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Mood Correlated With Poop Frequency?



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  • Mood Correlated With Poop Frequency?

    There weeks ago, I made some changes that have me feeling great and happier than I've been in a long time: I made a conscious decision to be grateful for what I have and stop sulking about my problems (most of which will go away in a few years), I learned about the MTFHR mutation after analyzing my 23andme data and started taking a multi with folate, I stopped drinking, and I made a conscious effort to stop wasting time and spend the majority of my time doing productive things and taking small steps to achieve larger goals.

    Anyway, I'm feeling great. I'm happier than I've been in a long time. I'm loving it and so is my wife and people at work. The weird thing I've noticed is that I'm pooping upwards of 3 (usually 1-2) times a day. I only eat once a day. Before, I would poop maybe twice a week. I just thought my body was super efficient at utilizing food... Could these be correlated somehow?
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    Perhaps related to the poo in your user name?

    Wow, I have NO idea what could cause such a radical "output" shift.

    But I'd like to add something to the gratitude sub-thread. Just a few days ago I sent the following to a number of family and close friends, about gratitude:

    "One of the factors that researchers investigating happiness consistently find is a sense of gratitude, regardless of circumstances.

    In my Mexico visits, two men taught me great lessons. One was a number of years ago, one was last month. The first, Jose, was somewhat crippled due to polio, his wife, very much so. They lived in an unheated shack with a hanging cloth front door in the mountains of Chihuahua. She used a beat up resin chair as a walker.

    One morning he swept his arm around his little property. "I am blessed. I have everything I need." Wow.

    Two weeks ago I struck up a few hours of conversation with a Mexican man in Cd. Acuna. He had a wife and kids in OK that he can't see because of immigration restrictions. He struck me as a good soul. Talked about getting by - meaning, cleaning cars with spray bottles and rags curbside outside businesses - and that God blesses him, he thanks God for his life. I gave him $20 and you would have thought it was a million pesos. Overwrought, hugging me in gratitude."

    We have amazing control over out own happiness, regardless of circumstances.


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      My guess would be with your new and improved outlook, you effectively lowered your cortisol level, which might have been messing with thyroid conversion and putting you close to (or well into) hypothyroid territory. Thyroid levels most definitely have an effect on digestion and bowel habits.

      I could be reaching, but that's what I'd put my money on. Either way, good for you! I hope you're able to keep this new way of thinking and being as a lifelong habit.
      Life is not a matter of having good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.

      - Robert Louis Stevenson