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    i have a month and a few days until our wedding. i'd like to thin my profile some by then. just read most of PB and realize weight numbers aren't that important but 200 is an important weight number to me anyway. i'm 205 now.

    i was in a weight competition at work with 9 others. $100 buy in 1/1/10 until 5/15/10 winner take all most weight loss by percentage. winner lost 12%, i came in third, plateaued at 7%. i focused on exercise, cycling. the big news in my case is knowing carbs did me in. i've heard rustling of whispers about carbs being the problem here and there but PB spells it out research and all.

    i appreciate the book, website, and this particular forum as a means to buckle down similar to the work weight contest.

    so: i will by the 80% diet 20% exercise rule pledge to eat right and live clean (100 or less daily carbs) up until our wedding to my exciting fiance Marilen and get under the Medoza Line, mine being 199 or less.

    first meal 4:00 am (i work deep nights) salad bar take out of greens, veggies, ham and turkey chunks, feta, dried toms, garbanzos, tabouli, chix salad, no dressing

    carb estimate 40

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    Exciting things on the horizon for you. Wishing you the best in this endeavor. Be sure you're getting enough vitamin D - it offsets some of the risks of working nights and will likely help you loose weight. The linked document in my sig line has a good bit of information.

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      Hi whalespicey,

      I won a weight loss competition at work like that years ago. It wasn't worth it. I ended up visiting my doctor and taking meds to calm down extreme IBS. 7% is great. Good luck and have fun. The food it really good.