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  • Primal Journal - Karl MacPhee Recovering Soy Addict

    Welcome to my journal. I appreciate that you decided to drop by. Please allow me to introduce myself…

    I am a loving husband, father of beautiful twin girls, son, brother, and friend. I have a passion for Athlete Conditioning, health & wellness, enjoy learning the basics of language, I am a devourer of books, and sucker for chocolate. I love to cook, shop for groceries, and in my free time, I enjoy writing, and I definitely love to play.

    I have been a life long athlete, competing in sports such as hockey, baseball, soccer, tennis, and endurance events. I was an infantry soldier in my early adult years and it was then that my life changed as I experienced my first Epileptic Seizure when I was 21. After years of soul searching, I eventually let go of the anger I created to deal with my new dis-ease, and began a life of learning.
    My education, some formal and some self taught, covers everything from physical education to spirituality. I must admit that I do not enjoy politics as much as I enjoy personal growth, and since the birth of my girls, I have had an increasing desire to share my story with the world.

    In this blog you will see many sides of me. Most often you will see The Strength & Conditioning Coach, the Cook, and The Father, but periodially you will see how I feel about living with Epilepsy. In my role as the coach I see that it is necessary to share information regarding training & conditioning as well as nutritional and lifestyle exercises. I hold certifications from NAIT (PFT), CSEP PFT, AFLCA, Crossfit, NCCP, Twist Conditioning, and a Double Goal Coaching Certification. I have learned from many sources, mainly Crossfit, Paul Chek, Steve Ilg, American University Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Olympic Lifting Professionals, Endurance Specialists, and various streams of martial arts, yoga and a brief stint in Tai Chi. Needless to say, my experience is not limited to one style of fitness, and I do not believe that there is one way, there are many paths to many goals so I do my best to prescribe quality programming for all of my athletes.

    As a father, although my experience is limited, I am a very hands on loving father of twin girls and do my best to learn through this experience each and every day. I love my family, and especially love the growth which comes with being a husband, and a dad.

    As an individual who lives with Epilepsy, I strive to find balance with work, life and play. Over the past 13 years, I have learned that so long as I manage my stress, nutrition and stay healthy, I will have more control over Epilepsy. On the flip side, when I let those things control me, Epilepsy usually enters my life to remind me of the path I should be on.

    Having said that, I have a tendency to overdo things, especially when it comes to making nutritional changes that I feel will improve my life. In the past I was foolish enough to think that a vegetarian diet was best for my health...turns out it was the last thing I needed to experiment with and my health suffered. Eventually I overcame my issues with meat and other animal products to welcome nature's nutrition into my body and I was liberated and no longer had to eat every 2-3 hours to maintain my blood sugar. Now, with a more paleo/primal/lower carb/real food approcah, I can go foodless for many hours with ease, and I love the meals that I prepare...especially when it involves meat and eggs!

    I realize that I am not perfect, and there are occasions when I will stray from my preferred plan, to be quickly reminded via Epilepsy, digestive issues, or lack of energy to get back on track!

    This journal is my attempt to share my story with you so please share with me your journey. I would love to learn from your story as well.


    my food log
    my training log

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    What a lovely journal intro. I follow your posts with great interest and am glad you've started journaling.

    Fwiw, have you assessed your 25(OH)D. There's some interesting D/epilepsy info out there.
    "Three studies have found that epileptic patients are much more likely to be born in the winter. Dr. Marco Procopio of the Priory Hospital Hove in Sussex has written all three. Procopio M, Marriott PK, Davies RJ. Seasonality of birth in epilepsy: a Southern Hemisphere study. Seizure. 2006 Jan;15(1):17–21."

    And about 500 other journal cites:

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      Thanks cillakat...

      Haven't checked the 25(OH)D level yet...actually went to the doctor to have my D level checked and she wouldn't order it because she said that I am most likely difficient! Luckily she was not my doctor, and although I told her that I have been supplementing and I want to know where I am with the levels, she didn't order the test! I have an appointment to see my doctor to ask for the test...and to complain about her assistant.

      Have not read those studies but just talked about them with my cousin on the I am interested to learn. Thanks for the heads up.


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        from my d document.....better formatting and hyperlinks at the link below.

        It's easy and worth it to get it even if your doc won't do it. here's how

        ☑ Test, test and retest. Use only LabCorp or ZRT. Tests listed in order of preference:
        ① See your doctor for testing if they use LabCorp
        ② D Action study using ZRT's home test-
        ③ ZRT's test ordered from
        ZRT will donates $10 to that worthy organzation.
        ④ ZRT's test can be ordered directly from ZRT
        ⑤ Quest/LabCorp testing project. Test on the same day using Quest and LabCorp -
        get reimbursed for up to $100 of your cost
        ⑥ $60 LabCorp walk-in LabCorp test:
        ⑦ LabCorp via LEF: non-members $62.67 each members $35.25 each

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          June 10, 2010...

          I have fallen off the wagon this past couple of weeks and my body has been paying for it. Last week I had a seizure, I have had digestive issues and other ailments due to eating crappy food and I no longer want to continue doing so. From now on, regardless of how strict I may seem to my friends, family and strangers, I am committing to a diet that works for me, void of the pleasures that contribute to my frequent stomach pains, headaches and trips to the toilet.

          A few months ago I wrote a post talking about how well my body was running, so much so that my crap no longer carried with it a fould stench that I have been experiencing lately. I am heading back to eating meat, eggs, vegetables, some fruit and very little (if any) sugar with small amounts of full fat dairy. Desert will hapen on the weekend...that's it.

          One thing that may help me on my journey is if nice people send me their favorite simple recipes so that I can play with them. It's nice to have some variety. I will share on my site and post where I found the original will get credit.

          Until then...thank you and happy eating.


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            Enjoyed Foie Gras for the first time! That stuff is actually pretty good. Had a good weekend with food and the digestive issues have been fixed since I stopped consuming junk and lots of dairy. I did enjoy a damn good omelet and had a great Fondu meal on Friday night, followed by Saturday's incredible food at the Hardware Grill.

            At the end of a conversation, a vegan friend asked me if I was a vegetarian...this was when we were talking about heading to the top restaurant in the city, which happens to be based on mostly game meats. I guess if I wasn't an omnivore I would have had some issues, but after enjoying elk roast and filet Mignon and a Foie Gras, I am pretty sure that I am an Omnivore for good!

            Just finished Nina Planck's book "Real Food, What to Eat and Why". I think this is a great book for everyone to read, especially those who are afraid of animal foods, namely fat.

            Finished cooking 10 chicken thighs, and 12 muffin tin eggs, as well as preparing the veggies for soup that I will eat every day at work this week. More on that to bed.


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              Ohh! Finally back to normal digestion. Thank goodness for eating real food. Had another good day with muffin tin eggs, spice rubbed chicken thighs, kitchen sink soup, cashew and coconut base smoothie with lots of frozen berries, and a delicious chai tea with coconut milk.

              Workout today -
              5 minute dynamic warm-up
              3 x 5 dead lift
              15 minute circuit:
              Pull up or cable row x 5
              Push up or DB Chest Press x 10
              Body weight squat or DB Squat x 15

              Think I did a total of 10 rounds with 75 pound row, 50 pound dumbbells in the chest press and a 50 pound DB in the squat


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                Another great day of food with some muffin tin eggs, spiced chicken thighs and a failure that turned into an incredible breakfast treat. Lunch I enjoyed my Big Ass Soup with grass fed ground beef and sausage, along with more muffin tin eggs and chicken thighs...I could eat this way forever but I have other family members (namely my wife) who would not approve. Dinner was some turkey soup with home fries (potato and sweet potato) topped with sour cream, cheese (tiny bit) and real bacon bits.

                Exercise - 20 min walk and 25 min leisurely bike with Jen and kids in the chariot.

                I have recently, after many months of worrying about it, come to the conclusion that I can not control what my wife eats. She doesn't share the same intricate feelings as I do regarding food, and she would much rather have her food in a convenient package than take a few minutes to prepare something nutritious. We also have varying opinions of what nutritious really is, but that is another story - or argument in my home.

                From now in, she is to plan and prepare her own lunch. I cook the meals and I buy the groceries so I have plenty of control over what enters the house...however she just asked to have skim milk instead of 2%...I thought I was doing well and I was eventually going to make the jump to whole milk for her, but I suppose she is an adult as well.

                As frustrating as it may be, I will still cook my paleo/primal meals and she can pick out what she doesn't want...more leftovers for me!

                I have spent the past couple of years worrying about food and trying to please my wife in terms of good tasting meals, now I will simply place my energy into nutrition for the kids and myself and hope for the best. Without destroying my wife's reputation completely, she does eat a hell of a lot better than most people we know, so I have to give her that. Over time, I hope that she can buy in. Maybe we will have to watch Fat Head again.


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                  forgot to add that I enjoyed an avocado with dinner tonight.


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                    Ok I think I have the perfect Fatty Friday menu...

                    Roasted Bone Marrow with scrambled eggs, bacon and butter fried mushrooms for breakfast

                    Batty's Butter Balls for a mid day snack

                    Tuna, Cheese and Egg Salad with Paleo Coconut Pudding topped with fresh berries for Dinner


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                      thank you for the reminder about fatty friday! gotta plan gotta plan....

                      it sucks when the SO won't get on board with you, especially when you are so convinced that this is the best way to go. D is receptive, but still eats CW on his own. all you can really do is do what you can, and not sweat the rest.

                      HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal


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                        I have recently come to the conclusion that much of my eating has been out of habit. Although I absolutely love food, and don't plan to make many wholesale changes to my eating plan, I realized lately with the introduction of more fat/protein and less carbohydrate that I have been eating out of habit for much of my life. Perfect examples were Tuesday, yesterday and today. Tuesday I wasn't hungry upon returning home from work, but ate anyway because it is the thing we do. Yesterday I was not hungry when I got home from work so I decided to postpone the meal until I was feeling hungry...I survived and a couple hours later I enjoyed a small meal then didn't have to eat a bedtime snack. Today, I ate at 7:00am, then nothing but a cup of tea with a bit of coconut milk until 4:00pm because I was not hungry at all until 4:00. It is now 9:15 and I decided to have an apple with some almond butter because I was a tiny bit hungry (4 on the hunger scale). No need to eat but love the taste of the apple/almond butter combination before bed so I indulged.

                        Not that this bedtime snack is a problem for me, because I don't need to lose any weight, but it is the concept of eating out of habit that results in digestive issues quite often because the body never gets an opportunity to fully empty.

                        New long as this will fit with family and lifestyle, I will eat when I am hungry. 7+ on the scale. I am thinking that this will have a positive effect on the grocery bill as well!


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                          It has been a looooooong time since my last journal post, although I have been posting fairly regularly on my blog so you can see what has been happening there...

                          I just finished the third week of another one of my experiments which has me eating like I did (in terms of volume) back in my soldier days. I love eating, I love food, and I especially love the fact that eating this much (about 4500kals/day) has not really caused much for problems. Actually, I don't see any negatives thus far, however I didn't do any lab tests so I suppose there could be some changes behind closed doors. In any case, the mass gain phase is going well and I have been working on eating paleo/primal throughout the 2 month process.

                          Strength has increased significantly, I am up 10 pounds in the 3 weeks, and I love only training 3 x a week! I have also been doing a 16-18h fast from dinner on Friday to lunch on Saturday and I find that my digestion is fairly good given the volume of food, plus the extra milk that I am consuming.

                          Reason for this post... my urine has a funny smell and I think I have ventured over into ketosis. I went out and purchased the ketostix so when I have my next potty break I will give it a test.

                          Still sucking back the vit d and have not been sick in 2 years! I will have to get my levels checked soon to ensure that I don't over do things, but I am fairly sure that an average of 8000/day is perfectly fine for this cold blooded canadian.

                          Time to eat!!


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                            Turns out it isn't ketosis...or at least that's what the test strip tells me. I may have done it wrong, or I may not be in ketosis. In any case, it really doesn't matter I was just curious. Made the most delicious meal today...salmon with butternut squash and sweet potato soaking in butter! Watch for my blog post on the meal as well as a coconut apple pudding experiment.
                            Anyway, I was with 2 of my new clients today and at the end of their training session they were joking about how old they were feeling. They are a few years younger than me.... and I feel like I am still a kid so I guess I am doing things right!


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                              So it's not ketosis but there are times throughout the day that I feel like I am walking around with a bouquet of flowers under my nose! The smell is sweet and pungent at the same time but more sweet than anything. I asked around and apparently i dont stink and others aren't smelling the same thing so I am curious to find out where the smell is comic from. Maybe it is a chemical thing, maybe not. On another note, I made the most delicious lunch yesterday so check out my blog over the next day or so because I have photos and a recipe to follow.