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Trials and tribulations, and need some help!



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  • Trials and tribulations, and need some help!

    Hello all, I've posted here in the past but I'm mainly a lurker. I've split my post up into a couple sections for easier reading. Well here it goes.

    My background: I've been Primal going on over 4 years now and I'm in the military. I initially got into Primal through the no bread diet, which opened my eyes to all the toxins in our food. This was back when low carb and keto was the craze, and that's how I started out. What got me started with Primal, though, was that I was having weight issues and I was having problems with sleep. As soon as I started Primal I noticed a night-day difference. My weight plummeted and I was sleeping like a rock. Since going Primal, I got married and eventually had 2 kids with another on the way.

    My problem: Since being married, I relaxed the low carb Primal and started incorporating more Primal friendly fruits and nut butters into my diet. I also started eating more "Primal junk" and sweets. Unfortunately, this caused my weight to creep back up and I eventually put on about 15 lbs from my lowest weight since going Primal. I know this is no surprise to me lol, but it's hard to eat low carb with the family. I also find it harder to get to the gym and work out on my own. I work out during working hours with my division, but its always a spin class or TRX.

    I also notice that I have an issue with portion control. I have a feeling that is due to the higher amount of sugar I'm consuming. A lot of times, I go back for seconds even though I know I shouldn't. I also have a case of eczema on my forehead and face that started about a year ago and I have no idea what is causing it. My blood pressure also became high, but I isolated that from all the coffee i was drinking. My BP dropped to normal levels since I quit drinking a ton of coffee lol (and I'm suspecting the caffeine contributed to my eczema, and still does since I still have the occasional cup of coffee or tea).

    Could I have an underlying inflammation issue? I also wonder if I'm no longer a "fat burning beast," but my energy levels don't tank until bed time.

    Sorry for the long post, but I'm backed into a corner and don't know what to do. I'm rather upset at letting myself go.

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    Sounds to me like you are basically ok. You probably have lost the fat burning edge you did have, but you can easily regain it. You are at least a couple of years into family living, having a wife and a pair of rug rats will definitely change your life, not just in the food department.

    Talk to your wife and see if she is willing to join you in adapting the Primal life. She's no doubt noticed your physical change and may be willing to jump in just to help you. If she is, I think you will find your problems resolve quickly, you'll have less temptations around and a built in support system to help you both stay on track. If she isn't, then you have more of a challenge, but you will need to stick to your food guidelines, even if she isn't willing to. I would pretend to be a newbie, and re-read all the intro stuff on how to start, and see if their are helpful posts on handling kids and transitioning them into primal.

    Don't make it too hard on yourself and look for odd solutions, just get back to basics first and see if that straightens it out for you.
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      I'd say you already know the answer. You know what worked and you know what has changed. Ditch the pseudo-paleo goods and the extra sweets. 15lbs is nothing. You will melt that off in no time. Family life sometimes finds us letting the wheels come off a bit. Happens to most us guys for a while. Just reassert yourself.


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        Thanks everyone forthe support!

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