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The Day I Quit Counting Calories



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    Originally posted by Gorbag View Post
    Setting the right number of calories is not one variable among others for weight loss- or gain; it’s THE variable, the numero uno for whatever your goals may be, whether its up or down in weight or for body recomposition. OF course weight can also be manipulated indirectly by portion control or change to a diet that blunt appetite etc., but the underlying mechanism is always energy gained or lost from body tissues, this is what calories measures…
    Sometimes I almost think you've got it, but you manage to revert to your old ways. Tell me, what would you need to see to become a believer? Calorie concept of diet dates back to the 18th century, about the time electricity was discovered. You are not a furnace putting out heat to be measured by kCals. You are a combination battery and efficient semi-conductor. Your electrical energy potential is where it's at. I swear. You worry me.
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