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  • Gensigbspan's Primal Journal

    I discovered the paleo diet about two years ago now, and have been delving deeper down the rabbit hole ever since. I've experimented a lot with my diet, isolating different foods (gluten, dairy, nightshades, etc.) to see how each affects my health/performance. I am definitely into a lot of the nerdier aspects, biohacker would not be an inappropriate term.

    My current nutritional goals are to really boost my testosterone and pack on some muscle (functional!). I have outlined a week long regimen that should hopefully show some good results by the end of the 30 days. The main part of my journaling will be nutrition and exercise. Other elements of bio hacking/life hacking that I think may be relevant to my progress or simply interesting for anyone reading will be added whimsically and may be tuned to any responses/questions/advice in the thread.

    Here is the plan, more or less:
    Exercise - 20 min kettlebell workout plus two maximum sprints with roughly 30 second rest on days 1 and 5; 30 min kettlebell and partial refeed on day 3; 40 minute kettlebell and full refeed on day 7.

    Nutrition - IF every day from about noon to 8 pm. Non exercise days maintain ketosis level carbs (50g max), with a bit higher on days 1 and 5. My partial refeed will be up around 120g carbs, and full refeed will be as many sweet potatoes as I dare ingest with a limit of ~50g fat

    Supplements - I've amassed quite a few supplements and a lot will depend on how I'm feeling that day, but my consistent ones will be 5000 IU of D3 every day, 500 mg niacin on an empty stomach 3 hours before each workout (google "niacin HGH boost"), ~tablespoon of fish oil and MCT every morning

    Feedback - Any comments/suggestions/etc from the community are greatly welcomed, especially if they are helpful tweaks to my routine. Otherwise, I always like seeing concrete evidence of progress, and since discovering the quantified self movement and quantified mind I'm realizing just how important this part is to achieving specific results, understanding - both intuitively and scientifically - my body's current state and needs, and as a psychological reward that reinforces good habits. This journal certainly will qualify as part of the feedback, listing as much detail about macro/micro nutrients, rep counts, subjective feelings, and some pictures as I go. I would love, love, LOVE to get some bloodwork done, but damnit it's not in the budget right now.

    That about does it for the intro, now to catch up with my log (I'm already on the third day of my month experiment, eep!)
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    Day 1

    9 am - Supplements: 500 mg niacin, 5000 IU vitamin D3, 10 mg NADH, Tbsp MCT oil

    11:30 am - Pre workout: 7g BCAA powder, a blend of nootropics just to see how that would affect things, 1 Tbsp magnesium citrate, 1/2 Tbsp potassium citrate

    Noon - Workout: 20 min with the kettlebell plus two max length sprints.

    1 pm - Scenar experiment on left side of my upper body (see notes for details)

    1:30 pm - Blended a shake of roughly 1400 calories, 120g fat/40g carb/60g protein. Pretty much consisted of everything in my kitchen: eggs, coconut cream, cocoa powder, pumpkin chia and sesame seeds, MCT oil, whey protein, almonds, cashews, tumeric, thyme, spirulina, carrot, celery, kale. Consumed this over the course of about five hours.

    8:15 pm - Bowl of leftover beef burgundy with some added bacon, enough to satisfy my belly.

    Notes: The nootropic combo was part of my roommates drug cache and I didn't know enough about each of the chem's to understand how it would affect me. It left me with a 36 hour headache. Needless to say I won't be experimenting with those again in this 30 day period. This is a pretty demanding transition for my body, as I've basically never been a regimented exerciser. I'm not in terrible shape, but clearly I need to tread carefully during this first week at least.

    I'm keeping track of workout performance on my own, will probably post something towards the end to show total progress. At the end of the sprints, due I assume mostly to the nootropic cocktail, I was ready to vomit, my sides hurt, my head hurt. Took about 30 mins to cool down, with lots of water, before I stopped seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

    REGARDING SCENAR - We've had this device for a few years but have barely scratched the surface of it's capabilities. This is my first controlled experiment with it, and (because I'm writing this on day four) I can say it has thus far had a remarkable effect on post workout fatigue as well as muscle soreness the day after. My hypothesis is that the scenar will actually lead to greater improvements over the course of the experiment.
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      Day 2 - 7/26

      I definitely needed this rest day after the mishap with the nootropic cocktail. All morning I was miserable, downing water in an attempt to help metabolize whatever was still in my system and screwing with my head. I smoked some marijuana (live in Denver) and had a couple glasses of red wine which combined to at least dull the pain. I also smoked my first cigarette in just over a week.

      Food: between 12:30 and about 9 pm I had 2 1/2 bratwurst, few handfuls of almonds, a slice of raw milk cheddar, two eggs and a veggie scramble, one plantain (had such a carb craving so hit the store for one of these around 5 pm), and a weird combo for dinner of 2 eggs, bone broth, 1/2 can of coconut milk, and a bunch of tumeric.

      Skipped the supplements after the nootropic incident.


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        Day 3 - 7/27

        Having finally recovered from the nootropics, and with only a mild hangover from the wine, I am back on track. Today is my partial refeed day.

        9 am supplements: Niacin, NADH, D3, Calcium, vit C

        11:30 pre workout: 7g BCAA, 1 trace minerals power pak, 2 tbsp magnesium citrate, some xylitol (BCAA powder is pretty bitter)

        Noon: 30 mins of kettlebell and post workout Scenar session on left side of my upper body

        1 pm: Three eggs, 1/2 bratwurst, half of a huge sweet potato, slice of raw milk cheddar, lots of veg, lots of butter in a big delicious scramble.

        4 pm: Homemade cottage cheese plus a bunch of veggies and spices.

        5 pm: Intense fatigue had been building roughly since the end of my workout, fell asleep for about 2 hours.

        8 pm: Two glasses red wine

        Notes: I turned down a delicious looking pizza with relatively no internal resistance around 9 pm. Also on day three I basically squeezed my food intake to one large meal in the early afternoon and intuitive ate to satiety over the next few hours, which all felt perfectly normal, no discomfort from stuffing my gut. The intense fatigue that built up post workout was, I believe, due to lack of adequate hydration, supported by the fact that when I woke and downed a bunch of water, I felt much more alert. Until the wine
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          Day 4

          9 am - D3, MCT, fish oil, power pak

          12:30 pm - Roughly 1200 cal meal, lots of veg, protein, fat

          5 pm - 600-700 cal meal, veg, protein, fat

          6:30 pm - Coffee in preparation for going out with friends

          9 pm - Potluck group dinner. Wasn't planning on eating, but the peer pressure got to me so I had some salad with raspberry vinaigrette, a few crackers with hummus, charcuterie, and mozzarella. Also had two beers, a cucumber infused gin and soda, and a glass of sangria. And one cigarette.

          Notes: The potluck threw my diet a little bit, and it took me about an hour to get to sleep after the caffeine and alcohol, but I woke up this morning feeling refreshed. I have definitely been too much of a cave troll the last few days, putting in a lot of energy to getting this experiment started right. The socialization was definitely a worthwhile tradeoff for the minimal interference in my regimen.


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            So today is day 8, I haven't posted in a few days because it quickly became clear how repetitive these posts would be. Instead of barraging this thread with the mostly insignificant details of my daily routine I will just drop some highlights.

            The supplement regimen is going well, I've upped my morning niacin intake to 1g on workout days. I also got a fairly comprehensive blood panel done!!! on day 6, which I am excited to see - and post - the results from and be able to tweak things even more. Tim Ferriss stated in an interview just how important the blood panel is to making significant adjustments.

            My diet is almost self regulatory at this point, my body is very expectant of a large meal between 12-1pm, then seems to be craving exactly what it needs the rest of the 8 hour window. Yesterday was my most intense workout, I expanded the kettlebell routine to include windmills (feeling it in the glutes and lower back!) After the workout was a huge sweet potato and a big slab of grassfed beef liver, which had me on top of the world for the rest of the day. Oh, and I started adding some potato starch to my smoothies for the prebiotic effect.

            One thing I didn't take into account was that the last day of my week is my hardest workout day which means day eight, when the cycle restarts, is not a rest day. I'm shifting the schedule around a bit to accommodate so I don't overwork my body.