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Natural Skin Care - The basics?



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  • Natural Skin Care - The basics?

    Hey crew,

    I am looking for some basics when it comes to natural skin care. I have honestly never given two thoughts about skin care, which is probably rare since I'm a 26 year old female. I don't wear makeup, use cleansers, or even really wash my face besides rubbing some shampoo on my face when I'm in the shower. I guess I've been fortunate to have reasonably good skin. I'm starting to think a little more about my skin though and what I can do that is simple and quick to keep good skin as I get older. I'm thinking along the lines of the best "bang for your buck" skin care ideas.

    I'm honestly a dummy when it comes to this kind of thing. I know sunscreen is important and I'm pretty sure you're supposed to moisturize at some point?

    So let's hear any tips or basics you guys might have! What does your routine skin care routine look like using the the natural stuff (i.e. not the nasty chemical concoctions)

    Lay em on me. (Specific shout out to TPQ to chime in on this because I remember reading some of your suggestions a while ago!)

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    Dr brooner's tea tree pure-castile soap for my hair, face and the rest of me.


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      vb66, see the forum post "glowing skin" which should be (as of right now) just one page back. I posted some thoughts on the subject.


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        Extra virgin olive oil, due to its high squalene content, is a good substitute for skin or hair sebum removed by soap or other drying factors. Shark liver oil is the very best, but probably should be reserved for emergency use or when no one else is around to smell it.
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          Don't use soap on your face. Even the most gentle soap is too drying for your face.

          I use almonds and instant oats, pulverized in the mixer. I make a paste with a little water and ever so gently and lovingly exfoliate my face during my morning shower.

          Then you can spritz toner, such as rose water or witch hazel water. After that, moisturize either with an oil suited to your skin type or with a water-based lotion of your choosing. You can also (or instead) eat a teaspoon of coconut oil daily. I also use aloe vera gel, especially in summer, but it's expensive where I live so I don't use it on its own very much. I usually make my own lotion and add some aloe vera in it.

          At night, you can wash your face using oil cleansing. Then you can apply an oil serum or a thicker moisturizer than the day one you chose.

          For the rest of your body, you can exfoliate once a week (sugar scrub for example, or a coffee scrub against cellulite). Moisturize once daily. I prefer to do it at night.

          All those lotions, exfoliants etc can be made at home for a very small cost. You can find many recipes at Mommypotamus (easier) or Crunchy Betty (fancier).

          The above routine may sound time-consuming but I promise it doesn't take any more time than a regular store-bought skincare regimen requires. Also I have beautiful skin, so I'll be vain and say it's worth it


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            agree about never using soap of any kind. it's simply too drying.

            be careful with exfoliants -- what works for one face may be too harsh for another. i just use steam and a clean washcloth.

            be careful with using oil as a moisturizer too -- many are comedogenic and will block your pores.

            occasionally i use strained kefir as a facial masque. it's mild acidity really cleanses and tones.

            super hot showers and baths dry your skin and hair, so turn down the temp.

            i have super curly hair and that tends to be dry. haven't used shampoo in 4+ years and only use a natural conditioner to "wash" my hair. i deep condition with either coconut or castor oil.

            it would never occur to me to use shampoo on my face. please stop doing that!
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              Thanks for the tips! I've never exfoliated so should probably look into that. I'll take a look at the "glowing skin" post for sure.

              I still don't really have a handle on "pores." Open, closed, blocked, clogged? I have some more research to do!

              Noodletoy - I'll stop using shampoo on my face! I have a natural bar of soap in my shower. Maybe I'll try that.


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                I can tell you my routine but I don't see how it will help you because I'm a dummy too. I wash my face with liquid honey and sometimes I exfoliate with equal part liquid honey and granulated sugar. It's a good way to use the sugar I don't eat anymore.

                But in all honesty, I think it's more related to how healthy your are, how much you sleep, what you eat, etc.


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                  I use coconut oil as a moisturiser. I never use any soap on my skin as most of the time standing under a shower with just water is fine keep me clean. I drink plenty of water and when I wash my hair I have a natural honey based shampoo. That's pretty much it other than a deodorant stick which is basically a rock salt.

                  I agree with he Dr bonner pure Castile soap that's great stuff, lots of uses I actually like brushing my teeth with it!

                  Great that you don't wear make up, really not a fan of it.....

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                    I'm surprises there haven't been many mentions of sunscreen. Isn't that supposed to be an everyday thing?


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                      Originally posted by vb66 View Post
                      I'm surprises there haven't been many mentions of sunscreen. Isn't that supposed to be an everyday thing?
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                        Now since you have been ignoring your skin condition for long. I would advise you to run a skin test on your own to find out what your skin needs to pay attention at the moment. My mother uses this image skin care products recently which were recommended by my aunt to her & she seems to be happy with its products so far, You can check over here for further ideas.


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                          Originally posted by noodletoy View Post
                          i just use steam and a clean washcloth.
                          Will that be enough if one has applied sunscreen? Do you scrub your face with the washcloth?


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                            I use Dr. Bronner's Castile soap for face and body and jojoba oil for moisturizing face and body. I can tend to be a little acne prone so I also use Witch Hazel and tea tree oil. My skin is very clear now. I work in a Derm office, but rarely use sunscreen as I don't like any chemicals. If you search on Pinterest there are homemade sunscreens, I just haven't taken the time to make any.

                            For hair I use all Morrocco Method products and absolutely love them! I even cut my own hair now based on the moon cycles.

                            I love not having chemicals in my beauty routine now and feel it is so important!

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                              I'm not one to endorse products but after trying several natural products, (many which weren't natural at all) even using coconut oil for everything, I discovered Cocoon Apothecary and haven't looked back. Absolutely stunning products. Cannot recommend enough. They're not available in Europe, but I don't mind taking the extra effort to get them.