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Attempting a primal pregnancy. .."ATTEMPTING"



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  • Attempting a primal pregnancy. .."ATTEMPTING"

    So as you may have guessed I'm pregnant. 23 weeks. Sprog number 2. First child is 2 years 3 months.

    I discovered primal when trying to lose baby weight last time after a epic 5 stone gain. .... To be fair 2 stone was water but still I left hospital with a 8lb baby and 3 extra stone of fat.

    I followed primal at my own level. I'm not strict and couldn't give a shit if I'm not eating correctly all the time. I'm a working mum and baked potatoes are my favorite food. So yeah I will eat them

    Anyhoo I fell pregnant and got severe h.g and spent 15 weeks vomiting and worse (yep the side of morning sickness no one talks about ). I have a hubby who works away. I found over eating made me feel better as I had something to throw up or worse and carbs became my new best friend. I lived off toast and fries. And as I had other complications was told not to exercise. .

    So unsurprisingly I'm now 23 weeks and have piled the weight on. And to make it worse I have lost all motivation. I got sucked back into the low fat lie by my midwife and am now back head first in high carb processed food hell.

    I just sort of twigged today as my hair falls out that perhaps I should go back to eating clean. So that's what I'm going to do.

    Now if your still reading. .. and I can really talk so be prepared for 99 percent babble and waffle.....and you want to comment :

    Look just be nice or feck off. Seriously I appreciate feedback but prefer support. I'm skint so if my bacon is nitrate loaded to me that's better than bran flakes. I do what I can. Don't lecture me.

    I hate nearly all forms of eggs. Just saying.

    I need to lose weight. At the very least my rapid weight gain needs to stop. I'm over weight which is not healthy for a baby. I'm aiming to lose 7lb or so and minimise weight gain

    After heavy bleeding I only walk or swim or do yoga.

    So there's my story. I know it's Christmas so I'm going to be exposed to more trans fats than I'd like Bury I'm also going to have to ease myself back into this lifestyle slowly. ....I can't do carb flu right now so I will reduce add slowly.

    Thanks for not laughing me off the board. Apart from the nutcase few who scare me on here I loved the support last time.


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    So tomorrow I'm having fruit, yoghurt and possibly sausage for breakfast. I'm off to the shops so will stock up more.

    My simple aims tomorrow - no bread. And no fruit juice.

    I told you my eating had gone to pot.

    Ps I love milk and yoghurt. I know shoot me. But I have been eating full sugar fruit yogurt. That's all been eaten now so I'm going to fight through the aisles to locate some bio natural yoghurt. My poor tummy needs some bacteria


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      You know, transitioning away from the processed foods and icky carbs is more important than being a Paleo purist. I eat eggs that are not free range, meat that is not grassfed and fruits and veggies that are not organic. I still have reaped the benefits of this lifestyle.
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        Hey primal allows dairy if you do OK with it!


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          Honeybuns that's really good advice. And I'm glad you have got rewards.

          It's small steps I need. That's what I aim to do. Very small over xmas and keep going .



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            Much love I will indeed be partaking in diary. ... As a feeding mum last time round my milk supply dried up when I stopped diary


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              Hey happyhel, congrats on the impending baby. One step at a time with the diet stuff. I have re-dedicated myself to clean eating several times and usually do it in steps. First wheat-free, then grain-free, then dairy-free (because I need to). I still eat rice sometimes because it doesn't bother me.
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                Thanks nameless wonder . I need to remind myself to take baby steps.

                I have two problems.

                1. Back fat. Why am I getting a bump at the front (perfectly understandable with a growing baby inside) but I'm getting a matching bloody back bump? ! Seriously seriously bad back boobs.

                2. Indeeeeeeegessstion. Acid reflux. I am devouring gaviscon. I had this with my daughter but not as bad. It's a killer. After everything I eat I get it.

                Anyway I have had no bread. And no fruit juice. My aims tomorrow are the same but to drink even more water.
                I have eaten some bacon. Various fruit. Steak. Natural fat free bio yoghurt. Veg. Jacket spud with fat fre cottage cheese.

                Half a kilo gaviscon.
                3 antacid tablets.


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                  I want to edit the above comment.

                  I have at least three problems.

                  The third is on par with the back fat.

                  I'm getting a moonface.

                  I just looked in the mirror and a definite moon shaped face stared back. I shouldn't be getting swelling this early. I blame the insane eating.


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                    Mrs moonface back fats aims for today :

                    No fruit juice. No bread. Lots of water. Lots. At least 2 portions of veg.

                    Nice waddle round the block to keep the exercise up


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                      May sound stupid but I had an old fashioned OB (I swear he was 90) tell me to put my plate on a phone book on the table. I sat up straighter and it helps with the GI upset. I too had HG x 4 pregnancies - hospitalized at least once each time. I learned not to mix drink and food. You do what you need to. I too eat the best I can. I eat potatoes and white rice. Sometimes rice pasta, too. Working mom, in school, and 4 sons - need I say more. Just do the best you can - baby steps will get you there.
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                      Started at a size 16 down to loose 10

                      With PB my asthma has improved, low back pain is gone, & I've got more energy

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                        Never been pregnant but I feel you on the acid reflux thing Have you tried raising your pillow so you at least get a bit of a break from it at night? I used to tilt my whole bed...


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                          Hello to anyone out there. Sorry I have been in housing.
                          Hiding because -

                          A. I have stuffed myself stupid. BINGE BINGE BINGE. Seriously. I literally have been a woman possessed. So therefore if I hide it's not real. ... Right? !

                          B. I have a poorly bairn. That's local dialect for ill child. She has a cold and it's in her ears.

                          I feel this post is more confessional than anything.

                          I have eaten so much chocolate that I have given myself a mouth ulcer and my back fat now is going to have to get a support band.

                          How on earth do I get back on the wagon? We are taking down our christmas tree tomorrow for space reasons and in the hope it helps me face fat reality.



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                            I know how to back on the wagon

                            Have your midwife go crazy at your weight gain. Doh!! She's far and not pregnant but like she said she's not going to go through labour and is not supposed to be a healthy incubator.

                            Arhggghhh. She's demanding I join weight watchers. I'm not doing it. Evil place. but I needed to hear her go crazy.

                            So I'm back to the wagon. Head hanging low at being so silly! !


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                              Been filling in a new thread


                              Hope that works. Midwife told me I was too fat.

                              Midwife is far herself.

                              Meh. I needed to hear it though.