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Doing high fat, low carb diet. Will one meal of high fat + carbs derail me?



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  • Doing high fat, low carb diet. Will one meal of high fat + carbs derail me?

    Im doing pretty much steak and eggs. I eat once a day and usually about 1.5 pounds of steak, or hamburger, plus some fish sometimes, and 6-8 eggs and butter. every meal a bit of leafy greens and occasionally cheese and avocados.

    I dont do the cheat day as ive never got a definitive answer as to whether per the plan you eat your normal meals of steak and eggs in addition to a bunch of carbs or forgo the meat and eggs.

    things have been going well and i was wondering if doing a meal of about 20oz steak, 4 eggs, butter then some strawberries, canataloup and a small apricot total of 60g carbs or less would derail me? also i was experimenting in the kitchen earlier and made a small bread loaf with protein powder, egg whites, and zucchini.

    should i do it or just stick to whats working.

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    Do whatever works for you until it stop working then adjust or change…
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      From my younger days of doing Atkins(ketogenic) I recall it taking approximately 48 hours to enter/re-enter ketosis so if you have enough carbs to throw you out of ketosis you will have a couple days of "derailment". It's not really a big deal or anything to worry about in my experience(and I have a lot) if you get right back on track. It's the same with any way of eating you choose. You can't stress about a "bad" day once in a while as long as you don't make a habit of it. Do the best you can and don't beat yourself up over a meal/day off every now and then. It might actually be beneficial in the long run.

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        Yes Gorbag is correct. If it works continue. If it does not, after a few weeks, try something new.


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          What tends to work, is a diet which gives a slight calorie deficit, and which you can maintain happily.


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            most people remain in ketosis under 50 gms of carbs, so 60 isn't much more. if you are active, you may stay in ketosis at 100 gms. i don't know if you are male or female, but too much protein can also kick you out of ketosis.
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              It works until it doesn't, after that, change it. I have done the steak and eggs before, but I usually had done it across 2 meals. Never actually thought to cram that much beef and eggs down in 1 meal. You find that works well?