips Rivers. A Sea-to-Sound hike, if you will. And now that I have a 9-day hike planned, I am getting a little intimidated by the food issue. I'll have to prepare, dry and package all my own food, and haul the whole gob with me, as I won't have an opportunity to cache. That's a lot of planning and prep work. And how do I judge my macro-nutrient needs over 9 days of backpacking? (note to self: maybe I need to make a nutrition forum post about that...) I've never given it a thought before, other than to buy really expensive freeze-dried gourmet 2-person meals, expecting to eat myself into a stupor at the end of the day, if I could stay awake long enough to eat, that is. LOL

              And I've never stayed out 9 days. That adds up to sheer volume, no matter how you cut it.

              So let the planning begin. I plan to dehydrate canned chicken and browned ground beef, to which will be added a mixture of dried veggies and either (so far) a coconut-curry or a creamy-cheesy sauce - all PB-friendly. I expect my extra carb needs can be supplied by moderate amounts of home-dried strawberries, cherries, and blueberries, with almonds and coconut flakes. Breakfast will be, as always, coffee with a protein shake and my supps and fish-oil pills.

              And anyone who gets between me and a greasy slab of beef and starchy, greasy fries when I get back to civilization that 9th afternoon will meet a rather un-civilized, dare I say primal, side of me, to be sure! LOL

              Any of you out there long distance hikers? Have you grappled with this issue?


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                Just broke a 24-hour fast w/ a 16-oz protein shake and a few bites of roasted chicken. Surprisingly easy. Only a few hunger pangs late last night. Had a good sleep, not too hungry this morning. But as soon as I gave myself permission to eat, I was starved! Weighed in at 209# this morning - thats 26 pounds down since mid-March!