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K2, Ghee and organic butter



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  • K2, Ghee and organic butter

    Hi. I'm trying to find information about K2 levels in organic (not grass-fed cow's) butter.

    In sweden there is no brand of butter from grass-fed cows; the second-best thing I come across is organic. Since we make and use lots of ghee every week I'm curious if there is any information about K2 levels in organic butter and hence, ghee made from organic butter.


    /Tomas from Sweden

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    According to the organic rules in Denmark, the cows must have access to pasture during the summer half year for at least 7 months (where they naturally will eat grass). They will also be fed silage (ensilage) and hay as a supplement. I think they have the same requirements in Sweden to organic raised cows and therefore they will be grass fed for a large part of their lives

    But I don't know the precise amount of K2 in butter/ghee though... Good sources of K2 are also natto, fresh sauerkraut, some cheeses (like Gouda, Brie and Edam), pasture egg-yolks, organ meats and dark chicken meat.
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      Unfortunately one would need to learn more about the specific dairy farm. Vitamin K comes from diverse plant material and the organic label offers no information about this.

      Similar example: in the US a 30-day chicken fed organic corn is "organic" but a 90-day chicken fed forage plus conventional corn is not even though it's more nutritious.

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        realize too that nutrient counts are never fixed. any number you see on a chart is merely the average of a bunch of samples tested.
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