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    my first post ever! i have NEVER been into blogging, journaling, keeping a diary, etc, but i've been lurking around the forums for about a month or so. i got into paleo/primal initially to help with my skin, but after reading Mark's book i was completely sold. so now i'm more into it for the health reasons. plus i want to be more toned (lets be honest, who doesn't?) i've always been into sports and have a pretty athletic build, but have never been able to get that lean look...and yup, i've got a little pooch/some baby love handles goin on.

    i've been sort of going half way with it for the past couple weeks, but i went back to my parents for the weekend and could NOT stay away from the oreo ice cream/mint girl scout cookies in the freezer. bleeeh...i am a total sugar addict. bread/pasta = no problem, but put some candy in front of me and i'm a goner.

    basically, the 80/20 has progressively become more like 20/80 :l so yesterday was my first official day (it went well! no slip ups) but today i figured i would keep track of everything on here. it'll make sticking with it easier! mostly because you all are so motivating

    a few goals:

    1. eat when hungry. this is a big one for me! i tend to do a lot of late night snacking
    2. track food on on a daily basis (until I get the hang of things…also helps keeps the snacking to a minimum)
    3. avoid the massive candy drawer at work and all of the "treats" people bring in (donuts, cookies, cup cakes, ice cream, chips. i could go on's kind of gross how much junk is brought in)
    4. MORE FAT! I tend to grab the "non-fat"/"fat free" version every time i'm at the store! like the *light* coconut milk i just got… no more!
    5. learn to cook. i've eaten more delicious food in the past couple of weeks trying this out than i ever have, so i'm pretty excited about this one.
    6. lose a few pounds of fat
    7. work on cutting out dairy completely

    -coffee with some light coconut milk
    -turkey and provolone cheese with some trader joe's cream cheese. also light :/
    -Fage 2% Greek Yogurt with a tiny bit of honey and 8 or so raspberries
    -BAS with some avocado and balsamic vinaigrette - fat free dressing argh, but that was the last of the bottle
    -3 hard boiled eggs with some avocado and salsa
    after dinner snack:
    -2 Son of Grok's almost primal poppers
    -2 spoonfuls of peanut butter (whoops...just need to finish this off then im done with the pb!)

    *too much dairy today! working on it

    cals - 1318
    fat - 85g
    carbs - 59g
    protein - 89g
    26% protein, 17% carbs and 58% fat

    lessons learned so far:
    i cannot keep almond butter, nuts, or dried fruit in my apt

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    bah how could i forget this one?!

    8. no more artificial sweeteners. i am (was*!) a complete diet coke addict.


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      skipped! got up at 7, but didn't get hungry until around 11:30
      -3 egg omelette with two turkey sausage patties and a slice of the Trader Joe's uncured turkey bacon with some onions...all cooked in butter
      -salsa and a slice of avocado
      -ten raspberries
      afternoon snack:
      -slice of provolone cheese and some turkey
      -handful of walnuts
      -cup of tea with a splash of almond milk and a bit of honey
      -BAS with cucumber, red bell pepper, avocado, half a can of TJ's wild alaskan salmon, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar

      7 mile bike ride

      cals: 1158ish...i didn't add in the butter from the omelette
      fat: 77g
      carbs: 31g (woot woot!)
      protein: 82g

      fat: 60.5% carbs: 10.8% protein: 28.6%

      tossed the bottle of hershey's chocolate syrup in the garbage! and now have very few non-primal things left in my apartment

      it's only 7pm, so i've got a few hours before i go to bed. let's see if i can avoid wandering back into the kitchen....


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        well, i made it until about 9:30 last night and then i grabbed the jar of pb. not even "healthy" was skippy. second ingredient? sugar :l le sigh

        i ate a few spoonfuls of that with a bit of honey, so i definitely upped my cals and carbs. i don't feel toooooo awful about it because my carbs were pretty low yesterday, but i finished it off so no more late night peanut butter! i woke up feeling a little bloated and it doesn't help that i have a bit of a cold, so all i've have today is some iced coffee with cinnamon and coconut milk.

        more updates later!


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          coffee with coconut milk and a few drops of agave sweetener
          late lunch:
          -lara bar (so many carbs in such a baby bar!)
          -dry salami
          -baybel cheddar cheese
          -TJ's italian sausage
          -bell peppers and onions cooked on the stove in some butter
          -miso soup (not primal, i know...but i have a cold and was craving some soup!)

          cals: 780 - bah, too low! didn't add the butter i used for dinner or the coconut milk from this morning. plus i always lose my appetite when i'm sick
          fat: 49g
          carbs: 41g
          protein: 56g

          fat: 53% carbs: 19% protein 37%

          there was an ad on the radio earlier today for the "holiday cookie diet". essentially you eat these cookies that the company sends you for two meals a day and a "sensible" third meal. WHAT?! and my friends think I'M nuts for being primal...


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            That cookie diet commercial had me laughing out loud. It is quite brilliant from a business standpoint. My closest friends and family also think I am nuts, but if I was doing the cookie diet, they would all be supportive. I just know they would. I wish I thought of it.


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              isn't it ridiculous grol?!

              -coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon
              -fage 2% greek yogurt, 10 raspberries, 1/2 tsp honey
              -BAS with avocado, bacon, cucumber, bell peppers, banana peppers, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar
              afternoon snack:
              -cup of banana peppers and jalepenos
              -a few peanuts, two jolly ranchers, cup of fruit salad
              -3 hard boiled eggs, slice of avocado, salsa
              dinner part 2:
              -hamburger patty with cheese, 1/2 an avocado, some french fries

              cals: 1369 (i have no idea how accurate this is)
              fat: 87g
              carbs: 73g
              protein: 69g

              fat: 57% carbs: 21% protein: 20%

              there was a retirement at work today with a reception which included a LOT of food, most of it off limits, so i grabbed a cup of fresh fruit and had no desire to eat any of the cake, brownies etc that was there. the person i was with kept INSISTING that i eat a piece of cake. how many times do you have to say no thank you??? i caved and had a tiny bite of his when he wouldn't take no for an answer, but that was it!

              i also had some more coffee at work with one small thing of half and half and half a packet of real sugar....i usually put like 3 creamers and 5 packets of spenda in my coffee. so i'm gonna take this as slow improvement.

              and tonight i had my first primal experience at a burger place. i was with some people i didn't know very well and i was getting some funny looks when my food was ready (i will admit, the burger did look pretty pathetic without the bun). and before i knew it, i blurted out that i had a possible wheat allergy. sigh. i chickened out a little, but no questions asked after that.

              avoided eating any cake/desserts, except for one small bite
              leaving french fries on my plate!! major progress for me. next time though? i'll ask for just the burger
              not so good:
              french fries, period.
              jolly ranchers? could have been avoided
              too many carbs in one day! not enough protein.
              also, too much dairy. i think the dairy = acne (or so i've heard), which is one of my main reasons for being primal, so i've gotta do better about cutting this out. but man, i love that fage yogurt with honey


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                -scrambled eggs with butter
                -2 slices of bacon
                -2 cups of coffee with half a packet of sugar and a baby half and half
                morning snack:
                -italian salami
                -slice of provolone cheese
                -baybel cheddar cheese
                -3 hard boiled eggs with salsa and a slice of avocado
                afternoon snack
                -handful of grapes
                -small spinach salad with 1/2 can of salmon heated up on the stove in some coconut oil

                cals: 1112 (not including butter from eggs, sugar/half and half, small bit of olive oil dressing or coconut oil)
                fat: 69g
                carbs: 29g
                protein: 112g

                fat: 52% carbs: 9% protein: 38%

                too much cheese and too many eggs? hmm
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                  ahh i'm such a snacker at night time. after i had the spinach salad last night, i had a bunch of salami and some sunflower seeds.
                  but today was a good day!!

                  -scrambled eggs
                  -2 slices of bacon
                  -coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon
                  -BAS with a slice of avocado, bacon, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar
                  -salami with slice of provolone and cheddar cheese
                  -Fage 2% greek yogurt with 1/2 tbsp honey and 10 raspberries
                  -two "primal poppers"
                  -more salami with cheese

                  Cals: 1336
                  Fat: 90g
                  Carbs: 33g
                  Protein: 130g

                  Fat: 55% Carbs: 9% Protein: 35%

                  so i did eat quite a bit of dairy today BUT someone brought chocolate covered caramel with macadamia nuts to work for everyone (YUM) and i didn't have a single one. i ALMOST used the excuse, "well the macadamia nuts are good for me soooo it's okay to have just one" but i!
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