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  • Grokette in Switzerland

    Hi everybody !

    I'm a 23 years old girl and I live in Switzerland. I will share a bit of background, and then will keep a journal about what I eat (and hopefully about exercice).

    I'm 5 ft 4 (1m63) and currently weight 103.6 lbs (47 kg). All my life, I was really skinny and the only time it seems I put weight on was in secondary school, were I weighed 54 kg. Aaaand it seems that all my problems started less or more around this time.

    Growing up
    Growing up, we never had any coke or soda's at home, only standard european diet (vegetables, meat, pasta, rice, fish) and not a lot of candy (almost none), only fruit, which I hated when I was a kid. I also hated fat (fat in meat, bacon, butter etc.), yoghurt (couldn't almost finish one and loved carbohydrate (milk rice and pasta).

    The first thing I did when I had a bit of money was, of course, to buy candy, coke, sandwiches etc and I put some weight one (nothing dramatic). At 16, I started to take oral contraception (the pill) and remember feeling rather odd and not well the first week until 22 (last year)(6 years of oral contraception).

    Law school 2011...
    At 20 I moved out and continued to eat pasta, coffee, partying a lot. I did not had problems with my weight or skin problems or digestions problem, but mentally, I was going quite right.

    - in may 2012 I failed almost everything in law school (20)
    - I was constantly sleeping and feeling really tired
    - had no motivation other than partying and sleeping
    - in September 2012 my gynecologist said I had the 3 kind of virulent HPV virus causing cancer (I vaccinated against HPV )
    - in October/ November, she said that it was worse than she tought
    - I still was sleeping all the time, not motivated
    - I was boxing once a week, but soon started to almost black out and my knee was really hurting all the time and then I stopped going.

    I was miserable, thought I could never have children. Eventually, I knew I had to step down a bit, chill and relax. I quited partying and socialising, went basically hiding in my room and thinking about my life. Why, I, as a 20 something was ill ?? I could have understood if I was older, but in my mind I should have be in the prime of my life ! In January 2013, I was browsing in the internet and saw a really cheap flight to Japan. I booked it without a second thought, and went to visit some friends in Tokyo. I was convinced I needed a break, possibly far away from all my problems!

    It was the best decision I could have taken. I spent almost 3 weeks in Japan with my Japanese friends in Tokyo, Mont Fuji, Hakone etc and spent 3 weeks eating only the Japanese diet, which means : (green) tea with no sugar, a lot of fish, rice, seaweed, some beans (but not much), some pork or beef, cabbage, matcha dessert etc.

    Interestingly enough, I remember that the first day were awful : I craved sugar and salt and hated the green tea (and hate it still to certain extend). But then, my palate changed, I stopped asking for salt or sugar (which was probably rude), drinking only tea, no coffee (I had one coffee, extremely expensive and not so good), I loved the japanese rice.

    I sleeped in a traditional japanese house with NO heating (it was February, and it gets cold!). I remember that I was constantly freezing the first days, and then I adapted (though the less outside the blanket, the better!). When we went to a hotel near Mount Fuji, we were served the traditional japanese breakfast : fish, seaweed, green tea and some strange thing I couldn't identify (fish probably). They had no coffee and no other things. I did not like it, but that does not mean it wasn't good for me ! We slept on a extremely thin futon, went to the onsen and I was feeling great !

    It was the first time since 5 years I was starting to feel myself again.

    Two notes :
    - Interestingly is that when I look at the photo, I have an excellent skin. I never had acne, but in Japan my skin glowed !
    - I only ate wheat once in Japan. My family made some kind of italian pasta (they wanted to make me feel better about eating all these japanese things). It had been almost 15 days I did not eat any kind of wheat (not knowingly at least) and I know now that what I felt after was the result of eating wheat : I started feeling not well in the evening, intense headache and cried because the pain was so intense. Eventually, I trew up everything, started feeling a bit better, but I had to take some medicine for the headache.
    - The day after that, the grandmother gave me special rice and said it was soothing for the stomach (and made for babies) and only eat that. I still wonder what kind of rice it was because it worked .

    May 2013 - July 2013

    After Japan, I met my current boyfriend - who is Italian. I succeded in my law exams and was feeling rather well. My gynecologist even told that the pre-cancer cells were regressing - I still needed a check up later. In July I could not stand anymore my oral contraception and ditched it, while thinking I would go later to my doctor to prescribe a new.

    The symptoms were the same a being pregnant : I couldn't stand some smell (fried things especially), trew up in the morning, and my breast started swelling etc. I wasn't pregnant ( I had this symptom first in January 2013, a few weeks before Japan) and when I started panicking, my gynecologist said at the time that it was my oral contraception messing up with my hormones, and if it would reoccure, I should change my oral contraception.

    It had been 6 years I took the pill.

    July 2013 - December 2014
    If I had knew with 16 that the oral contraception could mess in such an intense way my hormones, I wouldn't have taken it. Basically, I had mood extreme mood swing, (thanks God my boyfriend stick with me!) and September I had a chirurgical intervention to remove my wisdom teeth and took a round of antibiotics and prednisone.

    Soon I started having acne (never had in my life !), lost 5 kilos and went worryingly thin, I thought I had diabetes (the blood sugar test came back normal). Caught every cold and virus that was outside and was feeling depressed and tired all the time. I couldn't concentrate more than 2 minutes (not good in Law school!). I was eating insane amount of sugar (in an italian espresso I would put 2 or 3 spoon of white sugar) and with an italian boyfriend, he was cooking pasta all the time.

    Soon I was having diarrhea and could not digest wheat and lactose. I went to make some test, but they all came back negative. Honestly, it was the worst year of my life. I went from doctor to doctor, and nobody could say what I had ! Every test came back normal but people started noticing and commenting how I looked. I was not taking care of me, and in desperation of not knowing what eating, I spent huge amount of money in food, which I had then to trow out, because I couldn't stand it.

    I tried vegan, without gluten (a bit better!). After 8 or 9 month, my gynecologist said that it was probably my hormone adjusting themselves from stopping taking the pill. I was soooo angry. Knowing that, I could have concentrated myself on alievating hormonal problems through food.

    So, in summary :

    - 6 year oral contraception
    - poor diet
    - antibiotics and cortisone
    - no exercice (I long had stopped boxing!)

    brought havoc to my body.

    Chritsmas 2014 in France
    I started eating more consciously, and the relief of knowing what I had having me more relaxed. But the ah-ah moment came when I went visiting my family in France over chritsmas and my acne started to dramatically diminish and I was feeling really well (for like, the first time apart Japan in years).

    I thought over was we ate over these days :

    - oyster with onions/lime/tomato sauce
    - shrimps
    - cheese
    - figaddellu (cured meat from Corsica). It was organic (extremelly difficult to find), really salty and tasty
    - tea (in all kind) and a little bit of coffee
    - salads
    - some bread (but not a lot)

    I was feeling great.

    When we went to the restaurant to party, I ate of course everything, but when the dessert came, not 15 minutes after that I was throwing everything up on the sidewalk (sugary and wheat).

    When I came back home, I started implementing meat and fish (especially salmon) back in my diet. I sold my coffee machine (I can't drink coffee without sugar!) and started drinking green tea. In 3 - 4 days I found myself having more energy and my acne disappearing, but also my old acne scar more deep. My mood improved and I had the impression I could do anything in my life !

    A few days before today, I trew out pasta and bread, but I still have some rice (old variety and old tradition of making it), chickpeas (organic), sushi rice.

    I find myself feeling ways better but hungry a lot of times. I notice that when I eat rice, wheat (due to my mother bringing me things!, I have to educate her ) or sugary things, my knee, lower back and neck start hurting. It disappear completely with paleo!

    - No more joint aching
    - No more morning nausea
    - More energy
    - Clearer mind
    - Less stressed ( I think it's the green tea!) even if I have finals
    - I have more vivid dreams !

    Downside : I feel almost too calm and I have the impression I am in need of a lot of sleep. I wake up most of the time regenerated, but I sleep way more than before (10 - 12 hours!). At 9pm I'm just hitting my pillow and sleeping.

    Exercice : I go walking 1 or 2 hours in the morning. I want to start ballet and take up boxing (but maybe not paleo philosophy ?).

    Goals :
    - 100% paleo
    - less heating in the appartment
    - stop taking supplement (omega 3, magnesium and vit. C)

    The next post will be about fooood . So stay tuned