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  • Primal Journal (Strong Not Thin)

    Getting Ready and Defining Goals

    I want:
    -to feel strong in my body, not just to be thin
    -to be healthy for life, not to cure a single ailment
    -to live in and enjoy the moments, not to relentlessly pursue weight loss or soothe my vanity.

    I intend:
    -to limit carbs to 50 per day while obsessing about it (no more than 100)
    -to incorporate the PB laws into my daily life, every singe one
    -to resist the urge to isolate
    -to live boldly, trusting that there will be enough time in each day to do those things that feed my body and spirit and that my body can indeed handle everything that's coming.
    -to protect my primal lifestyle and not put it aside to meet another's needs or expectations

    Today I:
    -got a copy of the 21 day total body transformation
    -uncovered the 10 lb. kettle bell I had cast aside
    -figured out that I can incorporate many, many stairs and steps in my workday ( I work in a huge library, my -job is to fetch and shelve books and journals)
    -remembered that I actually own a pedometer, but haven't located it yet
    -became okay with the idea of buying a new pedometer
    -wrote in my primal journal
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    Good start to a new year. Best of luck. Please update often.
    Stop by to visit at
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      I love the way you defined your wants!