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I probably should have posted this to this section...Oops!



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  • I probably should have posted this to this section...Oops!

    How many of you have tried Otto's Cassava flour? I just tried it this month and have totally fallen in love with its incredible texture and usability in grain free baking. It really acts like wheat flour. So much so that I have been questioning its healthiness, but it is paleo certified and I have read of many notable bakers using it...

    Does anyone know if all those carbs are of the resistant starch form? I am a bit worried that they might cause some blood sugar issues, but since it is a root and I'm still young adult and pretty couldn't be too bad right?

    Here is the nutrition label:
    In 100g of Otto's Cassava flour

    377 calories
    5 calories from fat
    .5g total fat
    0 Saturated fat
    0 Cholesterol
    0 Sodium
    93g carbohydrate
    7g dietary fiber
    1g sugar
    1g protein
    90mg calcium
    4 mg vitamin c
    1mg iron

    I guess my question is, since using this flour, my digestive system is finally seeming to normalize (I don't have constipation anymore and don't have to take 6 capsules of magnesium!). I have only been using it for a week, but I am curious if it is because Cassava is a resistant starch (like green bananas or plantains)? Is it helping my gut bacteria grow and thus aiding in digestion? Any scientist out there happen to know?

    I have just recovered from a wicked bout with Candida and am looking to grow my gut bacteria with low sugar sources. Hoping these cassava carbohydrates are feeding those good bugs.
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    Probably the thread would attract more if the headline had the word cassava flour in it instead of what it is now

    But it sounds really great if cassava flour can be used instead of wheat flour for baking! I think that it has the same benefits concerning resistant starch exactly like cooled potatoes etc. has.
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      Oh yeah, thanks! Okay, I'll stick with it since it seems to be working fine for me.


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        Hmm this stuff sounds interesting. Being it's paleo certified, I take it that it must come with a hefty price tag?

        So can any normal baked ingredients that require flour be used with Cassava?