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  • Gelatin

    Simple gelatin question that I cannot seem to find the answer for, except sugary Jello-O. How long does something made with gelatin last in the fridge? I was thinking of trying the herbal tea gelatin idea from one of Mark's recent posts and having some every night to see if it helped me sleep.

    However, I work with very limited free time, so I try to make as many things as possible in batch sizes that I know that I can get through before they go bad. So, how long do I have with gelatin, anyone know?

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    depends what is in it, how you handle it and your fridge. maybe a couple days, maybe a week.
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      My batch was good for 1 week in airtight glass, unknown after that.
      On a hunch I also added lemon (acid = preservative).

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        I've had bone broth, virtually all gelatin, last weeks in the fridge. Many, don't recall how long it was before I found it going "off."

        But why would you do that? Just put the amount you want to consume in a cup of water, stir, and drink.