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I buy Organic Beef Jerky. I EAT ENTIRE BAG AT ONCE.



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  • I buy Organic Beef Jerky. I EAT ENTIRE BAG AT ONCE.

    How do I control portions?
    I buy 1 large bag, I eat ALL of it. ALL.


    Same thing with nuts.
    WHEN I WAKE UP, I WILL FINISH EATING THE BAG.. if not finished already.

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    This will help

    John Von Auerbach's 5 Steps for Crushing Temptations at the Root

    We all know you've been there. We all know that you want to eat that chocolate brownie.
    We know you want to eat that processed white rice. We know you want to eat that Big Mac.

    But do you know what you don't know?

    You, and only you, can easily CRUSH these temptations at the root using John Von Auerbach's Guide to Crushing Temptations at the Root.

    Step 1:
    When you see that piece of food you've been craving, start thinking about how it will affect your abdominals. Do you really want that food to affect your abdominals?

    Step 2:
    If step 1 doesn't work, start to think about other things you enjoy.
    John Von Auerbach suggests that by just thinking about other things you enjoy, you will forget about unneccesary temptations. For instance, John Von Auerbach thinks about when he squatted more than the star quarterback one day.

    Step 3:
    If thinking about things you enjoy still doesn't satisfy your appetite, try acting out your enjoying thoughts. For instance, when John Von Auerbach wants cake, he simply has sex with one of his girlfriends. Cake is a mere afterthought at that point.

    Step 4:
    If you couldn't get it up or you couldn't act out your thoughts of enjoyment, try drinking a couple gallons of water and taking a couple Yohimbe Bark extracts. This usually does the trick for John Von Auerbach in tight situations.

    Step 5:
    And finally, if absolutely necessary, just find a comfortable place and take a nap. A lot of times what happens is that when you fall asleep, your temptation cells forget what they were craving. You wake up and you're ready to pump iron!

    Who is John Von Auerbach?
    John Von Auerbach is a virtual expert in psychology and nearly specialized in temptation studies.
    John's Tip of the day:
    Truckers don't put unleaded fuel in their diesel trucks.
    And Grillers don't pour water in the gas cans.
    Fuel up, don't F*ck up.


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      It's easier to think about just eating more beef jerky.

      I am ALREADY doing things I enjoy, and I am HUNGRY....
      Water does nothing. I drink 15 times a day.
      Nap ? No time. LOLZ.


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        Maybe eat some higher quality protein. That much protein should be providing plenty of satiation.


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          I can eat 5 bags full. What is "higher quality" protein?


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            Originally posted by SuperSkeptic View Post
            I can eat 5 bags full. What is "higher quality" protein?
            Uhh, not dried meat...


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              Jerky is the junk food of healthy eating. Nuts... probably also. They are easy to eat, to over-eat, and it's not really a problem with you. Unless you AREN'T hungry and aren't stopping eating them. have some work to do on your brain.

              On the other hand, if the nuts are not raw, they may be salted, and I would guess that you need more salt in your diet (jerky is usually pretty salty too).

              If you are hungry, you probably need to eat more. It's not that complicated. What foods are you eating at mealtime?
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                Jerky is made with very lean beef, usually. Try adding a good fat source (eg. coconut oil) to a coffee or tea drunk at same time as eating jerky. See what happens.


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                  Don't buy trigger foods. Mom can't have ice cream in the house because she'll eat it. When I make chicken thighs, I make exactly the amount I want to eat because if I make more, I eat them. Some things just don't work for you.
                  Out of context quote for the day:

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                    I'm the same with nuts and dried fruit: once I start, I can't stop. They are addictive. I can easily eat an entire 750 gram bag of cashews or almonds or trail mix or dried cranberries in one sitting.

                    I have no self-control when it comes to these foods, so in light of that, my solution is to not buy them. I reckon that is the key to handling your beef jerky problem.


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                      I just ate a large pile of homemade microwaved beef jerky myself; its delicious and low fat...
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                      - Schopenhauer


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                        Ummmmmmmmmmmm - beef jerky is really great? I ate a 1 pound bag while driving one day. I don't see any problem. Just read the ingredients and don't buy garbage, and try not to pay too much money for it. It's meat, salt, molasses, and usually a few other ingredients, nothing worth avoiding. I get several bags at Grocery Outlet every month.

                        Why are people pretending beef jerky isn't healthy?
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                          why are people pretending eating a bag at once is bad
                          yeah you are

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                            Originally posted by bloodorchid View Post
                            why are people pretending eating a bag at once is bad
                            The only problem is that the bags are too small. Where can I buy an 8-lb bag of jerky?
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                              I got a deer a couple years ago and made about 10 lbs of jerky out of some of the meat.

                              It lasted less than a week.