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  • Grok On & See Where The Journey Takes Me

    I've decided to adopt the primal way of life, for numerous reasons, not least that I naturally make the choices of paleo / primal friendly food (I just unfortunately supplement it with stodgy, calorific rubbish that over time has piled on the pounds & has made my digestion disordered and any semblance of fitness that I once had has long since disappeared.

    I want to feel healthy and fit and full of vitality again. I want to feel strong and fit and healthy (and not achey (is that even a word) with strange pains in various parts of my body. I need to build exercise into my everyday life but I don't fit into a regimented routine so the haphazard nature of the primal way suits me and my way of life.

    I'm not supported in this by anyone - my partner needs to lose nigh on 5 stone I want to drop maybe 3. his idea of exercise is walking from the front door to the car .... ok as I said I'm doing this on my own but that's ok maybe when he sees that its working for me he maybe intrigued enough to try to improve his own health and fitness.

    aims to begin with are
    • eat clean, protein with every meal plus lots of veggies and fruit
    • cut out processed junk food and stop the cravings for 'sugar hits'
    • start to move more each day - slow steady state cardio to begin with and then build from that

    once I've got that down pat I review and move on from that. doable? I think so

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    Sounds good to me!! Welcome!!!


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      thanks for the welcome!

      plans for the next 4 days is I have a re-set period - I'm working from home today and have the weekend to myself with no partner, kids or grandkiddies so can please myself when / if/ what I eat and what I do with my time. Monday I have a day off work and Tuesday I have a conference at work which means mega long hours and rubbish to eat which I bypass anyway as its yuck!

      plan for this week is bring my carbs down to 100g a day or less which is going to be quite a challenge. I've had an eye opener already this morning by eating a banana then tracking the breakdown of it - that is my usual go to fruit but a small one packs a whole 23g of carbs - sheesh! not worth it at all.

      this is going to be a learning curve to start with..

      food today so far stands at

      b - mixed nuts, berries, tea with milk, banana
      l - sugar snap peas, tuna, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, 2 x small oranges
      d - pork, kale, Brussels,
      s - broccoli,

      figures for the day stand at 107 - c, 75 - f, 157 - p or 25/39/36

      going to do some steady state cardio later (walk to the shops) and will break out the dumbbells for a blast later on as well.
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