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    Here is a recipe for an AWESOME primal smoothie...

    -1/2 C coconut milk
    -1/2 C cantaloupe
    -1/4 Banana
    -1 t caco powder
    -70 g spinach (1 fully stuffed cup)
    -1/4 C water

    I tasted zero spinach and therefore could have doubled the amount. It probably would of been fine without the cacao and/or banana too for those of you want even lower amount of carbs.

    But, according to FitDay it comes in at:

    -287 cals
    -21.7 g fat
    -21.3 g carbs
    -4.9 g protein

    -Tons of micronutrients including more then half of the Vitamin A & C you need in a single day.

    Not much protein, but that is because I enjoyed a 4 egg omelet (1 green pepper, 1 mushroom with salsa and little avocado on top) with a little cheese along with it. I am not even trying to lose weight and I still had a LARGE breakfast with under 30 g of carbs... gotta love it!

    What do you guys think? Sound like a tasty smoothie? It's primal in my book. One large wedge of cantaloupe has a GL of 3. A 1/4 banana is probably around there too. Add the 2 together with some spinach and its still Low. Perfect.

    This will be the first recipe in my primal smoothie recipe e-book!!
    Find me at Cheers!


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      Thanks for the recipe.


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        Originally posted by canadianwoman View Post
        Thanks for the recipe.
        You're welcome I will post another one in a day or 2.
        Find me at Cheers!