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    I avoid seafood from most Asian countries. I have not found non-smoked oysters which are not from China or Korea. The cockles I had were from Spain, and claim to be wild harvested not farmed. I got more today.

    Still looking for other options from the US or Canada.


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      Originally posted by vabelle35 View Post
      I found these today at Mom's Organic. They are with the canned tuna, etc.

      I bought 2 cans of the "boiled whole" variety.

      $3.49/ 8 oz can in the Washington DC area.
      This is what Crown Prince says about their oysters:

      Oysters (Smoked or Boiled) (Ostrea 'Crassostrea' gigas) are harvested from managed beds in South Korean waters. (FAO zone 61) This species in this FAO zone is not MSC certified and is not in assessment. Monterey Bay Aquarium has listed this species as the Best Choice. The Safina Center has not yet ranked this species.

      "Best Choice" from

      Oysters farmed on the sea floor, as well as in suspended systems, worldwide are a "Best Choice" because of the minimal impact to surrounding ecosystems or cumulative ecosystem impacts. One ongoing area of concern with oyster farming is the potential impact of broadcast spawning and subsequent establishment of a non-native species.