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What's shakin' bacon.....Amanda's journey

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  • What's shakin' bacon.....Amanda's journey

    Here's my story. I'm sick and tired of CW, and the rat race that it drives. I'm sick of freaking out about calories. I'm sick of feeling guilty about not working out/working out too much/eating something I "shouldn't" and I'm just over it. I did a 30 day primal challenge back in mid March to April, and did really well...lost about 8 pounds and some good inches. However, as soon as my "challenge" was done, I started straying. Not sure what happened, but my all or nothing attitude has shown back up and I'm sick of it. No more. I feel like shit...don't have any energy, and my mood sucks as well.

    I'm sucking it up. I'm primal RIGHT NOW. No turning official challenge this time....I'm primal starting this second. Shooting for 100% to hit 80%.


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    I think when you have a really crap day (above, first post), the next day just HAS to be good. I've eaten great primal food today, had a fantastic workout, and obviously this helped my mood improve over yesterday. What a difference!

    B: half sweet potato fried in bacon fat like american fries, mixed with bacon, onion and garlic
    PW: sliced strawberries in heavy cream
    L: BAS with ground beef...kind of made taco salady
    D: Not sure yet...might just nibble if I'm hungry, might eat some wings with my husband....might fast, who's to say?


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      Good for you, martini! I'm on my fifth day of primal and already loving it.


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        Thank jennybug! Good for you as well!

        I'm having a good day today as well. Got a decent workout in, am eating good primal foods and waiting for a grilled steak to close out my weekend! Yum.

        B: Coffee/Cream
        L: 1/2 sweet potato, 2 pieces bacon, and 1/4 of an onion sauteed in bacon fat
        PW: handful of cherries with 2 pieces summer sausage


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          Yesterday was a stellar day. It was technically my rest day (which was much needed), so I used my time to make up some lunches for my hubby and I during the week, get some housework out of the way before the weekend....however, I was STARVING after work. I'm not sure if it's because I was bored, or if I didn't eat enough fat during the day so I needed to eat to catch up, or if my body was just begging for more after a couple days of hard workouts. Who knows.

          I ate:
          B: Coffee/cream
          L: BAS with summer sausage, also a side of leftoever steak and onions from the night before
          D: 1 leftover slice meatza, sweet potato chips and salsa, handful cherries, couple squares dark chocolate smothered in cashew butter, handful nuts

          Tonight I have a big workout planned, including a 10K training run, plus some lifting and a good WOD. Pumped! Hope it quits raining, because I need to get that run in, and I will be runnin' in the rain if it doesn't stop!