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Changing from Banting to Primal



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  • Changing from Banting to Primal

    Hi, I am a 5 ft 4, 54kg , 45 year old woman, who, due to suffering from severe IBS from the age of 12, has been gluten free for the past 15 years, and now grain free for the past 6 months. I don't even touch gluten free flours as they don't work for me. Please excuse this long post.

    I played around with primal around 2 years ago and put on weight rapidly. I then went to live in Malaysia and fell off the wagon. I lost 8 kg from being severly sick through my IBS, so was happy to lose my weight. Didn't put it back on. I then started playing around with being grain free, and stopping onions and garlic from my diet. I seemed to be healing. A family member then mentioned the Banting diet, which is very similar the PB, except it is higher in fat, lower in protein. I was not getting sick anymore, but once again I put on weight very rapidly.

    I think this weight was my body readusting itself as I usually live on Ensure for a week a month, and often during that, skipped meals and had ensure, to control my IBS. Now all of a sudden, I was eating three meals a day, seven days a week, 30 days a month.

    I don't mind going from 46Kg, what I have been for the past 25 years, to 54kg. But the fat on my legs, bum and stomach has really bothered me. REally.

    So I decided to do the Banting diet 100%, being under 50g carbs to go into Ketosis. I dont' like eating a realy big breakfast daily, or FI between breakfast and lunch or a snack for 6-8 hours daily. I also like to have a piece of fruit now and again. I was not losing weight or cm, which is more important, and was told to increase my breakfasts. I was not eating enough breakfast or fat. So I increased that. I also do HIIT 4 times a week, onlly 10 mins at the moment, and walk 20 minutes every day, and try and do a long walk or cyle once a week.

    I still have these horrible legs and Kardashian bum. She may like it, I don't ! Especially on a small person.

    I have decided that I am going back to PB simply because I liked it better. Mark will skip breakfast if he is not hungry. There is not this HUGE push at the BBB, Big Banting Breakfast, it includes some fruit, and I like the whole exercise, play, etc way of lifestyle. I just like it.

    However, I need to know where I am going wrong. I will give you an example of a days menu.

    Breakfast: Either two eggs, bacon, 3 Tbs butter, spinach and mushrroms or
    Smoothie: 1/4 glass raw milk, 1/4 cup blueberries, 2 Tsp ground seeds, 1 Tbs coconut oil, 1/4 cup raw yoghurt or coconut milk
    or seed porridge made with butter and coconut oil and cream

    Lunch. Salad greens with some protein (chicken or leftover meat or salami or boiled egg, 1 Tbs olive oil, few nuts.

    Dinner. Have not found myself hungry lately but usually meat and veg or salad, cooked in lots of butter, sometimes a creamy sauce. No potatoes or rice. Sometimes 1/4 cup of sweet potato chips or 1/4 cup of pumpkin.

    A cup of coffee with cream
    A piece of 85% Lindt chocoalte
    A slice of cheese
    Somtimes a seed cracker with loads of butter on it if I am hungry.
    A glass of red wine at night (said to be 4g carbs)

    Any ideas why nothing is shifting or changing?


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    Hi Savayla

    PB is about health, not just weight, perhaps 54kg is in fact a more healthy weight for you. You are relatively small so there is probably not a lot of leeway in your energy intake. To be more happy with your body composition, perhaps you could consider some weight training to build a little more muscle and/or cutting back on the butter e.g. by halving the amount you add.
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      Since you're already a healthy weight, weight loss is going to be harder. Personally I think you need to count calories and be prepared to reduce them. Fat storage on thighs and bum is very healthy and normal for women so expect to have to work hard if you want to reduce it, and don't expect to necessarily feel good doing it.

      Of course, you could also ignore the weight on the scale and see if exercise changes your body shape in a way you find pleasing. I'm a good 10 pounds heavier than I was in my teens and yet I look way more awesome as I have more muscle. Of course, I also have a big bum and muscley legs which I love so perhaps my idea of a nice female body shape isn't your.


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        I see a lot of dairy, have you tried a 30 day elimination to make sure you don't have a problem with it? that can for sure cause IBS if you do.
        Started Primal June 2012 at 148.5lbs, and 5' 1", reached goal weight in 5 months.
        Lowest weight 93lbs - too thin. Now stable at around 100lbs much better weight for me at my age.
        Primal, minus eggs, dairy and a myriad of other allergens.


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          Changing from Banting to Primal

          Primal eating doesn't have to include as much fat as you say you eat in a day. Use some of the grease from your breakfast bacon to cook the eggs and veg, for example; adding another 3T(!) butter is overkill.
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            I don't mind the actual weight. It is just a number. Nor the bum, have always had one. But I can't stand the actual fat, which looks like fat. I am thinking an increase in exercise may be the only route.


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              I don't have any problems with dairy. My IBS has been cured through following PB and Banting, still with lots of dairy. Through-out the years I tried strict no dairy, wheat, alcohol, sugar for three months and the only thing that happened is I fell pregnant. still got sick though.


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                Thanks. Needed to hear this. I was being told by the Banting forum to literally eat sticks of butter. And lots of them have weight just falling off them doing this. But I was beginning to think that a lot of these people, since they were losing 15 kg in 2 months , are obese, have just changed their diet to include no carbs, used to ear badly, so it is falling off easily. I have always eaten healthily and don't have a lot to lose. I need to lose fat, not weight.


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                  Will do all of the above. Thanks.


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                    hf/lc can be good for people with lots to lose, but for those looking only to drop a bit, you wind up overeating fat and the body doesn't have to dip into its own stores. you don't need 3T of butter PLUS bacon for breakfast.

                    i suggest weighing and accurately tracking your foods for a week or so to see how much you are actually taking in and then you know what to change. add weight training and your shape will change and the fat you don't like will go.
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