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  • KC & Keigan - A man and his dog

    My name is KC, I'm 51, 6'4" and weighed in at 242 this morning - starting.

    Keigan is an Irish Water Spaniel and loves to swim, we live on a major river but there tend to be floods in the winter. We walk each morning and night, I'll start increasing distance and ad some fun in the walk for both of us.

    No meds, no drugs, no health issues other than arthritis in the arches of my feet.

    My tools:
    - BlendTec
    - Big Green Egg
    - Angel juicer
    - Freezer
    - Scale for myself
    - Scale for foods

    In my freezer I have a fair supply of 2oz ice cubes - made from juices, carrot, beet with tops, spinach. I replenish frequently and will add the hours into this journal. The freezer leaves me no excuses as it is filled with good meats, veggies, pecans and some fruits.

    My objective:
    - I want to get healthier, not un-healthy now
    - I want to drop 40 pounds by June which is my 52 birthday, so 202 by June
    - My vet says that Keigan needs to drop some weight also, he was 72 pounds last we were at the vet
    - Planning a camping vacation to Banf in June/July

    I plan to post daily

    Cheers, KC & Keigan
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    Hi KC & Keigan. Just a wild guess...are you Irish like me?


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      Hi, looks like you are very into juicing! What do you do with the frozen cubes?


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        Originally posted by MuchLove View Post
        Hi, looks like you are very into juicing! What do you do with the frozen cubes?
        Juicing is great, cleaning the juicer is not so great. So I am following the madness of juicing a case of produce at a time and then freezing the juice in ice cube trays - now I have an easy means to pull out valued nutrients and drop into the blender each morning. Currently I have nine silicon ice cube trays each holding nine ice cubes, which fill one shelf of the freezer, providing me with 81 cubes at 1.5oz each.

        This morning, one cube each of carrot, beet and spinach with a handful of pecans and blueberries, plus two raw eggs and water.



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          What was I thinking - change to any variable can have disastrous results.....

          Changed the battery in my scale and moved the scale to a new location, now I weigh 244...

          Learn from my mistakes! KC


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            Interesting day, first time in a long time that I was hungry - interesting observation considering so much existence is habit.

            Baked four whole spaghetti squash last night, placed most of that in the fridge. Tonight grilled and cubed chicken, then broccoli and cauliflower - all of which goes into meals for the next few days.

            Short walk this morning due to rain.
            Breakfast - Spinach, beet and carrot cube, two eggs and a handful of blueberry into the blender.
            Coffee with half-and-half.
            Four 18oz glasses of water.
            No real lunch but my stomach was growling. Pieces of grilled chicken, greek yogurt, spoons full of squash.
            another four 18oz glasses of water.
            Short walk this evening due to rain.


            No grains or breads, no pasta, no wine or whiskey.

            Reading the nutritional labels on every container of yogurt in the store.

            Stay safe, KC


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              I had drag Keigan out of the house tonight, pouring rain. He was fine once he was standing in the rain, we walked our normal route and got back inside. The best part of night like this is the pile of towels I keep near the door - Keigan loves being dried off with dads towels.

              I'm now hungry, I keep nibbling on protein. Body feels good, my thinking is clearer with my body so hydrated.


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                What do you do with the frozen cubes?


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                  Originally posted by itttiramer View Post
                  What do you do with the frozen cubes?
                  Morning smoothy!


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                    Finally - my scale is getting with the program, 242.2 last night and 241 this morning. Obviously standing on the scale all day long is not going to help weight loss, the trend is what is important. I'm comfortable with the initiation since my body is so hydrated.

                    Smoked three salmon filets this morning for the neighbor, cooked two pounds of bacon for my snacks - 12 pound prime rib with a layer of rosemary and garlic between the bones and the meat hitting the Big Green Egg in a few hours. About twenty people coming over. Listening to Rascal Flats as I tend the bbq. the salmon skin is so good for Keigan.

                    This feels good!

                    No grains, no bread, no wine or whiskey.

                    Merry Christmas Eve! KC & Keigan


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                      The ice cubes of veggies and fruits are for making smoothies at o-dark-thirty with no hassle and no mess.



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                        In may make a recommendation...don't weigh yourself daily. Weight goes up and down too much for that, and its mostly water fluctuations and the weight of food. Do once a week at abolute most, and focus more on changes in clothing size rather than the number on the scale.


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                          Lead by example....

                          The fact that you are reading this says that you are research, exploring or all ready on this path. This is a path not for the faint of heart, for the adventure requires courage, discipline, commitment - the will to change.

                          As long as what you are doing is not hurting yourself or those around you, do what ever works for you. Get every bit of leverage that you can find to help maintain your integrity on the journey - for the only reason to embark on this adventure is for yourself.

                          As you work your plan, as you share your dreams - keep in mind that it takes an individual almost no energy to tear something down, though it takes great energy to create and even maintain something. If what you are creating is a better you, let nothing stand in your way towards bettering yourself - know that the simple act of keeping this journal offers strength towards others to help them on their journey.

                          KC & Keigan
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                            Today I was reminded that my body is healing. Inflamed sciatica nerve.... It occurred about four weeks ago, I have been working with massage and chiropractic - yesterday I was feeling good and I moved around a bit more then I have been moving around. By 6:00 PM last night I can barely breath from the pain of the nerve as now that I have moved differently the nerve is needing to heal differently.

                            I would not wish this pain on anyone. Hopefully tomorrow we can do some flat ground walks.

                            KC & Keigan


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                              Three nice walks today in the sunshine, chiropractor in the morning.

                              Dinner was spaghetti squash and eggs with almond butter for a snack. Keigan had one of the bones from the prime rib, now he smells like prime rib - imagine that! LOL

                              KC & Keigan