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** New Marriage Regrets - Fasted Full-body Workouts Log 9/30/2014



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  • ** New Marriage Regrets - Fasted Full-body Workouts Log 9/30/2014

    I went from tall, dark and handsome to... tall, bloated and chubby.

    So a little about me. I'm Lee Torre and I FINALLY got married at 36 years of age on June 22nd to the most beautiful woman I've ever known, inside and out.

    BUT, I've taken this honeymoon thing waaaaay too far and she won't stop cooking deliciously fattening foods. Lots of Presidente beer and rich Dominican dishes caused my temporary downfall.

    From the day we stepped into that resort in Punta Cana(I live in the DR) to celebrate our marriage I've been slacking on my workouts and eating like there is no tomorrow.

    The worst part is that I've been weight training for over 15 years, teaching and training others to get in shape for 10+ years. Usually through intermittent fasting, which I am now back to doing after having TOTALLY abandoned it post-wedding the last 3 months.

    My Stats: 6'4" 255 lbs

    My Normal Size: 6'4" 240 lbs

    My New Goal: 6'4" 230 lbs (lean, ripped & muscular)

    I've done this before and I always get back to my shape, but trust me... I have fat guy genetics, if I don't stick to the script I blow up quickly. For example...

    Here's a pic from when I REALLY got too big, I was about 270 lbs in this pic and went down to 240. And that wasn't my biggest, I've been 289 before but I didn't take many photos of that stage in life.


    I think I'll be back to where I was in 3 months easily, I'm not a naturally lean guy but I know how to get lean when I want to, and since I won't be having anymore honeymoons I will stay lean.

    I'll be doing 3 full-body weight-training workouts per week and atleast 120 minutes of cardio per week.

    Feel FREE to give your encouragements and helpful suggestions.

    Yesterday's fasted workout....(I always workout fasted, regardless of my goals but it's REALLY great for fat-burning)

    Walked 1 mile to the gym with loaded backpack.

    Then I did....

    3 sets of 10 squats - 205 lbs (going for lightweight - higher volume to burn fat)
    4 sets of 10 box squats - 225 lbs

    Barbell Clean & Press(fast-paced):
    3 sets of 12 - 70 lbs

    Bench Press:
    3 sets of 10 - 205 lbs

    Lat Pulldowns:
    3 sets of 12 - 100 lbs

    This workout had me TOTALLY GASSED. By the time I got to the 2nd set of Barbell Clean & Press I was huffing & puffing like no tomorrow and you should know that I work out on an empty stomach ALWAYS.

    I must admit, I had to break up my bench press sets and ended up doing 6 sets of 6, I was gassed from the clean and presses.

    The Lat pulldowns went well and I felt a second wind coming, I threw in a couple extra reps in each set and will definitely up the weights the next time I do it.

    Afterwards, I walked back home one mile, the first few blocks are totally uphill(The Dominican Republic is full of hills and valleys). Anyway, I felt GREAT and Energized after the workout.

    I wanna see if I can hit my fitness goal in 3 months and if I can get my wife to cook healthier dishes without hurting her feelings...

    - Lee
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  • Rig D
    Lookin good Lee. Significant progress.
    A little celebration is deserved

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  • Lee_Torre
    Show Muscles Workout After a GREAT Refeed Sunday - Weigh In Results

    Sundaay, Sundaaay, Sundaaaay!!!!

    What a GREAT and nasty refeed. I needed the energy, my body was bogging down and I need to rev the engine again with some fuel. AND THAT I DID.

    I had everything I wanted on Sunday. I started the day with a normal healthy meal to try to curb my appetite a bit, I had baked chicken and veggies and calorie free crystal light. Then the fun began at around 5 PM and lasted til about 12AM. I had Pizza, beer, chocolate, cake, crackers and cream cheese, whatever. And I didn't eat within a fasting window, I had a free day to enjoy myself.

    I estimate that I had about 6,000 calories on Sunday.

    I should've weighed myself before the refeed but I did the weigh-in on Monday.

    I weighed in at 238 lbs! Down from about 252 lbs 3 weeks ago. I feel great and I'm thinking about changing my goal weight for a lower number, but Ima see how things go in the next 2 weeks before deciding.

    Anyway, in order to celebrate I switched up the workout for 1 day and did a "show muscles" workout. Tons of arm curls and chest presses of various type.

    I just was in the mood to go completely different this day. I'll get back to the regularly scheduled program on Wednesday.

    My workout on Monday 10-20-2014 Consisted of.....

    The wife and I walked to the closer gym (1 mile)

    Barbell Clean and Press
    2 sets of 12 - 80 lbs

    Barbell Bench Press
    2 sets of 12 - 210 lbs

    Incline Dumbbell Bench Press
    3 sets of 10 - 130 lbs total

    Barbell Curls
    4 set of 10 - 80 lbs - then a strip set til burnout dropping 20 lbs per strip

    Hammer Curls
    2 sets of 12 - 45 lbs per arm

    Cable Crossover (chest)
    3 burnout sets - 50 lbs per arm

    Weight-Plated Chest Press Machine
    5 Strip sets til burnout - Started at 200 lbs and stripped of 40 lbs each time I failed.

    Lateral Raises (delts)
    3 burnout sets starting at 25 lbs then dropping to 20 lbs

    Leg Press
    2 sets of 20- 300 lbs

    No extra cardio this day....

    Walked home 1 mile....

    I really enjoyed this workout, it was a good change of pace and I don't directly work my arms much anymore so I enjoyed hittin' some biceps and getting in the mirror a little bit. My wife was staring at me the whole workout, she barely did anything, lol. Good day!

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  • Lee_Torre
    10-17-2014 - More Strength This Workout - Felt Faint Post Workout

    So I got another late workout in again, getting ready to move and handling business in the morning is throwing my schedule off, I like to workout at 12PM usually but got in at 3PM. I went fasted longer than I wanted to but the workout was pretty good.

    I'm definitely leaner, I'm getting my jawline back, lol.

    That's when I know I'm doing well, still haven't touched the scale because it really doesn't tell the true story but Ima weigh myself this Sunday morning and probably take a couple of update pics as well.

    No matter what the scale says, I KNOW I'm getting back to my shape and fast. My wife is commenting on my body everyday and the mirror is showing me what I need to see in order to keep going.

    Anyway, here is the workout I did today....

    1.5 mile walk to Mega Gym...

    Barbell Clean and Press

    4 sets of 12 - 1 set 95 lbs, last 3 sets 80 lbs

    Weight-Plated Lat Pull Downs

    3 sets of 12 - first 2 sets 180 lbs, last set 135 lbs

    Dumbbell Pullovers(chest)

    3 sets of 12 - 65 lbs (I'm gonna try to hit these more often, these used to be a go-to exercise and they feel AWESOME in my chest and tris...)

    Close Grip Cable Rows

    3 sets 10- 150 lbs

    Incline Dumbbell Bench Press( Dumbbells turned sideways and pressed into each other, pushed up and overhead for upper chest)

    3 sets of 10 - 90 lbs total (A little harder than normal incline presses, thus the low weight but the feeling is amazing, nice upper chest pump)

    Sumo Squats

    3 sets of 15 - 100 lbs (tight lockout at the top to flex the quads, NICE burn, need more weight but 100 lbs is the biggest dumbbell the gym has, I'm tempted to wear grocery-filled backpack but the Dominican guys in the gym already stare at me enough, it's like I have 3 arms or something..., don't want the extra attention.)

    Got that stuff done in 50 mins and then headed for the....

    Elliptical Machine

    30 strong minutes- hit 500 calories

    Started on the walk home, but...

    Halfway through I had to sit down for about 10-15 mins, I felt faint. Usually doesn't happen to me but it was really bad, only once that I can remember, even when I took ephedrine back in the day. After the rest, I walked the rest of the way without problem but I definitely need my refeed day, BAD.

    I ate two meals, a total of 2 lbs of chicken breast, 2 large avocados, a banana, 2 small bags of peanuts.

    Supps taken pre and post workout include.

    Creatine, Beta Alanine, Caffeine, DIM, DHEA, Multivitamin, Omega 3 Fish Oil.


    I'd love to hear your thoughts.....

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  • Lee_Torre
    10-15-2014 - Felt Weak In The Gym - Calorie Deficit Hitting Me

    So Wednesday I hit the gym to train and I felt good on the walk to the gym, I went late because I had to finish some work online that couldn't wait.

    My last meal was at 7:35 PM Tuesday and I ended up going to the gym at around 3 PM, I wasn't feeling too hungry but I could eat, I chose not too eat before the workout because I usually feel more focus when I train fasted and I really wanted to enjoy my post workout meal.

    But because I've been in a consistent and somewhat steep calories deficit for a couple weeks now, I felt it in the gym.

    I couldn't push much weight at all, but I still got the workout in and I wasn't too exhausted to work and sweat I just couldn't get push or pull any bigger numbers (not that I'm super-strong anyway).

    It's a good and bad thing, it's bad because it just doesn't feel good to feel weak but it's good because I know I've been staying below my maintenance calories consistently without counting calories and I have a well-deserved CHEAT DAY COMING this Sunday. Pizza, Beer & Peanuts are on the menu, oh and some sweets. Still gonna eat within my fasting hours and may even wait until late in the day to start eating (Maybe 3 or 4 PM) so that my revved-up metabolism doesn't have enough time to force me into having 3rd, 4th and 5th servings. It'll be time for bed after my second "cheat meal".

    I.... CAN...NOT...WAIT!!!!!

    Anyway, here's what I did on Wednesday 10-15-2014...

    1.5 mile walk to Mega Gym

    Barbell Clean and Press

    4 sets of 15 - 65 stinkin' lbs (pathetic, I know, lol....)

    Flat Barbell Bench Press

    3 sets of 12 - 185 lbs (felt heavy, smh...)

    T-Bar Rows

    3 sets of 12 - 150 lbs

    Sumo Squats

    4 sets of 15 - 100 lbs

    Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

    3 sets of 12 - (too embarrassed to tell you the weight, bad enough there were people there to witness it! Haa...)

    Chest Flyes (Machine)

    4 sets of 10 - 150 lbs

    Weight-Plated Lat Pull Downs

    3 x 12 - 125 lbs

    Elliptical Machine

    30 minutes - 420 calories

    Walked home 1.5 miles

    I ate 2 avocodos - 1 lb of baked chicken breasts smothered in my favorite hot sauce and at night I had my wife's wheat pasta spaghetti with low-fat ground pork.

    Supps Taken : Creatine, Beta-alanine, Powdered Caffeine (immediately preworkout), DIM, DHEA, Whey Protein & Multivitamin.

    Gonna ride this deficit out til Sunday, it aint to bad and I'm making sure I get my protein.... Will Update soon!

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  • Lee_Torre
    10-13-2014 KILLER DAY AT THE GYM! - Mixed Things Up

    I had an AMAZNG workout Today, I felt like Superman.

    And I KNOW I'm burning fat even though I haven't weighed myself(not that the scale always tells the story any weigh...) - Get it? Any "weigh"?

    OK, that was corny, let's proceed.

    Today I went into the gym only knowing that I DIDN'T want to do Barbell Cleans and Presses. I did so many Cleans and Presses last Friday, that the thought alone was making me sick and I felt that I was getting bored with them. But after my first couple of exercises I felt like I was just making excuses because it's hard and so I did them anyway. I did add some different spices to this workout to avoid boredom.

    I was fasted of course, walked to the farther gym(1.5 miles) alone, my wife wasn't feeling the greatest.

    So anyway, here's how it went....

    Warmed up with Leg Extensions

    I didn't count reps, don't know the weight. Just wanted to get my knees good and warm.

    Hack Squats

    3 x 12 - 150 lbs

    This exercise would like to snap my crap up everytime I do them, so I always tread carefully and don't ego lift at all with these, I just want to feel the burn intensely at the ends of my sets and that's it. I'm not trying to push tons of weight, I don't have any desire in testing my knees, I already have a torn meniscus in my right knee. They felt decent after I warmed up.

    Sumo Squats

    5 x 12 - 100 lb Dumbbell

    This a great "bang for your buck" exercise, the burn is INCREDIBLE with only 100 lbs for me, I was tempted to put my back pack on and do them but I didn't, maybe next time. I will be doing more of these. Saw the Hodge Twins doing these and decided to give them a try. Love them.

    Barbell Clean and Press

    3 x 12 -80 lbs (did them anyway, felt good)

    Close Grip Cable Rows(back/traps)

    3 x 12 - 170 lbs

    Weight- Plated Lat Pull Downs

    1 set 12 reps of 180lbs - 2 sets of 135 lbs

    Dumbbell Pullovers (Feel it strongly in my chest)

    3 x 13 - 55 lbs (usually go heavier but need to work my self back into these, felt good though)

    I REALLY concentrate on my mind-muscle connection with these, one of my favorite exercise!

    Body Weight Dips

    3 x 15

    Elliptical Machine

    30 minutes - 480 calories

    Walked to the veggie market, the meat market(both more or less on the way) and then home 1.5 miles.

    Eating baked chicken, coleslaw, avocado and having pineapple with strawberry yogurt for dessert. Eating to meals today before 8 pm.

    - Lee

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  • Lee_Torre

    On Saturday I finished of the meatballs from Friday and ate veggies, nothing special about Saturday. I didn't do any workouts. I was craving beer, but resisted. I was cleanly under my maintenance calories for Saturday even without a workout. Ran a lot of errands, that was workout enough and I was sore from Friday.

    Sunday morning I did a 3 mile morning jog and tried to mix in a lot of hard sprinting, I live in a mountainous area, so I go some go hill work in. When I was gassed I walked a bit until I could sprint or jog again. I ate stove top cooked chicken and I made coleslaw with vinegar and about a tablespoon of olive oil, I ate half and saved the other half of the slaw for Monday. I ate the same meal twice within my eight hour feeding period (between 12pm and 8 pm). It was a good clean day...

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  • Lee_Torre
    Late update for Friday 10-10-2014

    So friday, I wanted to hit my chest a little harder than usual.

    That wasn't the original plan, but there were a couple of guys in my gym with some impressive pecs and I felt the dumbells calling me, lol. (that's the way it goes sometimes....)

    But I still worked in a manner focusing of burning fat(high reps, working up a serious sweat)

    So I hit my cleans and presses and leg press and headed for my chest work.

    Here's what I did...

    Barbell Clean and Press

    6 sets of 15 - 75 lbs

    Leg Press

    3 sets of 15 - 315 lbs

    Weight-plated Lat Pulldowns

    4 sets of 10 - 135 lbs

    Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

    3 sets of 12 - Don't remember the weight

    Incline Chest Press Machine

    4 sets of 110 - 220 lbs (feels lighter though)

    Cable Crossovers(chest)

    3 sets til failure - 50 lbs

    Went Back To The Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

    1 Burnout set - don't remember the weight


    Didn't have energy for the elliptical, I got the heck outta there.

    I ate clean every single day of the weekend, on friday my wife made "Swedish meatballs" for lack of a better word. Maybe more like Dominican meatballs with small chunks of cheese in the middle(but not much), made with half low fat ground pork and half ground chicken breast. I also had a couple avocados and a couple small bags of peanuts. I only ate that one large meal one friday. I ate about 8 of those meatball and the sauce was awesome and not high in fat or calories.

    That's it for Friday....

    - Lee

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  • Lee_Torre

    Took it easy and just did some walking, very calm on unfocused. About 2 miles. My body is feeling good though, I'm not hurting TOO bad from yesterday's workout.

    I ate my first meal at 1pm, Teraki chicken and avocados, will have the same for dinner and call it a day. I have a hankering for a small bag of Doritos but I may push that to a post workout treat tomorrow.

    Last meal of the day will come before 8 pm.

    I'm Dreaming of tomorrow's workout already.... I'll keep you update. Gonna do a weigh in in about 7 days, somehow I feel like Ima be disappointed. We'll see.

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  • Lee_Torre
    Originally posted by edennperez1 View Post
    Man, that hot sauce sounds to die for! Sorry about the farter. So rude! That happened to me once sitting next to this guy at the pool. He and I are on a bench watching our kids swim. Every time he bent over (to ties his shoe or pick up a toy), he passed gas!! The first time I thought I was hearing things. By the third rip, I looked at him shocked and he left! Thank God either they didn't stink or the wind was blowing in my favor! I just couldn't believe someone can sit right there and rip them so loud with complete disregard for the people nearby. Your situation was worse because of the smell... How rude!

    Sent from my iPhone using Marks Daily Apple Forum

    Haaaaa, great story! YES, this hot sauce is HEAVENLY!!!

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  • edennperez1
    Man, that hot sauce sounds to die for! Sorry about the farter. So rude! That happened to me once sitting next to this guy at the pool. He and I are on a bench watching our kids swim. Every time he bent over (to ties his shoe or pick up a toy), he passed gas!! The first time I thought I was hearing things. By the third rip, I looked at him shocked and he left! Thank God either they didn't stink or the wind was blowing in my favor! I just couldn't believe someone can sit right there and rip them so loud with complete disregard for the people nearby. Your situation was worse because of the smell... How rude!

    Sent from my iPhone using Marks Daily Apple Forum

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  • Lee_Torre
    It felt good to vent a little bit, this log also serves as therapy, lol.

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  • Lee_Torre
    10-8-2014 -Annoying realtors & Farts Edition-

    So today was a annoying day...

    Like I mentioned in an earlier log me and my wife are looking for a new house, so we started the day out looking to lock down a house we found the other day with our deposit.

    Things went well, we put the deposit down, but the realtor was unbearable. Simply put, I don't like guys flirting with my wife and I was already in a bad mood because the day earlier when my wife called to ask a question about the house he answers the phone by calling her "beautiful". Very business-like right?

    But I blew it off and didn't even respond when she told me about it yesterday. Then today the dude was just totally unbusiness-like, trying to buddy up to us talking about we should invite him to the house(I did not respond, just laughed it off), and we should get together this Sunday. Asking what our plans are... Dude please. Just handle the business and keep it moving.

    Anyway, after him talking about how hard it is to be an important man in town and how we wouldn't understand how hard it is to be important (reaaaaally dude? Really?...)we finally got around to doing some business about 3 seconds before I threw up on his penny loafers.

    Anyway, we got the deposit down and we were good.

    So I ate my first meal at about 2pm after the realtor at a restaurant, I just had a pesto sandwich, with cheese & tomato. Iusually workout fasted but today I didn't I wanted to eat something.

    Went to the gym at about 3:30pm

    I didn't really feel like counting reps and stuff again, my mind was lazy. So I did...

    1.5 mile walk to the gym...

    "Breathless" Barbell Clean and Presses

    I did as many as I could for 35 minutes at differing weights, I was mostly using the 85 lb barbell though. I really focused on my burst from the ground and engaging my legs and back. I was good and drenched in sweat at the end, felt great.

    At the 20 minute mark some dude let out the MOST HELLACIOUS FART KNOWN TO HUMANKIND, that thing smelled like burnt rubber and donkey feces. OMG I literally moved to the other side of the gym in the middle of my set with 90 lb barbell in hand with a look of ultimate disgust written across my face. It was brutal. I hope it slipped and he didn't just release that thing into society willingly. Oh the Humanity......

    Weight Plated Lat Pulldowns
    I did 15 mins in the same manner as the Breathless BC & Ps, but only for 15 mins, varying weights but mostly with 125 lbs.

    Hammer Curls

    3 x 12 - 55 lbs

    I didn't have the energy to do an "Breathless" set, but I enjoyed it, hammer curls have always by my arm workout of choice.

    Elliptical Machine

    I hit exactly 500 calories in a smidgen over 30 mins.

    Walked home 1.5 miles(backpacked)

    Just ate baked chicken tortillas smothered in the addictive hot sauce and a huge avocado, I don't feel like I'm eat again tonight but I will have a protein shake.

    Took some DIM so that I can sleep tonight, my body felt revved like I was gonna have problems tonight with the sweats and whatnot, so the DIM is my lifesaver when I've stressed myself a bit too much, took my beta-alanine(still outta creatine :-( ) and omega 3s plus a good multi vitamin. All set.

    That's it my good people,will update soon.

    Your thoughts are welcome... Feel free...

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  • Lee_Torre

    Busy day today, went house hunting with my wife before the gym and it kinda zapped us both. We didn't spend as much time as usual in the gym because of it, just got some decent work in.

    I went fasted until 6 pm today, not that I wanted to, just so much going on. We walked to the closer gym (1 mile) because I wanted to do squats.

    I did...

    Barbell Squats

    4 x 10 - 255 lbs

    Barbell Clean and Press

    4 x 15 - 80 lbs

    Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

    3 x 12 *- 180 lbs

    Weight-plated Incline Chest Press Machine

    Somebody left 200 lbs on with all 25 lb plates, I just did burnout sets to failure and stripped 1 plate from each side each time until I failed to bench press 50 lbs.

    Bent Over Barbell Rows

    3 x 12 - 125 lbs (I was tired, it actually felt heavy...)

    Then we walked home and ate avocados and left over wheat pasta spaghetti and a couple protein shakes. Ima try to jog or something tomorrow.

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  • Lee_Torre
    10-4/5-2014 (the weekend)

    Broke my fast at around 12:30 both days, I ate pretty clean. Saturday ate about 2 lbs of chicken breast sauteed in garlic/sesame seed oil and soy sauce between the hours of my 8 hour eating window.

    I'm not really into counting calories ONLY because I've dieted down enough to eyeball my food and I know the macros almost by heart. Most of you probably can relate. Been to this rodeo before....

    Midday Sunday, I ate a chicken burrito WITH the hot sauce that I talked about in an earlier post(found the guy and bought a gallon of the stuff for 1000 pesos($26) and coleslaw(olive & vinegar).

    Sunday night I ate whole wheat pasta spaghetti with meat and red sauce, my wife used low fat ground pork.

    I intended to go running over the weekend, but life happened and I got too busy. But I was happy to stay on track with my eating.

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