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Cod Liver Oil Causing Breakouts?



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  • Cod Liver Oil Causing Breakouts?

    I've been taking Swanson's Pristine Norwegian Cod Liver Oil for just a few days (3 caps a day, a relatively small amount). One the 2nd day I started breaking out, which is rare for me.
    Anyone else experience this with CLO?

    The product seems high quality, if I chew the capsules they don't taste bad at all.
    Ironically it is promoted for skin health.
    I'm going to try a few more days and if it doesn't resolve send it back.

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    Anybody can be allergic to anything, but ofttimes it's not exactly what you think it is. Sometimes it's the carrier i which the supplement/food resides. It can be the fillers which make tablets slide down easily Or the gelatin coating on capsules. Or the type of oil fleshing out the miniscule oils bearing the desired supplement. Or the inert gas that kept spoilage at bay.
    Just as an aside, placebos aren't always neutral, but can have their own worrisome symptoms.
    But in your case, check your menstrual cycle (if female) as it can screw with your skin as well.


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      I use fermented cod liver oil. Never tried your brand. But, to your question nor my family have any negative skin reaction to it. Actually quite the opposite if anything.