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Puffy water retention?



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  • Puffy water retention?

    Could it be due to daily use sugar alcohol (xylitol) or maybe under 8 hours of sleep for years (average 6 hours a night usually). It was my initial thoughts. Xylitol can cause loose bowels so maybe that's causing the body to bloat or retain water everywhere - I've been using that for several years!

    Or maybe is there something else that causes water retention in whole body, I see it even in the face when I smile especially.

    I do eat strict paleo (but lower on animal meat bc i dont care for them often) high fruit and high veggies and moderate fats for past 12 yrs bc of food allergies, I use to omit salt completely bc that does cause puffiness in me but these days with using salsa etc...condiments I do get some yet pretty low side of salt intake. I've also switched long cardio for hiit workouts but I've been retaining water longer than the switch of exercises.

    Any ideas or anybody every reverse this?
    I'll even cut out fruit if lower carb really will help release the water, I don't care at this point - I'll do what gets my body in better water balance.
    (Blood work is normal too so I'm thinking diet or sleep).
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    How exactly do you know you're holding water? How long have you noticed this?


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      How would I not tell? My wedding band doesn't even fit well, it's literally evenly distributed water weight. It's all water weight, it's obvious to even my husbsnd.

      I was thinking about xylitol working like a flush in the digestive sytem, it's really my fav sweetner bc if it's texture. But that may be throwing the bodies water balance Off?
      I wonder if others who use xylitol, or other sugar alcohol, get this reaction.