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  • Perimenopausally Primal Journal (Akinom23)

    I had been sniffing this web out for a while. Read "Wheat Belly", and then somehow found my way to MDA. That was a few months ago. I guess I needed to get one toe at a time in the water. I am a huge bread fan, and living without wheat was something I had to wrap my head around in stages.
    On 9/14 I decided it was time to jump in. And now I'm swimming. I am reading the "Primal Bible" and learn all I can from posts and success stories.
    Of course I am overweight. I was under most of my life. My 40's brought finally some meat ont he bones - was I happy! I never learned to when perimenopause (may mother nature choke on that word) hit, it hit me out of nowhere. 18 lbs in a matter of a few months! It got my social life to pretty much a screeching halt. If you don't have anything to wear, you don't go out wrapped in a towel, right?!
    So I tried to crash diet, work out like crazy, and got in the cycle of losing 5 or 6 lbs, plateau, and gain back. I wasted a full year losing the same 5 lbs! My self esteem went into diving and SAD got me the blues.
    Add the famous perimenopausal symptoms (- and I don't like any of them), and I had my perfect storm.

    I follow as much as I can Primal diet, but when a craving totally hits me, I do give in - a little. My "sins" so far can be listed as some conventional heavy cream in the coffee on a couple days, a couple beer, and a quarter of an English Muffin with jam.

    And I messed up a couple of times (so peaNUTS are no nuts!!) but green beans are ok?!
    As I said, I'm learning, reading, trying to absorb.

    I do track what I eat on some days - I am trying more to see how I'm doing in the carb department, calories are secondary. And I try to stay miles away from the scale - but I did hop on yesterday. 3.5 lbs so far - well within my usual 5. But I notice I feel better. I make an effort to listen to my body. If I'm tired at 8:30, off to bed I go - if I'm up at 5, as long as I'm rested, is fine.

    I work an 8:30 to 5:30 job, with over an hour commute each way. And I am legal guardian and caregiver of my severely disabled former boyfriend (severe brain injury in motorcycle accident over 8 years ago). Plus 2 rather demanding dogs. It seems I'm getting stress from everywhere, and I am trying to figure out how to reduce it. Just lost my mom 4 months ago to heart disease at 78...don't want to follow in her foot steps.

    So I will journal to get an idea of what I am doing and what I need to change. That stress check app I downloaded following the advice in Mark's blog today sure opened my eyes!

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    Yesterday was a good day, very tiring, but "primally" mostly ok.
    I had taken the day off, and started running some errands. I had to park at quite some distance from the office I needed to go to, so I got a nice walk in.
    Got home and had 2 fried eggs wit ham. Off to take my ward to a doctor's appointment. With pushing the wheelchair, getting the foldable ramp in place, tying the chair down, transferring him and so on I did a lot of moving, heavy lifting and I got myself good and tired. Was a 5 hour ordeal, but we made it.
    When I came home, I had a couple slices of paleo bread (homemade, with coconut flower, any amount of eggs, almond flour and some flax seed), I put herring on top, with some grass fed butter. I finally have a good source for that butter, looking to find the places where I can get what primal recommends, and adjust the budget to it. It's a learning process.
    I got a brief power nap and off to a friend's birthday party. Had a salad, no croutons, a steak and some veggies. The only bad thing was that with so many people at the party it got late and I would have liked some more sleep. All in all a good day.

    Today back to work, plan to IF until lunch time, then get some BBQ brisket with a friend, an apple for snack and a salad for dinner.
    Already put in a good walk with the dogs this morning.

    It's 4 months today since my mom left us, I may have a glass of wine in her honor tonight.


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      Hi Akinom.
      Very sorry to read about the loss of your mom. My condolences. I totally understand the pain and health wake up losing a parent to a disease can provoke.
      Same with me, I keep reading, ingesting knowledge and learning about all things gut and nutrition that I can. Journaling is one of the best tools for discovering how to fix our health with notes and tabs on our choices. You sound like your off to a good start.
      “Never let the perfect be the enemy of the good”. - Popular translation of Voltaire

      If you are honest with your lacks, BE honest with your abundance, as well.

      "....the route finding part, and dead reckoning - figure out where I need to be and how to get there, then stay on target as I move over the land and through the forest."
      - Originally Posted by Meant2Move


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        Welcome, Akinom. All the best for your primal journey, I hope you find the healthy improvements you are looking for. I find it helps me immensely.
        Annie Ups the Ante


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          Thank you so much, HeuristicFireFlower and Annieh!

          Been absent a few days, I lost my job last week, first time in my life this happens to me and it felt like being hit with a brick.
          Back on track today. My brief stint off the wagon got me hot flashes, made the blues deeper blue and in general, made me feel bad.
          Today I got a workout in (lifting heavy), plan a walk with my dogs when it stops raining for good, and food wise I am back on track.

          Just lost my balance and my direction for a moment there....back at it.
          We'll see how primal on a shoestring works for me.


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            Akinom, sorry for your job loss - that is quite a shock to the system.

            Primal on a shoestring is brilliant. It's incredible that some of the most cost effective foods e.g. bone broth are also the most nutritious. If there's an upside to unemployment it's having time to cook real food, so try to enjoy it while it lasts.
            Annie Ups the Ante


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              Annie, I am boiling a bone broth as we type - thank you!
              I do take time to cook, had a great primal soup made with bone broth and a bunch of seasonal vegetables. Slow cooked, tastes awesome and I have food for a few days.
              Also taking time to work out. I lifted heavy yesterday, today I'm a lil sore, so I will take a good walk instead.
              It's a beautiful, sunny day here, so I will load up on some vitamin D!